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It was the Sunday following the fight at the Friday night party that the girls along with the most of Juice's family turned up en masse at Clay and Gemma's place for a barbecue. Both Lauren and Mary had been a little subdued following the fight that had erupted following their visit to the garage to return their fathers wallet to him.

"Well let's enter the lion's den shall we and girls keep your claws sheathed this time, please."

T Bone said winking at his teenage nieces, he had been absolutely furious when he had been told what had happened after the girls had been brought home by Juice. He was not one for hitting women but if he ever got his hands on the little bitch who had dared to touch the girls he was going to be held responsible for his actions, he told himself, mind you he thought to himself he probably would not have a chance to get his hands on her, his sisters were already planning on giving that little bitch a seeing to. He almost pitied the girl but then again, he had no pity for a grown woman who decided to beat up on two teenage girls over something as trivial as the girls returning their father 's wallet to him, he was beginning to think it was a bad idea them all leaving New York and coming to Charming.

The raucous sound of loud music playing could be heard coming from the direction of the Morrow backyard and the sound of people enjoying themselves.

"Well standing here is not going to do any good." Their mother, Anara told them all.

Stepping forward she led them forward into what they considered the lion's den, filled with club members, old ladies and their kids.


Gemma was supervising some of the old ladies in the kitchen when she heard the front door bell go, making sure that every one of the ladies in the room knew what she was doing, she headed to the front door, opening it she found Juice's family, each holding a plate or bowl filled with food waiting for her.

"Welcome…welcome. Well don't stand out there, come on in."

She guided them into her home, pointing them towards the kitchen.

"You can put the food in the kitchen, there's plenty of room on the sides."

Placing the dishes wherever they could on the sides, they glanced around the filled kitchen unsure where to go, Gemma noticed them glancing around.

"You ladies can help with the food but you three guys," she said pointing to T Bone and two of the other male members of Juice's family "Can fuck off out the back."

T Bone looked at his ma and the girls, wondering if it was safe to leave the females alone with Gemma and the other biker chicks in the kitchen.

"You go on now boys, we promise not to cause any trouble."

His mother told them, chuckling at their expressions of concern that she and the girls would cause any trouble. Admittedly when the twins had been brought back on Friday night she had been ready to split some skulls, namely the stupid skank who had dared to touch her granddaughters but that had been Friday, she had calmed down now.

Not quite believing his mother, although there was nothing that T Bone could actually do about it, he pushed his brothers ahead of him as they all proceeded out into the yard, spotting Juice and Happy sitting in some chairs at the side of the large patio.

"Hey brother."


Back in the kitchen, Anara and her daughters had been put to work with the other ladies, watching dishes, stirring sauces or just chopping salad ingredients. Gemma noticed that the twins looked subdued and wondered at it, she knew that the girls had been involved in that beat down at the club on Friday night and she had heard from many of those who had been present about how both girls had successfully defended themselves with very little trouble.

"What's wrong with the twins?" Gemma asked Anara, who was chopping lettuce.

Pacing the knife on the counter and glancing over at the girls, she noted their sour expressions.

"They're alright Gemma, they start at the High School tomorrow and neither of them wants to go."

"They don't like school?"

"No they like school but tomorrow is their birthday and they don't want to start a new school on their birthday."

"Birthday?" Gemma was slightly shocked at Anara's words.

"The twins are 15 tomorrow Gemma and understandably they don't want to go to school but rather want to stay home and celebrate but they are going to school. I won't let them miss starting school."

She grinned as she picked up the knife and carried on with chopping the lettuce, shredding it and placing that which she had done into a large bowl.


"So what are we got planned for Mary and Lauren's birthday tomorrow."

T Bone asked Juice as he sat in the spare chair, nursing a beer, he could see his other brothers mingling with the other men in the backyard.

"Not sure yet, thought maybe doing a party for them next Saturday. Obviously we can't do much tomorrow night, seeing as they are starting at the high school tomorrow and we all know how mom feels about school."

T Bone grinned as he thought back to his own school days, he knew exactly what Juice meant, his mother had always been a stickler where getting an education was concerned and she would not be pleased about the two girls missing their first day at a new school tomorrow despite it being their birthday.

A/N: Next chapter up will be the twins starting at Charming High School and how the young people in Charming take to the new girls. Should be kind of interesting!