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Sasuke was drifting in and out of consciousness, fighting it with all his might. Altair could see him struggling to stay standing, this was a tough situation. He knew he's been in worse and escaped with his life, but the difference here is that he isn't alone.

Climbing up and over the side of the bridge he sits on his heels, staring at Sasuke motioning him to stay silent. "You're too soft Haku." Zabuza states, his voice slightly irritated when he looks back to see that Sasuke was barely seriously injured. Altair found this odd, twice already he had a barrage of senbon rain down on him. "Quit playing with your target and kill him already. I swear Haku, sometimes I think your more twisted than I Am."
"Sorry Zabuza, I'll finish quickly then." Haku replies taking his time to walk out of one of the mirrors. 'This is my chance, just need to get a little bit closer." Altair thinks as he inches closer, staying low and quite, his mind totally focused on his target. Unfortunately Sakura saw him and started cheering him on. With a growl of frustration he glares at her, the hate in his eyes making her shut up instantly. When he glances back to Haku it was too late, his fist was coming down fast and landed hard on Altair's temple sending him reeling back. When he managed to catch himself he was met with a swift kick to the gut which landed him in the circle of the mirrors with Sasuke.
"It's nice of you to join us dobe." Sasuke mutters as Altair gets up, quickly he turns on Sasuke grabbing his collar and dragging him in close.
"Call me that again stronzo." Altair growls, the hate in his eyes making Sasuke close his mouth to any retort he was about to spit out. "It's because of your girlfriend I'm stuck in here with you. If she had kept quiet I would have killed this figlio d'un cane in an instant." He states as he shoves Sasuke away from him. Taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes Altair calms himself, when he opens his eyes again he scans the mirrors, Haku was in every single one of them. "Sasuke, try using your fire ball jutsu."

When Sasuke had gotten over his shock he replies while making the hand signs "She is not my girlfriend… Fire style, Fire ball Jutsu!" When the fire cleared Altair and Sasuke were disappointed to see the mirrors still there.

"It's going to take a lot more heat than that to melt these mirrors." Haku almost gloats, his voice sickeningly calm and peaceful.

Gritting his teeth Altair gets himself ready for the fight, he can feel Sasuke's fear growing slowly as he stands there beside him. The poor kid was practically shaking with fear, his breath erratic.
"Calm down Sasuke, I won't let you die."
"I feel so much safer now that you've said that." Sasuke says sarcastically. "So, what does stronzo mean?" he asks, scanning the mirrors both boys try to find the real one.
"It can mean a number of things, like prick, asshole and things like that…" Altair replies, his eagle vision not doing him any good in finding his target, so far all the reflections were red. Not a single gold aura to signify his target.
"So, how are we going to get out of here?" Sasuke asks trying to mask the fear of death with pride and over confidence, feigning irritation at the meaning of the word stronzo.
"We do nothing, I protect you and you stay out of my way as much as possible." Altair states in a matter of fact tone.

"Sasuke! All you alright?" Sakura yells from the sidelines, her voice high pitched because of fear.

Growling both boys turn on her, Sasuke just giving her death glares and Altair fighting the urge to cuss her out.

"Go back to protect the bridge builder!" Altair yells to her while turning his attention back to the fight in front of him.
"Why? There has to be something I can do to help you guys!" She replies, desperation in her voice. Looking back at her Altair sees the need to be useful in her eyes. He had seen this look before, in the eyes of Kadar when he had tagged along with Malik and him so many years ago in the tomb of Solomon when things had gone so very wrong.

"No, if you stay here you'll cause nothing but problems for us. We cannot protect you out there and no, you may not come in here with us." Altair replies, pulling his mind from the memories of that God forsaken day. Hoping with such grief and urgency that history doesn't repeat itself.

"Alright, Kakashi Sensei will try to help you guys out as soon as possible." She says, turning to head back to the bridge builder.

Scanning the mirrors again Altair decides that it's about time he learns some of the tricks and what makes this technique work. Forming the hand signs for shadow clones he dispenses then to try and escape. Almost immediately though Haku destroys them, during this Altair was glad to see glimpses of a gold aura, it was brief but still there.

So when the falling water finally settled Altair started to question Haku on his jutsu. "What sorcery is this?" Altair demands, his voice ringing out loud and clear like a true leaders, like an Assassin. Sasuke blinks a few times, still not used to hearing this tone from Naruto of all people.

