Author Note:First of all, this is my first fanfic...Success! It starts immediately after Nene's defeat and after the medal ceremony, and since I'm a huge Zola fan(As you can also tell by my pen name), this story ignores the sequel grounds and Zola does not leave the group nor becomes the darkness.(What kind of Zola fan will I be if I make her evil?)


Another journey

A journey into the unknown.

"Well, we defeated Nene..." Shu started, seeming actually a little bit sad. "We reached our goal... We have nothing else to do now." He finished sighing deeply.

Silence appeared.

Shu had just spoken out loud what they all were thinking since the happiness about Nene's defeat had vanished and had been replaced with boredom.

Kluke broke the silence.

"Hey guys... I was wondering, what would you think about going on a vacation together?"

Four people watched her with mouths wide open and astouned expressions in their faces, but Zola, who had already expected something like this, just smiled to herself.

Then, Bouquet said slowly, "Yeah... That would be a possibility..." Suddenly, she started to giggle. "The idea is great, Kluke!" She added, still laughing about something that nobody besides her could understand.

"Yes, maro! Its not like we have something else to do!" Marumaro said, obvious taken with this idea, and a dreamy look appeared on his face.

Shu nodded overjoyed, but suddenly his expression turned into a frown "But... where will we go?" He asked, in a desperate tone. Zola looked at Jiro, who was sitting beside her and just snorted at Shu instead of a response.

Zola dropped her head down, deep in thoughts. She knew places where they could go...

She looked up and realized that everyone stared at her; doubtless assuming that she always knew where to go.

"How about..." Zola started, smiling faintly. "Spending a week at different places..." She paused, to keep the others on the tenterhooks for a few more moments, before she continued, "By boat...?"

The others smiled at her exited and delighted, except Jiro, who looked at her incredulously and asked, "You know how to drive a boat?"

She shrugged her shoulders, an amused smile on her lips. "No, but maybe someone in the castle knows how."

"I will do it!" Shu shouted, jumped up and ran in the halls.

"Shu!" Bouquet and Kluke shouted in unision as they stood up and chased him.

"Your not suppose to run in a castle!" Kluke added angrily, while she and Bouquet still ran after Shu. Zola, Jiro and Marumaro also stood up and chased Shu as well.

When Zola entered the dorms of the soldiers, she saw Shu standing on a table, Kluke and Bouquet standing beside him, with panicked looks on their faces, seeming speechless that he had dared it to stand on a table. Kluke tried to suck Shu down, saying, "Shu, WAIT! You-"

"Attention, everyone!" The black-haired boy shouted through the room, ignoring Kluke as well as the rest of the group. Kluke, in huge despair, stopped trying to get Shu down, and her face turned red because of her friend's embarassing behavior.

"Is something wrong?" One of the soldiers asked him warily. "Yes! Yes, we have a huge problem! And none of us can do it!" The soldiers exchanged panicked looks, and went into their battle position. Of course, they expected him to say something important, for example that the whole castle was in a danger. The soldiers were shocked, but tried to hide it. If the people who had defeated the leader of Gran Kingdom couldn't fight against whatever the danger was, it had to be something very horrible, that was clear to them.

Shu closed his eyes, took a deep breath and asked, "Does anyone know how to drive a boat?" Kluke and Bouquet facepalmed, and Jiro shook his head in disbelief.

The soldiers looked at him in confusion first, but once they realized what he had said, a look of anger filled their faces. Shu got embarrassed himself when he heard things like: "Do you think that this is funny? You wasted our time!" And, "What a pathetic question! We're soldiers, how would we know how to drive a boat!"

The commotion continued for a few more seconds and Shu looked at the two girls, who still stood besides the table, his eyes seeking for help.

They sighed annoyed and Kluke gestered at Shu to get down the table slowly and make his way towards them quietly. He obeyed her, and when he was on the floor again, they ran towards the doorframe where the others stood.

"What was that, maro? Marumaro asked amused when the group hurried away from the soldiers room.

"The actualization of a brainwave..." Shu answered unhappy, sitting down on the couch in the group's room again.

"Well, it looks like nobody in this castle knows how to drive a boat..." He said unhappy. Before Zola could make another proposal, a familiar voice was heard.

"Nobody knows how to drive a boat? What's all this about?" Everyone looked up when a tall man entered the room.

"Hi, Konrad." Shu said cheerfully, arms crossed behind his head.

"Shu was looking for someone who can drive a boat, because we wanna go on vacation for a week, and therefore we need a boat." Kluke said as she glanced at Shu with a quite angry look in her eyes.

Konrad chuckled. "A soldier who knows how to drive a boat? Who told you anything like this?" He looked at them one by one to find some clues. When he looked at Zola, she shrugged her shoulders.

"It was sarcastic. I didn't actually think someone would fall for it." She said truthfully.

Konrad chuckled once more. "Well, it won't be sarcastic after I'll tell you something." Before he could speak again, Shu suddenly jumped up.

"You know how to drive a boat?" He guessed; Konrad nodded, smiling at him.

"No way!" Bouquet said with her eyes wide open in surprise.

"Impossible, maro!" The astouned devee said.

"Konrad, you as the greatest Knight Master in the world know how to drive a boat!" Kluke said, still amazed by something she on one hand didn't knew and on the other hand never would have guessed of.

"I had some practice when I was young." He explained, looking into the surprised faces of the group's members.

"Will you come with us, please?" Shu nearly begged him.

"Well, I'm not that busy anymore, since Nene's defeat. I guess I could use a little vacation myself." He said, smiling because of the happy looks on their faces.

"Then it's settled." Zola said confident. "Konrad, you will come with us!"

Everyone cheered, expect Jiro, who gave his usually moody look.

"Hey, Zola?" Shu said, seeming to remember something. "You still haven't answered my question... Where will we go?" Zola smiled and answered, "For a start, how about going to Montauk?" Everyone looked at her in confusion.

"Erm... What do they have over there?" Bouquet asked, eyebrows raised up.

"Well, in Montauk,there are restaurants, B&Bs, hotels..." She looked at everyone's bored look on their face and decided to get to the point.

"Montauk is considered as a beach resort." Their faces immediately lightened up.

"WOW! Beach resort!" Kluke and Bouquet said, eyes sparkling. Shu looked at Jiro who seemed to be deep in thoughts.

"What's on your mind?" Shu asked him curiously.

"Why are you asking?" Jiro responded annoyed.

"Why aren't you answering?" Shu replied, getting angry

"Why do you ask so many questions?"

"Why don't you answer them?"

Jiro growled slightly at Shu's stubborn head.

"Why do you need to know?" Jiro asked when both of them got up from their couches.

"Why won't you tell?"

"Will you stop asking questions!"

"Will you start answering all of them? Anyways, do you want to know what's on my mind?"

"Yes, I would!" Jiro snapped at him.

"Well, I was thinking that you should stop looking moody all the time!" Shu shouted at him.

Before Jiro could have replied, he was cut off by Zola who thought that she should make an end on this. "Thats enough you two, its not the time to fight."

"Zola's right." Kluke said.

"We're going on a vacation soon, maro! So will you guys stop fighting? !" Marumaro added.

The boys calmed down and sat back down on the couches; Konrad frowned.

"Why are you sitting back down?" He asked; everyone looked puzzled, expect Zola who had already understood what he meant.

"Let's go pack." The faces of her friends brightened once more and they quickly stood up and went into their room to pack their bags.


Ok this is the first chapter! And your probably wondering why I made Konrad know how to drive a boat...Dunno. Who else would know how to? Too be honest,I just wanted to put him in my story. The reason?...He's cool ^_^