Title: Not To Be Wasted
Author: HigherMagic
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, vague allusions to Gabriel/Castiel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: biting, kidnapping, mild brainwashing, blood!play
Word Count: ~3,700
Summary: Castiel kidnapped Dean when he was two, raising and training him to be the perfect feeder. Problem is, sometimes Dean's a little too perfect, like when Cas is in the middle of a meeting and all he can think about is the soft puff of breath against his thigh from Dean's mouth.
Notes:Unbeta'd. All mistakes are my own. earth_heart wanted vampire!Cas/feeder!Dean, so that's what I did. Hope you like it, epic twin! *huggles you tight* It's kind of light on backstory 'cause I wrote it in a hurry, but oh well.

Castiel hated the Meetings. They were pointless – what could any of his Children have to say to him that they couldn't send in a quick email or something? These trivial time consuming conferences were, he thought, simply designed to try his patience, especially on days like today.

Still, he would be polite, because they were his Children and he loved them all. Absently, the Alpha vampire reclined in his high, wing-backed chair, one hand moving down to gently rest on the inside of his thigh. A warm puff of breath skated over his fingers, and Castiel's mouth quirked up at one corner in a smile. His blue eyes flashed down and met vivid green.

Castiel had first laid eyes on Dean when the boy was two years old, young and giggling in his mother's arms while she tried to feed him juice and he would continually, playfully deny it. Even from where he had been standing, the strong scent of the youth's blood had overrode everything else; the pollen, the scent of sand and water in the playground, of mud, of trees; there was nothing else but that tiny heart and his rich blood.

He kidnapped Dean on the eve of the child's third birthday, taking him to his home to raise him to be a feeder. On trying to take the child, Dean's father had seen him, had tried to take Castiel out with a shot gun. The bullet, of course, couldn't hurt the vampire, but his charge had been very human, and the bullet had grazed. Dean still bore a scar on his arm from it.

The scent of that child's blood had almost made Castiel lose it completely – Dean was spiced wine and honey, leather and sweat, chocolate and cinnamon. He was sweet and tangy and tasted like everything Castiel ever wanted.

Castiel had taken the bleeding child to his home, laying him down, sobbing and whimpering, on one of his guest couches. He had soothed the trembling child, binding his wound and petting his hair, whispering what a strong, brave boy he was being. He was no stranger to being a father – his Children stretched out, vast and many across the globe, and the change was much like this, when they were trembling and afraid and in tears.

Dean quickly became Castiel's favorite. Sixteen years later and the boy was the only feeder to still be alive, still be useful and used.

The vampire smiled down at his charge, brushing the tips of his fingers through the soft brown hair over Dean's ear, touch and smile full of affection. Dean's eyes fluttered closed, a small smile curving his gorgeous mouth as he went back to dozing against his master's thigh, head pillowed on the muscle as he curled up closer between Castiel's legs, on the floor.

Castiel took a slow, deep breath, letting the human's scent wash over him and calm him down, as Raphael's voice cut through his lazy memories; "Father." Blue eyes flashed his way, and Castiel realized that he had actually been taking part in a conversation before zoning out.

The vampire shifted, sitting up a little straighter. Dean lifted his head when Castiel moved forward and allowed the vampire to reposition himself before the boy laid his head back on Castiel's thigh, closer to the apex of his legs this time, face turned outward, shoulder dipping under his leg. There was a white sheet wrapped around Dean's body, fastened so it fell loosely around his shoulders – Castiel liked easy access, but he was also a possessive bastard and hated the thought of anyone else's eyes taking in the loveliness that was Dean's body. His boy had grown wonderfully, filling out so perfectly, and Castiel was a selfish son of a bitch at the best of times – the sight of Dean, naked and strung out in pleasure, needy and desperate, had always been and would always be for his eyes only.

"Your management methods are sloppy and, frankly, wasteful, Raphael," Castiel murmured, getting back to the matter at hand and trying to ignore the small throb of desire that was beginning to build up, thirst in his throat and fire in his gut combining to drive him to distraction. He knew that any one of the people in the room would eagerly offer their throats to him, but Dean was the only one he craved.

Thinking about that, he moved his hand down to gently brush against Dean's neck, nail scraping along the faint blue line of his vein, and Dean's eyes fluttered again, the human moving to bare his throat, completely trusting and willingly vulnerable. It made Castiel's mouth water, just thinking about it.

The younger vampire's brow furrowed in uneasiness. At Castiel's right hand, he saw his Second, Gabriel, smirk and shake his head. "What do you mean?" the lesser asked warily.