"It's my clan's geki genki. The mirrors reflections allow me to transport from one to another." Haku explains voice calm not knowing that this information was valuable to Altair in how to defeat him.

With a smirk on his face Altair strode to the middle of the circle, confidence dripping from him as he said "Is that all it does? Why don't you come out and face me like a man!"

With a grunt of frustration Haku sends a barrage of senbon down on Altair. Keeping an eye on the glass mirrors he shields himself as best he can. The sting of the senbon digging in deep on his back, arms and legs, the warmth of his blood was starting to give him pause in this plan, but when he saw the glimpses of gold become a solid almost fully visible form he knew this was the right thing to do. That is until he heard Sasuke yell out in pain.

Looking back he saw that the idiot had followed him, senbon we're deadly close to the points needed to kill him. Now blood was flowing freely from Sasuke's wounds. Seeing this sight made Altair's breath catch in his throat. Only one thought was screaming itself in his mind 'No, I can't let this happen again.'

When the senbon had finally stopped he straightened himself, turning around he helps Sasuke stand. When Sasuke pushed him away he still felt that nausea that comes with the sight and memory of a friend's death.

Pulling out some of the senbon he harshly whispers in Sasuke's ear to stay behind him and do exactly as he says.

Not wanting to face whatever wrath Naruto had up his sleeve Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Do you think you can stay with me long enough for me to kill him?" Altair whispers to Sasuke.

"Yea, what do you have in mind?" Sasuke asks in return, blackness starting to crowd in on his vision.

With a smirk still plastered on his face Altair let's go of Sasuke and takes a few steps in front of him "Sasuke! I'm going to need you to do your fire ball jutsu again." Altair says while starting to enjoy himself now despite Sasuke's injuries. It had been such a long time since he was in a fight like this, or at least one as challenging. The only thing he didn't like was that company was here and in danger.

"Why? You saw that it had no effect on the mirrors the first time I did it." Sasuke replies, the hope for an escape gone from his voice.

Altair knew without a doubt that Sasuke was ready to die here and now, "Are you really going to question me now, or are you just ready to die so early?" Altair taunts, knowing full well that Sasuke would take his bait and do the jutsu. Unfortunately he had done so without Altair telling him the full plan. With a grunt of frustration at his juvenile 'partner' he quickly lies on his stomach to dodge the attack.

When the fire died down Altair stood, glaring daggers at the Uchiha who was doing the same back while cradling his left shoulder. "If we don't work together we will die."


"Okay, when I tell you to do that jutsu again you do it, no hesitation even if I'm in the way." Altair says while getting a glimpse of gold from the corner of his eye. When he realized what Haku was doing he ran straight for Sasuke, knocking him down and shielding him with his own body. The senbon still weren't that deadly, just barely missing vital points, but the intention was there loud and clear. Grunting in pain Altair grits his teeth and breaths in deep, trying to calm his body from the tremors this pain was causing, clenching his eyes shut.

The demon inside Naruto was starting to become a nuisance. Speaking of him needing his power, Altair just laughed at it. "Why do you laugh at my proposal? You know you need me."

"I need no one."

With a dark evil laugh the demon says "How do you plan on killing this opponent then? You can hardly see him."

"My blade sees for me… It cuts through the darkness." And with that Altair's hidden blade is released, blood red chakra dripping from its tip. Turning Altair heads into the darkness of his subconscious, the demon roaring in anger behind him.

Opening his eyes he sees Sasuke's pale as death face staring up at him. When he goes to stand some of the senbon fall to the ground "Stay down Sasuke" he says as he turns to face the mirror he had last seen Haku enter.

Altair's eyes had become dangerous Haku noticed. Before they were clear blue and hand hints of amusement in them. But now, this stare was striking fear in his heart. His eyes were red like fire with hints of gold dancing in their flames. His face had become stone, hate, anger, and death screaming from his expression that they want Haku's blood. His stance was that of a battle hardened warrior not this juvenile child standing before him.

With a flick of his pinky Altair releases the hidden blade, with another flick it's retracted back into place. Altair knew his anger was starting to get out of control but didn't try to stop it. "Why do you do this? Hunting down innocent people and robbing them of their life!" He calls out unaware of the red chakra that is starting to glow around him. "Why do you worship a demon like Zabuza?"

