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~( A scene from chapter 6 )~

After making sure that Lambo won't be causing tantrums, (since Tsuna was nowhere near them at the moment) Reborn morphed Leon into a portable phone and started calling Tsuna's guardians one by one, and making sure that everyone would be coming. He'll use force if he had to.

He only had to wait for about 10 minutes before all of them arrived.

"Why did you call us here, Reborn-san?"

"Haha, are we playing another game?"


"Hn.. why are you making me crowd, baby?"

"Kufufu, this better be important, Arcobaleno.."

Reborn tilted his fedora down, making it hard to see his expression.

"It's concerning your boss"

And with that simple statement, everyone's attention was on him.

Reborn took out the medical files he borrowed*cough*stole*cough* from the closet of Nana.

He held it up for them to read.

Silence resonated around them. Every individual present read what was written on the files.

"Excuse me for asking Reborn-san, but.. that's the Tenth's file isn't it..?"


With that, Gokudera walked a little, stopped in front of an electric post, and started banging his head repeatedly, making it bleed profusely.

"I'm a failure as a right-hand man! How did I not know that the Tenth has been suffering from severe cold these past years?!" Gokudera continued inflicting pain on himself whilst the other guardians had different reactions.

"Tsuna has a cold? Cool!"

"Extreme colds are EXTREME!"


"Kufufu.. *twitch* You called me here for this..?"

If one was inspecting closer, they would see confusion dancing in Reborn's black orbs.

"Cold..? What the hell are you guys-" Reborn cut off as he looked once more at the files he stole from Nana.

Eyes twitching, he crumpled the paper, threw it on the ground and started shooting mercilessly at the poor file.

"Nevermind. All of you, DISMISSED. Don't visit Dame-Tsuna until I say so. Understood, Gokudera, Yamamoto?" Rebrn eyed them all dangerously, daring anyone to defy him.

Gokudera choked at that.

"B-but Reborn-san! The Tenth-" He immediately stopped talking when Reborn pointed his gun at him.

"No buts" And with that, Reborn dragged a half-conscious Lambo back into the Sawada household, leaving a devastated Gokudera, a confused Yamamoto, a hyper Ryohei, an enraged Hibari, and an annoyed Mukuro.

( End of spoiler scene )

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