"You are wasteful," Castiel repeated slowly, as though he were talking to a child. Then, he flashed teeth in a wicked, dark little smile. "A good feeder can last for all their life if you let them, and yet here you sit, requesting more. You cannot keep killing them, or Hunters will come knocking at your door, and then where will you be?"

"They…" Raphael paused, obviously flustered and getting angry. "They are rebellious, they -."

"Rebellious?" Castiel couldn't help it – he laughed, a dark, smooth chuckle that elicited shivers from many of the gathered vampires, and Dean, at his feet. The human clung a little tighter to his leg when Castiel's hand moved up, lightly knotting his fingers in the boy's short hair, and lightly tugged, making Dean's eyes flare open, his head tilted back and to the side so he could see Castiel's face. The Alpha vampire, though, wasn't looking at him. "Then you are definitely doing something wrong."

"I don't understand," the lesser vampire bit out.

Castiel rolled his bright eyes, and sighed. "Look here," he murmured, sitting up a little straighter again, his free hand moving down to cup Dean's chin, gently stroking along the line of the human's jaw with his thumb so Dean relaxed, body slightly tense but pulse slow, still trusting. "How many have you seen, sitting where this boy sits now?"

Raphael's eyes flashed to Gabriel, briefly. "Two, Father."

"And how many have you seen since Dean's first appearance?" Castiel pressed, and Raphael pressed his lips together, because they both knew the answer. "Dean." Without taking his eyes from his Child, Castiel tilted Dean's head so the human was looking at him. "When you look at me, what do you see?"

The human's brow furrowed, his eyes darkening in worry over the question – he didn't know what Castiel wanted to say, though he was trying to make a point. He wanted to help, to drive the point home, but he hadn't been paying much attention, truthfully. He always found it hard to concentrate with Castiel's gentle touch on his head or across his body.

"I…" He paused, swallowing and biting his lip. "Cas?"

The Alpha vampire's eyes darted to Dean's quickly, and his smile softened, icy irises warming up and Dean felt himself relax, just a little. "It's okay, Dean," he whispered, petting through his human's hair again and Dean smiled.

He reached up, wrapping his warm fingers around Castiel's cold, still pulse. "Are you thirsty, Cas?" he whispered. Maybe that was what Castiel wanted of him. Maybe he was thirsty – his eyes were dark, lips chapped, skin very pale. He hadn't tasted Dean in almost four days and surely he was feeling the need now. "Do you need -?"

Castiel chuckled again, the sound of his laughter low and gravelly, and Dean blinked up at his master, his lover, concern shining in his dark green eyes. The vampire's hand was cold and soothing when he cupped the side of Dean's face, snapping his bright eyes back to Raphael. "Do you see?" he whispered, voice almost awe-filled. "With my feeder, I don't even have to ask. Can you claim such loyalty? Can you hold humans in your thrall like that?"

Raphael swallowed. "I shall learn," he said, resigned.

Castiel nodded, and then straightened. "Away with all of you," he muttered, waving the hand that had been on Dean's face, and the human bit his lip at the loss of contact, but Castiel was still holding his chin, his nails still digging bluntly into the soft skin under his jaw, feeling along his vulnerable throat. "We shall reconvene in an hour." He paused, eyes flashing darkly Dean's way. "After lunch."

The vampires chuckled, their own hungers flaring up in response to the Alpha's desire, and quickly stood, filing out of the room. Dean barely waited for the door to click shut before he was hurriedly pushing up the thin sheet, ducking his head so it fell down behind his back and off him, baring his smooth, tanned skin to Castiel's hungry eyes.

"So good," Castiel whispered, his pupils huge and black, breathing a little more ragged, nostrils flared, and Dean's heart began to beat more wildly in excitement, getting ready to feed Castiel and sate the Alpha. Dean smiled, flashing teeth in a gentle, affectionate grin, and scrambled up Castiel's body until he was kneeling over Castiel's thighs, his knees digging into the soft cushioning of his chair, body settling, warm and heavy, across his mate's groin. "Such a good boy," Castiel growled, earning another low shiver from Dean.

His eyes closed gently again, lashes kissing his cheeks, as he leaned forward and bared his neck to Castiel, inviting the vampire to bite and claim him. There were several half-moon scars across Dean's neck from Castiel's bites, healed over, some more recent than others. Castiel usually liked to just take from the same place, but sometimes Dean got so sore that even his love and devotion to Castiel couldn't stop him flinching away and the vampire would have to switch sites, just for a while, until his boy stopped hurting.

It was a small price to pay for Dean's eagerness.

Castiel grinned, feral, hooking his hands in the meat of Dean's thighs and pulling him closer, until their bodies rammed together and Dean choked when his erection was trapped between his and Castiel's stomach, spurting out a thick glob of precome that Castiel caught with his thumb, reaching up to smear it across Dean's lips. Dean whined, but obediently didn't lick his lips – he would await Castiel's orders, just like always.