Taking in the scene before him Haku's breath quickens slightly, fear and adrenaline pumping in his veins. "Because he saved me, gave me purpose. He didn't reject me, didn't try to kill me but gave the option of life. He is all the family I have now, and for that I love him. I hold him precious to me so much so that I would die for him, do you have such a thing that you hold so precious that you would die for them?"

Staying silent Altair takes in a couple of deep breaths, understanding that desire all too well. "Yes, I understand your desire. If we had met under different circumstances I believe we could have become friends." He replies solemnly.

"If only that were the case." Haku replies, senbon ready in his hands to deliver the fatal blow. Starting to jump out the mirrors he notices his opponent making the hand signs for shadow clones while running back to Sasuke.

If any time were a better time to attack, now was it. As soon as Altair saw the gold aura he made shadow clones, sending one back to Sasuke in his place. This one clone was yelling for Sasuke to do the jutsu now, Altair could feel the heat of the flame at his back but stood his ground, headed directly for one of the mirrors, hoping that his plan would work in his favor.

Luckily it was working, Haku in an attempt to dodge the flames changed directions last minute and charged at the real Altair unknowingly.

Catching a glimpse of gold behind him Altair turns just in time to dig the already released hidden blade into Haku's neck. As the fire started dying down it seemed as though time was standing still for the two airborne opponents.

"I don't think I can rest in peace now." Haku says while spitting out blood with each word. His intake of breath gurgling as blood starts to poor into his windpipe.

"Why do you say this?" Altair asks, holding his enemy's head in his hand as looks down with no emotion to Haku's surprise.

"I couldn't protect that which was precious to me." And with that he died, his last breath carrying his soul to the afterlife and seeming to restart time.

Landing with hardly a sound Altair gently lays down Haku, running his hand over the dead enemy's eyes to close them. "Requieste De Pace" he whispers as he dips the feather into the blood pooling around the neck wound.

Standing he looks over at Sasuke, seeing his fallen form on the ground he smirks. This was going to make the clean up later on that much easier. Now all he had to do was kill Zabuza without getting noticed by anyone else.


"Sakura, can you see anything with Naruto and Sasuke's fight?" Kakashi yells his full attention focused on Zabuza now. He had gotten some serious wounds in this fight, the right side of his torso was bleeding and he was pretty sure he had gotten some fractured bones. This was one fight he was not expecting when they were assigned the mission.

"No sensei, I can't see or hear anything from over there." Sakura replies jogging slightly out to see if she can gather any information. Finding none she heads back to their client, face pale and grave fearing the worst had happened.

"It would seem that my boy has killed two of your students, Kakashi." Zabuza gloats, the mist getting thick to prevent Kakashi from using his Sharingan. Zabuza's evil, psychotic laugh echoing in the quiet making Kakashi's and Sakura's stomach churn in dread.


Taking Sasuke to safety was Altair's first priority. If Zabuza were to find him like this during their fight he could be held as leverage. Altair doubted he could take much more than this, after all those senbon which for the most part missed vital points he doubted he could make it through a prolonged fight with the Demon of the Mist. So he jogged off to the woods nearby, Sasuke limp in his arms and breathes shallow with death.

Putting him down gently he scans the area, this was a good spot hidden with shrubs and low trees. He would be well hidden and out of harm's way.

Jogging back to the fight Altair uses eagle vision to locate his target. He first spotted the bridge builder as a gray form, in front of him was Sakura he aura white to show she was a friendly. Going out wide he avoided her line of vision.

Going a few more feet ahead he found Kakashi's white form, the smell of blood strong as he got closer. 'Looks like I finished the fight with Haku just in time.' Altair thinks as he sneaks up on Kakashi, fully intending to know him out before proceeding on to kill Zabuza.

Unfortunately Kakashi had gotten the idea of using dogs to find Zabuza. Sending them on their task Altair is left standing there with nothing to do, just to stop and see what Kakashi had in mind. Seconds later he could hear Zabuza cry out in pain. Running over there he kills him before Kakashi has a chance to do anything to clear the mist or kill Zabuza. His hidden blade sinking deep into the man's neck as he gently lays him back; staring into his eyes he sees that he truly was a demon. No soul was in him before or after Altair had killed him. Dipping the feather into the freshly spilled blood he pockets it and runs for the edge of the bride. Jumping over it and hanging there he listens for the que that they had left.

Unfortunately the bridge builder had a higher price on his head than any one of them had expected. The man that had hired Zabuza to kill their client had crossed them and hired a small group of men to do the task instead.

