A/N: As most readers probably could not care about original characters, I've delegated my Tiny Titans 'verse its own drabble series (as it should have, an age past, but I was too lazy to begin one) separate from where they appeared (and felt out of place given the rating) in Scenery Called 'Everyday'; so yes, Colors of a Blooming Flower, now renamed, is no longer a oneshot.

Expect a lot of Averia and/or Raine (mis)adventures, and the hapless passengers kidnapped along for the ride—most especially but not limited to their parents: Squall and Lightning. Expect subtle-to-blatant ooc-ness from the canon cast as the combined Final Fantasy world [name still needed] I've created is explored nearly a decade after the inception of each game. Characters have matured; some have changed while others remain the same.

To start off this series is more growing pains with the Farron-Leonhart family with, from the internal musings of Lightning Farron-Leonhart…

:.:My Daughter Can't Be This Cute!:.:

It was edging towards midnight when heated shouts rang from the hallway into the children's bedroom, causing two pairs of blue eyes to look up and at each other. The elder of the pair leveled the younger with a pointed stare.

"Your girls are arguing again." Squall pointed out coolly.

Averia's brows scrunched together. "Silly daddy; they're your girls."

"Hnn, so they are." Squall nodded slowly. He ruffled his seven year old daughter's pink head in amusement. "Do you know what happened this time?"

"Mommy was taking a bath when Rainy needed to make the fudge brownies. Because Rainy was insistent, mommy let her in." She crooned under her father's touch. Sapphire eyes sparkled up at him knowingly. "Mommy will berate you later for spoiling us. Again."

"…whatever." Squall rolled his eyes.

"Aww," Averia hugged her father's waist. Squall's mouth twitched; it was very strange to hear his daughter coo at him. She was picking up expressions from Serah, Sis, and Laguna, clearly. Gods help his soul if his daughter suddenly gives him the cuchie-coo treatment; it was bad enough when his lying father had done it as a 'dying request'. "Don't worry, daddy. I'm here for you."

Squall sensed Averia's ploy. "You just want more cookies before sleeping."

Averia probably planned to share her loot with Raine, as well. Arguments between the eldest and youngest of their family always ended with a disgruntled Raine Leonhart brooding in her room.

Really, his wife and youngest daughter were so similar that rows between them were inevitable. After all, the only one more stubborn than Lightning Farron-Leonhart was Raine Farron-Leonhart.

Averia blinked owlishly, her eerie smile not betraying a hint of reaction to his deduction. Her arms wrapped tighter around his waist. "I love you, daddy."

As sweat gathered at the back of Squall's head at the soul-seeing eyes staring into him, he hoped Lightning had it easier…

Down in the hallway just outside the bathroom, Squall's wishful thinking remained a thought as mother and daughter continued to butt heads.

"You told me you didn't feel anything when clearly there was something brewing in the toilet!" Lightning chided heatedly, both her arms at her waist as she bended over to glower at her daughter.

To her credit, Raine remained defiant as she, too, had her arms at her sides and stared up at her mother. "No, mommy! I said I did!"

"You mumbled a 'mhmm'. How was I supposed to know that was a 'no'-mhmm while I was taking a shower? Why didn't you flush the toilet?!"

In all her six years of age, Raine Farron-Leonhart had never been more embarrassed. "But- but there wasn't anything inside when I checked!"

"It was already in the drain. When I made to use the toilet, the water was already murky." Lightning grimaced at the disgusting memory. "Ugh, I knew your reply was odd when I actually smelled something."

Raine's face was a bright ruby. "But I didn't see any!"

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't flush when you clearly felt something come out!" A sudden thought chilled Lightning to the bone. Horror slowly crept into her features, and Raine, who hadn't seen her mother look like this before, was stunned by the sight. "Did- did you even wipe?"

Lightning recalled, with clarity and embarrassment, the first time Raine was made to wipe after herself. It took a lot of cheering from Averia to finally make the youngest Leonhart act.

"I did!" Raine roared indignantly, folding her little arms and stomping her foot for emphasis. Her face was no a bright red beacon of embarrassment at her mother's insinuation. "I'm in-the-pendant now, mommy!"

"Independent, Raine." Lightning swiftly corrected her daughter's penchant for trying to use bigger words her size, and garbling them; she suspected Raine was simply trying to keep up with Averia's rapid progress. "And no, you're most certainly not independent."

Not if she could help it. For all her stubbornness, Raine was still her precious daughter.

Still, she could not help but wonder, exasperatedly, where Raine got her attitude from.

"And I doubt you even wiped. If you did, then surely you'd see something."

"But there wasn't any!" Raine countered heatedly, telling the truth. There really wasn't any.

"I don't buy it." Lightning crossed her arms and stared into Raine's soul.

"Fuuuuu!" Raine fumed, stewing on the spot. She remained defiant in the face of her mother's glare.

They stayed like that until, eventually, Lightning conceded.

Lightning sighed, slowly.

There was just no point arguing anymore. Raine was already scowling up at her with watery eyes. It was a very, very cute sight, and Lightning was dearly tempted not to drop the issue, but Raine was embarrassed enough for one night. A maternal smile stretched across Lightning's lips, and she lectured her daughter softly.

"Fine." Lightning ruffled the mop of brown hair on Raine's head. "Just remember to flush next time…" Raine's spirit lifted now that the matter was dropped, and Lightning could not stop herself from adding, and so with a mischievous glint in her eyes she blessed her youngest with yet another pet name, "…my poopie trooper."

