(A.N) Hello everyone! This is ttobba95 with his second fray into the Phineas and Ferb fandom. Though this time there is a twist, maybe not much of one but it's there. There is another character in this fic, one whom i pictured in this world some time ago and laughed at the thought (in a good way).

To avoid giving anything away i'll just simply say that nothing here is mine. If i said who owned the guest character, i would ruin the surprise (if there's still any left).

Nighttime in Danville was usually calm and cool, a stark contrast to the hot, and insane, days of summer vacation. The trees blew slightly in the breeze and the birds cooed softly. Up above everyone the moon glowed with that natural glow that it always seemed to have. It, and the many stars, lit up the otherwise pitch-black sky.

From the comfort of her bedroom, a young girl by the name of Isabella was looking up at the night sky, admiring the stars. She had wished upon a star quite a few times growing up but now, at eleven years of age, she found that most of her wishes easily came true. All thanks to the dynamic duo of step-brothers who lived across the road. But even so, she still liked to look up and see the glowing pieces of light dotted across the dark skys.

A few minutes later, her eyelids begining to seem heavy, Isabella averted her gaze from her window and made her way to bed, eager to drift off into dreams. Though, if she were to look for five more seconds, she would have seen a large object appear in the moon, heading for a bumpy landing...

It didn't take long for the girl to start sleeping soundly. A smile on her face, Isabella was soon in the land of her dreams. Most of those dreams involving a certain triangular-headed inventor..

Unfortunately for Isabella, her dreams were interrupted by the sound of a "CRASH!". Shooting up, the girl rushed back to her window to see what the matter was. What she now saw was a large shape lying in her back garden, fresh dirt from the crash surrounding it. After calming down her pet chihuahua, Pinky, Isabella threw on her dressing gown and slippers. She was going to investigate.

Sneaking out the back door, it didn't take long for Isabella to find the crashed object. From ground level, she could only see the base of the shape, though she could guess that the shape was rectangular in it's entireity. Looking around the object, she was surprised to see it's windows were glowing. As if something inside it had gone wrong, causing it to crash.

Then, the top face of the shape burst open, two doors opening outward. What followed was the arrival of a grappling hook flying out of the shape and hooking into the ground. Isabella could hear the sounds of groans from within, like someone was trying to escape. Suddenly, a hand appeared on the edge of the base. Seconds later, a second hand appeared. The girl outside listened to more groans as the owner of the hands attempted to pull themself up.

Then, the head revealed itself, and Isabella's jaw dropped. There was a man inside the shape. Said man looked outside with a manic grin and an uncontrolable laugh. When his eyes came across Isabella, he giggled a bit more, then spoke at last.

"Can i have an apple?"

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