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Rhyleigh xoxox

Jake Barton glanced at the clock, trying to calculate the time difference between Sydney, Australia and New York City.

She had promised that she was only going to be gone for six months, but he thought six months was a long time. Instead of the two blocks that separated them (if that- more often than not, one of them would end up staying with the other), there were oceans. Instead of kissing her goodnight, as he had every night they had been together, he saw her once a week during the Skype sessions she had with her family. He was lucky to speak to her on the phone on a Saturday- he was asleep by the time the sun was rising over her apartment.

Rachel Rafter had phoned home, right before collapsing on her bed from jetlag. She'd spoken to her mother (resulting in tears), her father (who'd called her 'princess' and made her sob), her brothers (really, she hadn't expected any more than teasing from them), her grandparents (who had told her to be very careful, because New York had a whole lot more crazies than Sydney) and her baby sister (who'd babbled cheerfully, under the impression that she was going to be back that night to give her a kiss goodnight).

But the one she had missed the most was Jake, his final goodbye making her cry herself into a deep sleep. Her dreams had his tanned face flicker and in out, too tired to really focus on anything, and when she woke up in the morning (lunchtime, she supposed) all she could remember was seeing his face.

Their hearts were jetlagged, pining for each other, thousands of kilometres separating them.