The vampire smiled in satisfaction, nosing along the throbbing line of Dean's pulse as his hand found the flat, plastic hook of the butt plug, and he caught it, twisting the toy inside of his boy slightly, making Dean moan and buck, fingers grabbing frantically at Castiel's clothes, his hair, it didn't matter. "You've been very good, Dean," Castiel whispered, like he never expected anything less – Dean was always good, because he had no reason to be otherwise.

Dean's breath left him in a shaky exhale. "Thank…thank you, Cas," he murmured, warm breath ghosting over Castiel's neck and making the vampire growl on instinct. Dean let out a hoarse cry, clinging closer like a frightened child when Castiel pulled the plug out of him, fingers of his other hand deftly pressing at Dean's open, wet hole, which was still smeared with Castiel's come and lubricant from their mating not even hours before.

Castiel remembered the first time he had taken Dean to his bed. The boy had been fifteen, and beautiful, trembling with need, blood smeared down the side of his neck and across his chest - when Castiel drank from him, it was like his world lit on fire. His young body had been shaking with need – it hadn't taken anything for Castiel to make him come, crying out brokenly to the ceiling while his sweaty face was awash with pleasure, aftershocks rocking through his body with every knowing swipe of Castiel's tongue, or the brush of his hand or the hard pounding of his cock.

Little had changed. His boy was still so sensitive, so responsive, attuned to Castiel's every wish.

His hands fumbled at the button and zip of his pants, lifting Dean up effortlessly as he freed his hard cock, and then positioned the boy so that Dean's ass was positioned perfectly over the head. "Sink down for me, baby," Castiel growled, eyes lust-black and voice dark like he was making a death threat, and Dean shuddered, head thrown back, chest heaving in a gasp as he sank down onto Castiel's cock, biting his lip, a whimper spilling unbidden from his full, slick lips as he felt Castiel splitting and breaching him.

"So good, feels so good, Cas," he whispered brokenly, rolling his hips to try and get Castiel's deeper, and gasped when the vampire aided him, angling his hips just so to graze the boy's prostate. "Please, Alpha, Cas, more, please."

"Shh." Castiel soothed the trembling boy, one hand petting down his hair and back, face buried in his neck, the other on Dean's hip to help him establish a rhythm. "Don't I always take care of you? Don't I always provide?"

Dean whined softly in response, hands fisted desperately in Castiel's hair, and rested his forehead on the vampire's shoulder. His body rolled in a delicious, perfect little arch, hips working to bring his mate to orgasm as quickly as possible, his own need neglected for now because it didn't matter. As long as Castiel was satisfied, Dean could forever be denied. He didn't care.

"Smell so fucking amazing," Castiel growled, earning a gasp from Dean as his finger drew the line of his most recent bite, purple and black bruising showing around the small cut – he'd been a little rough with Dean that time, less careful, and even four days later it hadn't faded. Dean's body trembled in pleasure and a little bit of pain, because the area was still unbelievably tender, but if Castiel wanted it, then it wasn't Dean's place to argue.

But the vampire moved away from it, closer to Dean's throat and further from his shoulder. His tongue snaked out, licking along the tendon in his neck, and Dean leaned his head away to give him more access, begging without words for the vampire to bite him.

The first press of Castiel's teeth into his flesh had Dean stilling, body locking up incredibly tightly as he fought the urge to orgasm, because Castiel hadn't said he could. The tightness around his cock made the vampire hiss and bite down a little further, severing skin and muscle easily until he found the vein. Blood, heady from pleasure and tangy from lack of oxygen, flooded his mouth, pooling at the corners, and a thin line ran down his chin before he began to swallow, tongue pressing at the lower half of the bite to coax more blood out.

Dean moaned brokenly, pushing closer to Castiel's mouth, his mouth dragging, wet and open, across Castiel's hairline and shoulder. "Alpha," he whispered, rocking his hips again, pleasure unlike anything he'd known before the vampire ricocheting like a bullet up his spine, white-hot, burning, intense. Everything was filled with Castiel. Everything was Castiel.

Dean's blood had always been sweet. Always so, so unbelievably addictive, and Castiel moaned, thrusting up into the tight, willing, wet body as he drank, and drank, sating the fire of thirst in his throat as he gripped Dean's hips hard, working the human up and down on his cock, until his orgasm was ripped from him by the tight clench of Dean's body and the siren call of his blood.

Castiel continued to drink, lapping at Dean's neck like a contented cat, a low purr rumbling in his chest while the boy continued to shake and mewl gently in his lap. Castiel's eyes, half-lidded, flashed to the clock. Only twenty minutes left.

