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Another Journey


At the fancy Italian restaurant,much to Kluke and Bouquet's happiness,all were checking the menus that the 'smiling waitress' gave them. They stayed quiet for a while exept for Shu who was highly complaining about how Mexican food would of have been better and,after saying that,Kluke and Bouquet angrily made a conversation remembering him Italian food is way better. Followed by Marumaro who joined in on Shu's side.

Mexican food vs Italian food #2.

As the angry chit chat continued,Konrad started to feel bad for the poor elderly couple who had to endure all the noise. He thought fast,trying to find something that would break the conversation. Not finding anything at all,he sighed. Leaning his back completly on the wodden chair in defeat. Zola rolled her eyes and glanced at Jiro,he looked like he was ready to explode...Which gave her an idea.

She ended up walking to the already annoyed couple not so far from their table and whispered something to them. The wife and husband looked at each other for a moment and found themselves nodding,glancing back at her. When she calmly walked back to her table,like nothing in particuliar happened,the elderly couple blocked their ears tightly. Which lead Konrad puzzled. He glanced at Zola,sitting down on her chair.

"Erm,Zola? What's all this ab-" He broke off when he realised she wasn't even paying attention to him. Instead,her concentration was on a boiling up Jiro right in front of her.

"Jiro,you know keeping all that climax of anger in you isn't good for your health." she simply stated. He looked at her,unblinking then turned to them.

"SHUT UP!" Shu literally lost his balance at the loud yeal. Just then,the panicking waitress came rushing to their table.

"What is it? Is everyone okay!" She asked in alarm as Shu got back on his feet.

"No. Not at all!" He snorted,glancing at Jiro from the corner of his eye. "Jiro has bad anger problems!" Shu said when he sat back down,which only made Jiro roll his eyes. Zola had just enough time to look back at the elderly couple who had just taken their hands off their ears and given her a 'thank you' sign,which she smiled a little at.

"Oh! Poor dear!" The sweet waitress told him worrily. She was about to touch his shoulder until Zola stopped her.

"Touching him would only make him worst..." She muttered loud enough. The lady's face flushed slightly at her words.

"S-sorry ma'ma!" She squealed. "I-I didn't know!"

The silver haired woman nodded, "It's fine." She narrowed her icy orbs at her and Jiro, "But calling him 'Dear' and 'Sweetie' isn't much better..." She sighed as the waitress started freaking out,playing nervously with her light brown hair. Konrad,wanting to calm her down,spoke in a calming tone.

"Excuse me,are our drinks coming soon?" He asked her and she calmed down a little.

"Y-yes! I'll bring them in a few seconds!" She answered, "I'll be right back!" With that,she sped back to the kitchen.


"Are you guys ready to order?" Konrad said and they all nodded,putting their menus down. Just then,the waitress arrived with all their drinks. A few thank you's were given to her when she served them.

She got her notepad out, "Are you ready to order?" She asked.

"Spaghetti and meatballs!" Squealed Bouquet.

"Gnocchi Alla Dimmi for me!" Kluke told her nicely.

"Fettucine Alla Bologna please!" Shu said.

"Fussili Con Pollo,maro!" Marumaro said at his turn.

"I guess I'll take the Orecchiette Alla Primavera..." Konrad told her.

"I'll be taking the agnolotti." Zola said in her normal calm tone.

After writing down the orders,the waitress looked at Jiro sweetly.

"How about you,swe-" Remembering what Zola told her about calling him sweet names, she instantly closed her mouth for a few seconds and laughed nervously as Jiro started narrowing his eyes at her in annoyance. "Swe...swe...Sweatpants! How about you sweatpants?" When Jiro went wide eyed(pretty much everyone had the same reaction), she faked a small laugh and held her notepad.

"How about you try the risoto shrimps?"


"Zola,you should stop drinking your Wine so fast..." Konrad said worryingly and Zola stared at him in complete disbelief.

"Konrad,I didn't even drink half a glass of Wine and your already worried that I'll get drunk?" She told him as she took another big sip of her Wine.

"Erm,Zola..." He started getting a little more worried. Annoyed,she rolled her eyes and stared at him.

"What is it already?" He pointed at the bottle of Wine.

"This is almost your third glass,not half a glass." Her eyes went round.

"Oh...Well in that case,I better stop. I guess..." She lazily placed her glass in an almost safe distance from her. Their food had arrived just seconds after. The waitress,not wanting to cause more unnecessary trouble,went straight ahead to the kitchen once more.

Kluke indulged the delicious taste of her Gnocchi Alla Dimmi,that was rather a light rose sauce topped with asiago cheese.

"This is delicious!" She stated, "I wonder how they do it?" She wondered curiously. Bouquet nodded when she looked at her plate.

"Well,maybe they do it with-" She broke off when Zola inhaled loudly and deeply all of a sudden. Jiro,for once on this vacation,actually showed a look of concern towards his closest friend.

"Is something wrong,Zola?" He asked her,eyeing her more closely. She looked at him as she rested her head on the palm of her right hand.

"There's so much AIR in this room!" She unexpectedly said rather loudly. All looked at her in disbelief,knowing the reason why she was starting to act like that very well.