Kakshi was badly wounded Altair noticed as he peeked over the edge of the bridge. Sakura was useless to begin with and hadn't really changed in that so far.

Sighing Altair starts to crawl to the group of men, his feet slipping only once or twice thanks to the mist that had made the walls slick with water. When he finally got there the leader had just finished explaining that it was cheaper to higher all of these men than Zabuza.

Looking over edge again he sees that a few of the men had strayed to the side of the wall. Leaning over it he grabs one of the men and hurls him over the side as he hides yet again. When another man had come to check what was going on Altair dug his hidden blade into the man's chest as he grabbed the shirt and yet again tossed the man over the side.

He managed to do that with two other men before they finally wised up, this is when Altair took in a deep breath and jumped over the ledge to start his 'killing spree'.

His robes were turning red from all the blood and he briefly wondered how he was going to get it out. After all, it was this white assassin outfit that was their signature look and he happened to pride himself on it.

When about half of the men were dead Altair is allowed a breather. The leader of this group a fat man wearing a pin stripped suit, his hair looking like he had gotten electrocuted or something.

"Who is this? I don't remember Konoha having someone like you!" the man yells with slight fear lacing his voice as he points an accusing finger to Altair.

Luckily Kakashi or Sakura hadn't gotten so close as to see him at the back of the enemy. His blood stained robs gently rustling in the breeze, his breath calming and going back to normal. "That's because I'm not with them." He replies the man, releasing his hidden blades he charges into the crowd; the men starting to fight yet reluctant at the same time, seeing their comrades falling like flies without Altair even breaking a sweat.

When there were only a handful of men left Altair stops and stares at them, daring them to charge. Looking at each other the men just drop their weapons and leave, screaming and begging for mercy.

Looking back at the man Altair starts walking towards him, at this point the man was sweating for his life. He knew death was near if he couldn't convince Altair to do this job or at least pay him off to spare him.

"Please! I'll pay you whatever you want! Just don't kill me…" the man grovels as Altair stops, standing over him looking like death.

Bending down close to the man's ear he harshly whispers for him to leave and never come back. Standing he starts to walk away before Kakashi or Sakura get curious as to who he is. That's when the man takes advantage thinking he could somehow kill Altair.

Pulling out a dagger he had pocketed from one of the dead bodies surrounding him he rushed Altair the best he could but still it wasn't good enough. In a split second Altair had grabbed the dagger and used it to slit the man's throat, showing no mercy as he had Zabuza and Haku he gets a look of disgust as he looks down at the man. Dropping the dagger he continues to walk away, thinking already of ways to explain his absence.


A few hours had passes since the fight at the bridge. Altair had managed to sneak away without any of his team members seeing him and had changed into his 'normal' clothes.

Walking back to the house they were calling 'base' he leisurely walks in, being greeted with a sold punch from Sakura who was furious. If there was one thing he had learned from Columbina it was that he should never, under any circumstances, even try to defend himself when a girl was pissed like Sakura was now. So swallowing his pride he just cries out in pain and cradles his head "What was that for!" he yells to the floor, genially not know why she was so pissed off for.

"For not sticking around to help us out baka!" she yells at Naruto, he voice ringing in the house that all hell was about to break loose.

"Sakura! Calm down!" Kakashi yells from a room just down the hall, being bed ridden really didn't fit Kakashi well. He felt more comfortable standing, teaching and fighting.

Looking after the direction Naruto had heard his sensei's voice he starts to slowly walk in that direction. "Kakashi sensei?" he asks timidly, he knew that Kakashi was wounded in his fight with Zabuza but was it really THAT bad?

"Hey Naruto…" Kakashi sheepishly says while waving his hand once when he sees Naruto at his doorway. "I need to start training with you guys more." He laughs as Naruto just stares at him not knowing what he was expecting. Kakashi had bandages all around his torso, blood soaking the right side. His left arm was in a sling and his one visible eye showed he was just about ready to pass out. His face was far too pale, more than Naruto wanted to admit. So there Naruto stood, face pale from disbelief.

"Where's Sasuke." He finally spat out, 'If Kakashi is in this condition, how much worse of or better is Sasuke?'

"I'm right here dobe." Says that irritating almost mono tone voice of the Uchiha's.

Turning with wide eyes Naruto is happy to see that for all the wounds he had Sasuke was relatively okay. He was almost tempted to run and hug the boy he was so relieved. Instead he just replies with a "What are you doing up? Aren't you supposed to be in be resting or something?"

