Double Trouble.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of the Sons of Anarchy. Only the O.C's in this story are mine.

Tig and Happy were sitting at the picnic table enjoying a beer when a convoy of three vehicles pulled into the TM lot. The first vehicle looked like a converted school bus, instead of the usual yellow it was black. The other two vehicle were a jeep and an old car that barely looked like it should be on the road.

The vehicles stopped and they saw an African-American woman get out of the bus and walk towards the office. She was tall and leggy and walked with an air of self confidence but also a degree of menace and Happy followed the woman with his eyes, there was something about her. He didn't feel that she was a threat but there was something.

As she dissapeared into the office they saw someone get out of the Jeep, both of thier jaws hit the ground, it was the biggest black guy they had ever seen. Standing a good 6ft 6inches in height, built like an out house and wearing a load of bling, they watched as he sauntered in to the garage as though looking for someone.

When the guy entered the garage, he was stopped by Dog, one of the mechanics who had worked at TM since it had opened. He had to lean back a bit, this was a big bloke and he looked a bit menacing.

"Can I help you sir?" he enquired of the bloke. The garage that was normally quite a loud place had gone unusually quiet at his entrance. The other three mechanics just stared in shock at the size of the bloke in front of Dog.

"Yeah, I'm looking for someone" he said looking around, "Just spotted him."

Working over on the far side of the garage was a mechanic who had not seen or heard the visitor come into the bays, he had his Ipod on and was concentrating on the job he was doing. As the visitor spotted him, he walked across to where Juice was working and without warning slammed him into the side of the car!

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