"Ge-ha?!" Raine spluttered, her features contorting funnily as it could not decide between indignation and embarrassment and so chose something in-between, before finally settling back on anger. "N-no! STOP IT, MOMMY!"

Lightning winced at Raine's powerful lungs; she forgot her daughter could actually shout.

"Raine!" Lightning bellowed admonishingly; her daughter suddenly quieted at the sternness in her tone. "What did I tell you about shouting indoors?"

"…" Raine mumbled something Lightning couldn't quite catch.

"And what did I tell you about eating your words?" Lightning prompted.

Raine sucked in a breath. "To not to." She replied simply, before adding under her breath. "But you and daddy shout all the time."

With her eyes downcast, Raine missed the way her mother's cheeks flush with embarrassment. Lightning rightly chose not to comment on what her ears had just picked up. Instead, she made a mental reminder to talk to Squall about when to exercise their marital privileges.

Post-nuptial life still hadn't deadened their lust.

"Good." Lightning nodded her head after shaking all thoughts prompted by what she refused to remember hearing from her youngest daughter. "Now come, poopie trooper."

"DON'T SAY-" Raine abruptly cut herself at her mother's withering gaze, and she swallowed before repeating. "Don't call me that, mommy."

"I'll keep calling you that until you change, Raine." Lightning reminded.

"But it's making me shy!" Raine complained.

"Sticks and stones, Raine. Words can't hurt you."

Raine frowned before lowering her head.

Satisfied with her daughter's response, Lightning made her way to her children's bedroom to place her daughter to sleep. It was six steps into the short journey when Lightning heard her daughter mumbling behind her.

"Sticks and stones can't break my bones, and words can never hurt me!" Raine chanted to herself in a low but self-reassuring cheer.

Catching her youngest daughter's mantra, Lightning was once more unable to restrain herself from teasing her. She stopped abruptly, and shot Raine a flat look. "Oh, really?"

Raine froze in her steps as she stared up at her mother; Lightning didn't budge.

"…" Mother and daughter stared at each other before Raine's eyes slowly widened in horror, and pulled at her hair and exclaimed. "NO! IT DOES NOT WORK!"

"Indoor voice!" Lightning reminded, though she couldn't school the amusement from her lips at Raine's proclamation. "Come now, poopie trooper. Let's get you to bed."

"I'm not-! Don't call me that!"

"Alright, alright." She patted her daughter's head before giving her a quick hug. "I'm sorry for teasing you. Now come, let's get you to bed. Hopefully, your dad has put Averia to sleep already."

That was not the case when Lightning opened the door to the children's room.

"What's up with you two?" Lightning questioned when she spotted her husband and her eldest sitting on the bedroom floor.

"Welcome back mommy, Rainy." Averia greeted cheerfully.

Lightning's eyes were quick to spy the cookie jar, the plate of cookies in front and slightly to the left of Averia, the empty space to the left of Averia, and the two glasses of milk. Squall's head was craned backwards in defeat, resting on the mattress behind him, but the now-frowning Lightning paid it no mind; at Averia's nod, Raine let out a small squeal of excitement and scampered away from Lightning's shadow to claim the empty spot beside her sister.

"Cheer up, Rainy!" Averia's kilowatt smile threatened to infect the stoic Farron-Leonharts.

"Sis, you're the best!" Raine praised her in an even tone before taking a huge bite from the large cookie in her tiny hands.

With the surplus of evidence before her, Lightning's eyes narrowed. "Husband," she hissed accusingly, "What have I told you about spoiling our children?!"

It took Squall a moment before he finally mustered the courage to lock eyes with his furious wife, albeit in resignation.

"… To not to…" He muttered weakly, unaware that he echoed Raine's earlier reply.

Lightning pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, dropping the matter. "Ugh, you three will be the death of me." Though she whined, Lightning still joined her family on the floor.

Squall shuffled to the side and patted the space beside him. Lightning took the offer with a muttered gratitude.

"Here," he said, placing beside his wife a plate of oatmeal cookies, and raised a cup of her favorite tea towards her. "Thanks for all your hard work. I heard most of the fight."

"Hmph." Lightning rolled her eyes but nonetheless accepted the peace offering. She took a sip from her cup, feeling the drink work its soothing magic, before setting it down.

Lightning's eyes trailed from her tea, to Squall's warm eyes shimmering at her ever-so-gently, and then to both her daughter's enjoyment of their treat. She sighed softly, and smiled. She took a sip from her tea before tucking her head under her husband's chin.

"Let me fight a war, any day, all day." She muttered grumpily, though the smile never left her lips. It grew warmer when Squall wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her body closer.

He buried his nose against her wonderfully-scented hair while she inhaled his faint and familiar musk.

Thankfully, both their daughters were oblivious to their cuddling; else they'd both start complaining about their parent's disgusting display of cooties.

Impulsively, Lightning's hand snatched the remnants of the cookie in Raine's grasp and swiftly ate it.

"Mommy!" Averia gasped.

Beside her, the slighted Raine raged. "WHY, MOMMY!?"

Despite losing her hearing, albeit temporarily, and in spite of the annoyance on Squall's face, the small but contented smile crooking the edges of Lightning's lips was blinding.

For all her griping, Lightning Farron-Leonhart truly loved her family.

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