"I think you shouldn't drink any Wine anymore,maro..." Marumaro said.

Kluke then spoke, "For once in my life,I actually agree with Marumaro,Zola." she said in a worried tone. "This isn't like you at all!"

When the waitress came in view,Konrad signaled her to come. She quickly walked up to their table with a nervous smile.

"May I help you,sir?" She told him with her sweet voice. He nodded.

"Yes ma'am." His finger pointed to the bottle of Wine Zola has ordered. "How many alcohol does this bottle of Wine consume?" He asked and she thought for a moment. Suddenly,her face lightened up. Seeming to have remembered.

"It consumes a large amount." She stated with a smile which turned into a slight frown.

"Might I ask you something,sir?"

"Go ahead." She tilted her head.

"Why do you ask?" He sighed and directed his attention to the silver haired woman that was curiously looking everywhere.

"She might have drank a bit too much..." He informed her seriously,which made her gasp. She swallowed hard.

"I-is it bad?" She asked. Luckily for her,she got her answer when Zola tapped her shoulder,making her full attention turn to her.

"Excuse me,I would like to have a unicorn license please." She told her emotionless. The waitress blinked and stared at her for a moment then,back to the others.

"It's bad." She finally said with a low sigh. "Just,don't let her drink anymore Wine for now..." She continued, "I'll go get some water!" She rushed to the kitchen.

Everyone sighed. Zola looked back at her almost finished glass of Wine and snached it between her fingers as she drank the rest before anyone even had time to react.

"ZOLA!" Everyone yealed,startling the elderly couple who were preparing to leave just soon. Konrad took hold of the glass immediatly.

"Awww but Konrad!" She whined in a childish voice, "If I don't finish my bottle of Wine within exactly five minutes starting by now,the evil unicorns would come and indulge it all!" she told him,looking nervous. He buried his face with his hands.

"Pardon my language but Zola,your a dork to ha-" She glared at him.

"I am certainly not a male whale's genitals." Shu just stared.

"...What?" She looked at Shu.

"That's what 'dork' is,get your english right!" She told them. Jiro sighed loudly.

"Zola,you really need to calm do-"

"Meow." The boy blinked at her interruption.

Hesitantly,Jiro replied, "...Woof?" Zola suddenly stood up from her chair in rage.

"YOUR THE WORST LOCH NESS MONSTER EVER AND I HATE YOU!" She stormed to the restaurant's kitchen as the waitress was about to bring her a glass of cool water. Just then,her teammates gulped.

'This can't be good at all...' Kluke thought. 'That isn't like her at all.'

A strangled scream came from the kitchen. Several pots and pans fell to the floor and a rubber duck was heard.

"LOGI STOLE MY JUICE BOX!" Jiro pinched the bridge of his nose while everyone else was staring in the kitchen's direction in shock.

"Jesus Christ,please help her..."


It took a while to restrain Zola from getting crazier then she was currently at this moment but,they managed...Somehow. She was sitting back on her chair,bottle of Wine very far from her figure and out of sight. She wasn't better then before but she was a little calmer...A little.

Kluke sighed,leaning back against the wodden chair.

"This was...The best vacation I've ever had." She smiled warmly at the memories and thoughts. They all nodded,exept for Zola who was quietly muttering something that included monkeys and pancakes.

"Hey,do you guys remember that horrible taxi driver,maro?" Marumaro asked them and they grimaced.

Shu laughed, "I couldn't wait to get off!" he inhaled and exhaled loudly. Bouquet put a finger on her chin.

"I loved it when we were on the Ferry!" She squealed,exited. "My big pretzel was so delicious! And..." She snuggled against one of Shu's arm. "And,I remember sharing it with a certain somebody..." Shu's face slightly blushed at the words and sudden skin contact,which left Kluke with her usual angry look and Marumaro's jealous expression at her current action.

Zola groaned lowly and tucked on Jiro's sleeve.

"Jirooo...That waitress still didn't give me my unicorn license yet..." She told him in a worried tone. He sighed loudly and tried to shrug her off but it didn't do anything at all. Shu laughed mockingly at Jiro.

"Aw,Jiro has a new girlfriend~!" He chimed. Tho he didn't have time to enjoy it because not even a second later,Jiro hit him hard on the shoulder again.

"Ow!" The black haired boy rubbed his shoulder once more,earning a sigh from the others. Zola suddenly stood up from her go of Jiro's sleeve,she swiftly took a glass of Wine...Wait,a Glass Of Wine?


Ok. Let's be more precise,Konrad's glass of Wine.

Konrad's eyes showed panic. "Hey! Give that back!" He reached up to grab it but,Zola held it higher in the air. A wide smile appeared on her face as she stared down at her friends.

"CHEERS TO ANOTHER JOURNEY MOTHERF*CKERS!" She yealed with her glass still up. Everybody flinched at the swear word but then,ended up simple shrugging. They got up in a confident position and each one of them held up their glass up in the air.



Kluke narrowed her green eyes at Zola, "...I hope she'll not act too drunk when we walk outside to get to the boat..." Shu suddenly snapped his head to look at her with an astounded look. Then...

"Zola was drunk?"


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