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B is for Blessed

Dean was blessed as a child. A preacher held him gently in his arms while he sprinkled water onto his head. His mother always told him angels were watching over him. She told him blessings were from God. She told him he should pray and give thanks for the blessings he's given.

Mom always said she was blessed when she had him. She would hold him in her arms and tell him that he was a special gift from God sent to her.

Dean was blessed with two parents who loved and cherished him. Parents who read him stories and tucked him in at night. Parents who would give up anything for him and loved him more than life itself.

He was blessed to have a roof over his head and clothes on his back. He was blessed with food and all the necessities of life and more.

Then he was blessed with a baby brother. The day Samuel Winchester was born was the happiest moment in his young life. His Dad took him by the hand and led him through the large hospital to where his mommy lay cuddling a small blanket.

His Daddy set him in a chair and then carefully set the baby in the cradle of his arms. His mouth opened in a small 'oh' of wonder. He was so small.

His parents had explained to him all about how important his new job as a big brother was. They explained how Sam wouldn't be big like him for a while and how he had to be extra careful. Now he knew what they meant.

He had never felt so blessed as when Sam wrapped a tiny fist around his finger. A whispered 'Sammy' caused the infant to open his eyes and look blearily around. From that moment he decided he would be the best big brother in the world.

Soon Sammy and his Mom came home. The days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months. Sammy grew bigger and became more alert and interactive. Dean loved how Sam would watch him, cooing and giggling when he tickled the soft baby belly. He loved watching his mom rock baby Sammy as he stood nearby and helped sing what he could remember of his bedtime song.

Daddy liked to sit on the couch with Sam on his knee while Dean played with toy cars on the floor. He liked it best though when his Dad would spread out a blanket for Sammy to lay on while they played toy cars together.

All too soon his families happiness went up in flames and desperate cries for him to take Sammy and run. Sam screamed in his arms as he stood in the darkened street. Sirens approached and he couldn't stop his tears as he waited for his Daddy to appear.

Later cradled in his Dad's arms with Sammy pressed to his side the trauma and exhaustion caught up to him. He fell into a restless sleep his face buried in his Daddy's shirt that smelled of smoke and sweat and somewhere beneath it all his mother.

Some might say that the three of them were blessed to be alive. Years later Dean would have to say he disagreed. He knew that their small family was cursed.


He has a nice apartment. He has good grades. He has a full ride scholarship. His friends are there for him. More importantly though Jess is there for him. Sam Winchester knows he's blessed. His life is what some unfortunate people dream about.

The day is hot but not so hot that it's stifling. It's a rare fall day and as he walks down the sidewalk he tilts his chin up so that his face can catch more warm rays. The air is loud with the sounds of traffic, people talking, and kids laughing. It's as normal as it gets and Sam's smile gets a little wider.

Sam isn't impulsive. He's methodical, more anal retentive really. So as he approaches the small shop he focuses not on the window displays, where he could easily be distracted, but on the old wooden door set a few feet back in the brick wall. The shop is small and uncluttered. Everything is neat and orderly from the glass cases to the positioned catalogues, to the aged man behind the counter.

He feels his wallet and takes comfort in the heaviness of it. He's worked a long time for this. Side jobs had taken up a lot of his time and he'd had to study twice as hard to make sure that he kept up in his classes but for this… it was worth it.

He leaves the shop, wallet empty but he's satisfied, and the box in his hand causes him to grin every time he looks at it. The walk home is too long in his mind and as he races up the front steps he's mindful that he's running out of time.

The lock click and he enters the dark apartment, relief fills him and he sighs away the tension. The duffle bag in his room is perfect and he slides his purchase into it, concealing it within a pair of old tube socks. The matter dealt with he allows himself another wide grin as he prepares dinner. Cooking is its own reward but he likes Jess' reward for making dinner after she gets home from a long day better.

His OCD tendencies explode as he works on his newest non-school related project. Slowly day by day his plan comes together. It's nearly the end of October and Jess has been pleading with him to come home for Thanksgiving with her. Her smile is sometimes all he thinks he will ever need.

Halloween night is just the break he needed. Jess knows him well and he's glad she dragged him out despite his protests. He doesn't drink enough to get drunk. Jess doesn't like to see him get that way. She says he gets maudlin. So when they leave early to go home he's riding out the low end of a buzz and could probably still hit the bullseye in a game of darts every time.

In bed with his arm around Jess with her hair in his face is the most comfortable place in the world. It feels relaxing and safe. He's so comfortable that at first he thinks he imagined the noise, when he realizes he hasn't his blood runs cold then hot.

One scuffling match later and he's reunited with his brother. He can't help but think that October has been the best month ever… until his brother tells him their Dad is missing.

Hunting was something he never wanted to do again. He had sworn it off. He had left that life for something better, something safe and wonderful. Being beside his brother again working a case he realized that however he tried to deny it, he missed this. The weekend was full of danger and excitement. Brotherly jokes and arguments.

Dean. If he regretted anything it was leaving him behind. Years without speaking had numbed him but now he could feel the aching wound again. They were connecting again and the wound was starting to heal. He knew that from now on it'd be different no matter how this turned out. He wouldn't lose touch with his brother. He couldn't.

The disappointment clouding Dean's face when he told him he was going back to Stanford made his heart ache a little. But Jess was waiting and Dean as much as he disliked it understood. He had his brother back, even if things couldn't be like old times. He really is blessed.

It's too bad Jess was cursed.

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