And so the day went on with Naruto looking after his two comrades, keeping watch outside just in case any of those men came back for revenge or there was another attack. Plus there was Sakura trying to get Naruto to tell her why he left when he did. Each time Naruto just told her that he was injured badly and went in search of a doctor nearby. He knew she wasn't buying but it was the best lie he could come up with. After all, he was an Assassin; though he was trained in many things and mastered all of them lying was one thing they never really taught them how to do effectively.

When night fell and everyone was asleep Naruto stole away to the rafiq. This was the first time he would report in late like this and hopefully the last.

"Safety and peace brother, I was starting to worry these men had gotten the better of you." The Rafiq jokes, not bothering to take his eyes off the map before him.

"I ran into unexpected troubles." Is all that Altair replies with while placing the blood soiled feathers on the counter.

Grabbing the feathers and turning the rafiq says "Yes, as expected with those ninja tagging along. You must tell me how this one went."

Wanting to talk about it he retells the fight with Haku, how he killed Zabuza and the group of men.

When the rafiq heard Altair's description of the man who had hired all those would be assassins he couldn't stop laughing. "Did he really look like that?" he questions in disbelief.

"Yes, he really did." Altair reples before taking a drink of the bottle of ale the rafiq had handed him.

"You truly are a good story teller Altair." The rafiq informs while getting up hold his hand out for the bottle as Altair takes in the last drinks. "Maybe it's time for you to turn in for the night. Surly the ninja are safe."

"Yes, you are right." Altair answers, his eyes heavy as he lays back into the pile of pillows set out for visitors. The water fall below the opening in the roof soothing and welcoming sleep, when he had fallen asleep yet again a bluish white aura glowed from him signifying another sequence had been completed.

When morning came Altair was up and headed back to 'base'. Kakashi had stated that they were going to have to stay there longer than expected while he heals. Altair was all too pleased with this, he needed the break. The wounds he had but didn't let anyone tend to were starting to get to him. Haku had really given him a run for his money.

Wednesday when he came back from the Rafiq he trained with Sasuke most of the day, pretending to lose to keep up appearances. He knew he was playing with fire right now and didn't want to look too suspicious. After training him and Sasuke had an eating contest which no doubt embarrassed both Kakashi and Sakura. In the end both boys ended up puking their gust out.

Thursday was spent sleeping most of the day, while he slept Sakura took this time to tend to his wounds. She was actually surprised at how bad they were. Cleaning and bandaging them she stayed with this task most of the day. Sasuke sat just below the window of Naruto's room outside; to prideful to admit he was actually worried for his friend.

Friday was a better day, Kakashi was just about good to go and start heading back home. Naruto couldn't wait to bet back to that crappy apartment of his, to write Colombina and eat some Ichiraku Ramen. He had actually taken a liking to that place, not only was the food good but he had become friends with the shop owner and his daughter. She somehow reminded him of Colombina but he couldn't really place why. Maybe it was the personality….

Saturday they were headed out, waving good bye at the old man and his family Naruto wore a big smile and ran to catch up with Sasuke as he was walking in front of everyone else. He was going to have fun pissing off this kid all the way back. And it all started with one word, "Sasgay". Naruto muttered it but he knew that Sasuke would hear it.

Face palming Kakashi just prepares his patience to be tried to the breaking point yet again on this trip.


When they got back to the village they all went their separate ways. Kakashi to report in on the mission, Sakura followed Sasuke who went to the training grounds and Naruto to get some ramen. Oh how he so missed that ramen.

On the way to the ramen shop he spotted Malik, running over to him he scares the crap outta Malik. Laughing he greets Malik with a simple hand shake and a bow of his head.

"Altair, if you ever do that to me again I will kill you." Malik whispers good heartedly at his friend.

"That's if you can." Naruto replies while starting to lead Malik off to the ramen shop.

"Where are you taking me?"

"For lunch." And so they walked in silence for a few minutes, the obvious topic floating between them with such expectancy for someone to finally start talking about it.

"So, how was the mission?" Malik finally asks while walking into the shop.


"What'll it be boys." The owner asks in his usual cheerful voice.

"Two bowls of the usual." Naruto says ordering not only for himself but or Malik as well.

"Did you get the intended targets?"

"Yes, they are no more." And with that Naruto found a bowl of ramen being placed in front of his face. A smile on his face, seconds later he was digging into the bowl like a madman.