Chapter III

There hadn't been many civilians on board. A medical officer, a pilot and a two-man engineering crew was all it took to keep this little pea-shooter running. Cross had been able to take some medi-gel too, the medical officer had been very compliant with his requests; which had allowed him to heal up the wounds he had sustained to his chest and leg while attempting to escape the prison ship. He had found the engineering crew next, deciding to go to the cockpit last - which was probably a stupid idea if the pilot was feeling courageous and decided to try and shoot him, but he decided it none the less. The engineering duo had barely taken any notice of him, more like he was just another crew member on the ship then someone who was actually taking it from them and using it to get away from prison, but at least that meant that they weren't causing any trouble for him, always a plus.

Heading to the cockpit next, to tell that pilot he wanted to be away from here as soon as possible, get to Omega and then finally be able to rest for a little while. Even though 'getting to Omega' and 'resting' just didn't seem like they fit in the sentence together right. He had found the pilot, not bothering to sneak up on them, but not announcing himself either. The second he walked in, the pilot turned in the chair, but before she could grab for the gun rack which held three assault rifles, Cross closed in with his knife in hand and held just shy of slicing the pilot's neck. He noticed the pilot almost jump in their seat.

"Omega. Now."

"Please, don't kill me! I have a family, I- I- I want to be able to talk to them again!"

Cross lowered the shotgun, shaking his head. Always with the 'I have a family so you can't kill me.' But Cross didn't care, he would let the pilot go as long as she agreed to get him where he needed to go, then she could do whatever she goddamn pleased.

"We there yet?"

"Another two hours." The pilot replied, fiddling away with the controls. She had probably sent out a distress beacon too, but Cross would be long gone before anyone got here to check it out.

"Go have a sleep or something, you look like you need one." The pilot was female, something he wasn't used to, most pilots he had ever seen had been male. From what he knew of the Normandy; even Commander Shepard's pilot was male.

"I don't trust you." Cross replied. His trust had been destroyed not long after he started running for his life.

"My name is Carmen Sterling." The pilot replied, as if she had completely ignored Cross' last comment.

"Cross." He replied, attempting and probably failing at being polite.

"You don't have a real name?" She inquired.


The next hour or so of the trip had been rather uneventful, neither of the two spoke anymore to each other and the pilot seemed content with what she already knew. But then he fell asleep.

He awoke to the light shaking of the pilot as she tried to get him to awaken. She was smiling kindly, and Cross didn't do anything to otherwise say he still didn't trust her - he didn't but she hadn't tried to kill him in his sleep, which meant that he could trust her at least a little bit.

"We're here." She said, her voice as happy as it had been before.

"So. I assume you want me to let you go now?"

She shrugged, and Cross was confused. He assumed that had been the whole reason she was playing along, so she could get off and go see her family without dying in between now and then.

"Whatever you're doing now, I can tell it's important, you must need someone-"

Cross cut her off before she could finish that sentence. "If you want to be returning to your family, then you shouldn't make offers like that."

She shook her head, her smile finally disappearing. "I don't have a family, I just wanted to stay alive."

"I don't like being lied to." Cross replied, holding the shotgun up and pointing the barrel towards the pilot, but he didn't have any reason to shoot her, it was more just to get his point across.

"I just-"

Cross sighed, shaking his head slightly. "I know, but I don't even know where I'm heading yet. I might be at Omega for a few days."

Carmen nodded "I can wait."

There was a silence that seemed to stretch on for ages before Cross finally threw his arms up in an exaggerated fashion, "Fine then, go have a few drinks or something, I'll find you when I need you."

The two split up after that, and even though Cross was slowly but surely coming to trust his new pilot, he kept the keys with him, he didn't need her changing her mind and taking off with the ship, leaving him stuck on Omega until he could find a shuttle and hide in the cargo hold for a while. That was never fun and it left you with a screwed up spine for at least a week. Cross sighed, he had ended up going off to see Aria first, see if she knew where he could find an oh so elusive Batarian, and Carmen had followed him to Afterlife but then split off in a different direction to go get herself some drinks, after being at gunpoint twice, Cross had given her some credits, she deserved them. Only now was he realizing that might have been a stupid idea, she could always book a cheap shuttle off world.