Kathryn Merteuil paced swiftly down the virtually empty corridor, her high heeled boots clicking as she walked. She was on her way to meet a new girl in school, hopefully one she could use to her advantage. It was one of those slow moving evenings, and most classes had emptied for the day. Walking pass the school's gymnasium and tennis courts, she rounded a corner and stopped before the large room housing the school's swimming pool. Adjusting her hair and straightening her shirt and knee-length skirt, Kathryn entered the pool room with confidence, taking smaller steps with her shoes clicking less loudly on the tiles.

The pool room, and the pool, was largely deserted, except for a blond hair girl having a slow swim in the middle of the pool. Kathryn walked nearer to the pool and called out the girl's name, "Brooke!"

The blonde girl in the pool turned to look in Kathryn's direction, and proceeded to swim to the pool side. Kathryn then said," Hi, I'm Kathryn. I heard you are new here. It's a pleasure to meet you, Brooke."

Brooke, still treading water in the pool, then placed her hands on the pool side, and replied with an air of nonchalance," Pleased to meet you too." She then climbed out of the pool, water dripping from her thoroughly wet bikini-clad body, and walked to Kathryn.

Kathryn looked at Brooke, trying to size her up and form an evaluation of her, since she did not know much about her yet. A tall, tanned, fit, and shapely blonde girl, and clad in a scanty and "barely there" white G-string bikini that left little to the imagination, Brooke had an imposing and intimidating appearance that signalled to other girls not to mess with her, but would leave guys drooling. Brooke looked like she had done some weights in the gym too, as her arms looked tougher than a regular girl's, and her boobs were round and solid, looking like they would burst through her scanty bikini top. She looked like she could easily drown Kathryn in the pool if she wanted.

Kathryn felt intimidated, but kept her cool, thinking of what to say next. She noticed something amiss about Brooke's bikini bottom, and pointed, saying," Um, Brooke, your bottom."

Brooke looked down and noticed that her bikini bottom was slightly out of place. The small narrow triangle was to the side of her clit, exposing her dripping wet vagina. However, to Kathryn's surprise, Brooke did nothing about it, as there was no one else around.

"So, what you wanna talk about? "Brooke asked.

"Since you are new here, would you like to hang out with me? I know the ins and outs of social life here, so it will be to the best of your advantage that hang out together," Kathryn replied.

Rather than giving an immediate reply, Brooke instead sat down on the poolside, crossing her bare legs sexily and dangling them in the pool like a bikini model. She then took out a cigarette from her bag, lit it, and started to smoke.

Kathryn also sat down near the pool, taking care not to touch Brooke's wet footprints as she did not want to dirty her clothes.

"Fine, if you say so," Brooke finally replied after a short silence.

Kathryn smiled and said," That's great. Call me." She then tossed Brooke a small paper containing her phone number.