Random Fic N°1: The Kitten, the Witch and the Zombie Turtles.

It was late at night; somewhere in the world, Jas slept soundly after reading a new fic Who had posted. The young girl hugged her pillow and yawned. Suddenly she opened her eyes and found herself in a place… that wasn't exactly her bedroom…

"Am I in dreamland?" Jas asked to herself. An excited "wheeee" scream made her look up to the sky where she found a black dressed girl flying.

"AHHHHH" Jas screamed in fear and ducked as the black dressed girl flew close to her head.

"Hey! Look what we have here" The black dressed girl landed in front of Jas. The latter recognized her.

"Who?" In front of Jas, there was Who dressed with in witch-like clothes.

Jas slapped her forehead. "A flying witch. I'm really sleeping, aren't I?

"You like kitties, right?" Who asked. Jas nodded but soon regretted her actions when she noticed the mischievous smirk on Who's face.

"Gonna turn you into a real kitty then!"

"OH GOD!" Jas' eyes opened wide and started walking backwards.

"Stay still! This won't hurt… much" Witch Who prepared the spell. Jas just wanted to wake up in that moment but a light blinded her.

"Kitty, kitty Jas~! Come here!" Who's voice could be hear. Jas opened her eyes; everything looked bigger now… why the world was twice bigger? And why she felt so fluffy and…

"NO WAY! I'M A KITTY!" Jas ran and hid under a sofa.

"Come here I'm gonna hug you!" Who called her.

"D-don't...kill me..." Jas gulped.

Who dragged kitty Jas out of the sofa and hugged her. "Aww you're so fluffy!"

"What color am I?" Jas asked and started licking her fur absentmindedly. Then she noticed Who had turned her into a black kitten.

"Aww, so squishy and fluffy!" Who hugged kitten Jas so tight it was becoming uncomfortable.

"It's odd to be hugged by a witch who is supposed to be a normal girl in real world. This dream is so weird!" Jas thought and jumped out of Who's hands and curled on the floor.

"Aww! Come here!" Before Who could catch her again, kitten Jas ran as fast as she could. This made Who to get really angry.

"Grrr! Bad kitty, bad!" Who growled and started looking for Jas. The latter kept hiding and avoiding Who and wished she would wake up soon.

"I'm starting to hate this dream!" Jas mumbled.

"Kitty, come here~ I've got pizza!" Who called in a singsong voice.

"NEVER!" Jas took Who by surprise slashing her cheek with her claws.

"Ok, darned cat! You wanna play? Let's play!" Who whistled. In a blink, three figures appeared behind her.

"The turtles? Now, this is really odd!" Jas recognized the figures but there was something different… they looked like they were in trance.

"Wait a sec… where's Mikey?" Jas noticed the orange masked turtle wasn't with them.

"GET HER!" Who ordered. The three ninjas started chasing kitten Jas.

"C'mon Jas, you have to wake up!" Jas yelled.

The blue and the purple masked ninjas almost caught her but Jas was faster. The red masked one started throwing shurikens at her but the kitten dodged them.

"Being chased by my favorite ninja team. That's gonna be a nice Facebook status on my wall tomorrow when I wake up" Jas chuckled. Another shuriken made her hiss and run again.

"Or… if I escape alive!" Suddenly she ran into the missing turtle: Mikey.

"Mikey!" Jas jumped into the ninja's arms "You like cats, right Mikey? Save me!" she pleaded.

"Gimme the cat, Mikey" Who smirked evilly.

"Mikey! Save the lil' kitten dudette! Pwease?" Jas looked at Mikey with the best puppy (kitty?) eyes she could make. Again, Jas noticed something weird on the young ninja's eyes…

"Mikey?" He wasn't himself… just like his brothers. Mikey handed the kitten to Who.

"Thanks" Who grabbed kitten Jas.

"What have you done to them? MIKEEEEY!" Jas jumped onto Mikey again and started clawing at him.

"Fool girl… They're my zombies!" Who hissed.

"What the…! Oh hell, no! I gotta wake up!" Jas bit herself in an attempt to wake herself up.

"Me gives kitty"Mikey said with a zombie-like voice and handed kitten Jas back to Who.

"Now, kitty Jas… IS MINE!" Who held the kitten as if it were a trophy.

"LEO! RESTRAIN YOUR FRIEND!" Jas squirmed and yelled for help but nothing.

"Shell, this is the last time I eat nachos and pickles before going to bed! How the shell I'm gonna escape from this sicko! Unless…" Jas had an idea… but she hoped it worked.

"WHO'S MUM! YOUR DAUGHTER HAS WRITTEN STORIES ABOUT TURTLES BUT FIRST, READ HER PROFILE!" Jas yelled. This made the black dressed girl to back off.


"So that's her weak point!" Jas thought.


"Wow, I'm so dead" Jas's knees buckled.

"Gneheheheh... ZOMBIES! Prepare the bowl! Kitty soup for dinner!" The zombie turtles laughed darkly and prepared everything for their dinner.

"Guys, c'mon! I'm not edible!" Jas tried to break free from Raph's grip while Mikey started to boil the water. Leo smirked darkly and unsheathed his swords while Don and Who took care of the table.

"This is just a dream… this is just a dream!" Jas kept this tantrum on her mind. Little drops of hot water touched her skin making her yelp.

"O…k… now that was… kinda real… heh…!" Jas smiled nervously, she was getting more and more scared by the second.

"I want the legs" Raph hissed.

"No way! I want them!" Mikey protested.

"As long I have the head, I don't care what you want" Leo said evilly.

"No fair, Leo! I wanted the head!" Don argued.

"Guys, guys…" Who interfered "…there's enough kitty for the five of us!"

The zombie turtles and the evil witch laughed darkly, all of them approaching to kitten Jas who had been cornered.

"AHHHH! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP…!" Everything went black. Jas felt a hand shaking her slightly.

"Jas… Jas…!" A familiar voice called her.

"Wake up… wake up…" Jas mumbled in her sleep.

"JAS!" The voice yelled.

"AHHHH!" Jas screamed and opened her eyes. It was her mom who had waken her up.

"Crazy girl, you're gonna be late for school! Hurry up!" Jas' mom left the room. Jas panted

"Whew, finally! No more weird dreams" Jas jumped off her bed and started taking off her PJ's.

Something long and fluffy swatted against her legs. Her eyes opened wide when she noticed the long black tail behind her.


Too bad she didn't notice her cat was standing behind her. *shrugs*

Oh well, that should do it for the first random fic in the list. I've got some more randomness planned for the next ones… maybe different typing, script typing… whatever typing… LOL! So, don't expect something "professional" here just to let you know.

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