Random Fic N° 12: The writer speaks!

I wanted to say thanks to all the writers and their amazing ideas. Writing from the people's point of view was a unique and unforgettable experience.

I also want to thank you for all your support and your "get well" messages; I really appreciate it, guys and you have no idea how much those messages help me.

I still don't know what's happening to me but the good news is it's not cancer so we can all relax a little bit.

Yeah, that was the first hypothesis.

Anyway, thanks again guys. You're awesome



M: "Yeah… they all know I'm awesome"

"THE HECK? What are you doing here?"

M: "Nothing" *innocent smile*

"Didn't read the title? The WRITER speaks! Means you can't be here, Mikey. Now, get lost!"

M: "Uhh~ certain someone is moody~"

"Uh huh, and certain someone is gonna get his shell so kicked if he doesn't leave me alone!"

M: "Relax dudette! Only wanted to thank the readers too! I really liked to be on all your fics and thanks to you I HAVE MORE FAN GIRLS THAN RAPH!"

R: "That ain't true"


M: "Awww, Raphie-Waphie jealous?"

R: "Mikey-Ikey needs to learn to shut up~" *cracking knuckles*

"Uh… you guys…"

D: "Seriously, you two can't stop fighting… can you?"

"Aww man… not the genius too!"

M: "He started!"

R: "Me? YOU started!"

D: "I don't care who started just cut it out already!"

"Thank you! Now back to…"

M: "I'll cut it out if Raph admits I have more fan girls than him~"


L: "All this bickering because of fan girls?"

"Leo! Thanks Heavens you're…"

R: "Blame Mikey; he started all this stupid "fan girl" thing"

L: "And you had to follow his game?"

"Shell… you're not gonna let me talk, are you?"

M: "I just came to say thanks to the fans!"

D: "In that case: thanks guys! Pleased to be on your fics; you're awesome!"

R: "Same; you rock guys. And for all cute girls out there… sorry. Already have a cutie"

M: "You call your bike your cutie?"

R: "So what! You call your cat your baby"

"You know what? I'm outta here. Peace out!"

L: "Before my bros get into another argument I have to say thank you guys. It was an honor for all of us to be part of your fics and… see ya next time"

D: "Hey… wasn't Who here just a sec ago?"

R: "Uh… yeah?"

M: "Aww man. She left again!"

L: "Totally our fault"

D: "Agree"

M: "Now what?"

R: "Dunno"

D: "Uhmm…"

L: "Ok this is awkward"

M: "I know! NYANYAN DANCE!" *dancing NyanNyan cat dance*

L/R/D: "Now that… is random"