He smirked, contemplating leaving Dean like this, aching and wanting, and making him wait for the rest of the meeting, but the idea of smelling his boy's seed, of watching Dean just lose it and spread his scent all over the room, was too tempting to resist. Castiel shushed the whimpering boy again, petting through his hair as he rolled his hips, soft cock falling from Dean's ass, and gently eased the toy back in before any lube or come could seep out, curving the end so that it pressed directly against Dean's prostate.

Any hard-won air in Dean's lungs was lost then, as all his breath left him in one huge gust. "Fuck yourself, Dean," Castiel growled into his boy's ear, fisting his hair and yanking his head to one side so his throat was exposed. "Just this. Make yourself come with the thought of me inside of you."

"Cas," came the desperately gasped reply, Dean rolling his hips, cock hard and leaking against Castiel's thigh, before he hurriedly pushed himself back, onto the floor between his master's legs, knees hitting the cold floor with a soft thud. For a brief moment, Dean hesitated, green eyes bright and wide and adoring on Castiel's face while the vampire stared right on back at him, before Dean bit his lip, rocking back so he was braced against the floor, that was two steps down from Castiel's chair. He planted his feet on the top step, shoulders braced against the floor, perfectly on display for his Alpha. "Please."

"Obey me, Dean," Castiel whispered encouragingly, promising all sorts of rewards if Dean would simply obey, and the boy shivered, biting his lip, expression desperate and needy as he arched back, fingers finding the hard end of the toy, and he shoved it in deep, pressing down hard on his prostate when he found it and eliciting a choked off gasp.

Castiel watched raptly – he took it all in; the rise of his boy's chest, heaving in his ragged panting, some breaths making it so that he could count the ribs; the sweat gathering in the dips of Dean's throat and his stomach, coating all of his skin so he slipped slightly against the cold marble floor and every touch brought a shiver to him. Castiel watched the harsh, needy press of Dean's hands against the toy, trying his best to mimic the touch of his master, but he couldn't, because it wasn't enough.

Dean whined in desperation, licking his lips and tasting his own precome still lingering there, hands fluttering around the edge of the toy, so badly needing to touch himself, but Castiel hadn't said he could, so he didn't. "Dean." The soft utterance of his name grabbed the boy's attention, and he looked up into Castiel's stoic, heated eyes. "Come."

That was all it took – Dean's body locked up, hardwired to Castiel's orders as surely as his own, and he cried out loudly enough that Castiel was sure his Children must have heard. Dean whimpered, rolling to his side and curling in on himself as his orgasm racked his body, every touch almost painful because he was so sensitive after such a powerful orgasm.

Castiel watched as his boy shook through the aftershocks, a soft, pleased smile on his face. He looked to the clock again. His Children would be coming back any second – they were not ones to linger over their meals, as he was. They had no taste in the fine wines like Castiel did.

The Alpha vampire cocked his head to one side when Dean's glassy, bleary eyes blinked open, the boy lifting his head and tiredly crawling back to his Alpha's feet. He leaned in to rest his cheek against Castiel's thigh again and the vampire smiled, petting once through Dean's sweaty hair.

"Go clean yourself up, Dean, and then rejoin us here," he ordered, and the human smiled tiredly, nodding, and rose to his feet. He gathered his sparse clothing and threw it over his head so that it settled around his shoulders again, so that none of the other Children might see his body on accident, and Castiel smiled, pleased. "Dean." The human paused, meeting Castiel's eyes, and the vampire smiled, gesturing with one hand for Dean to come closer.

The taste of Dean's mouth, Castiel thought, was probably the best flavor of all of him. So sweet, and wet, and warm, eager and passionate when his tongue slid along Castiel's, making the vampire shiver, because Dean had been learning what Castiel liked for all his life – he kissed like he knew. And Castiel knew, as he kissed Dean, that the boy was tasting his own blood in his mouth, that he liked it, and it sent a thrill of dirtywrong through the Alpha.

One day Dean would be a vampire. Castiel knew this because he had decided it after lying with Dean for the first time. The boy, forever in the throes of his passionate youth, would be a siren call that many would give their lives to answer. He would spearhead the new growth of Castiel's family. He was perfect and it was because Castiel had made him so.

"Go," he whispered when the kiss was done, leaving Dean breathless and bright-eyed, his lust permeating the air again and making Castiel laugh. "Now." Dean nodded.

"Yes, Alpha."

When the Children reentered the room, Castiel smirked as he watched each and every one of them sniff the air, pupils going blown at the scent of lust and sex. Dean was lazily dozing at his feet again, clean except for the plug and what it kept inside, and his sheet was wrapped around his body tightly against the cold after his shower, hair wet and plastered to his face and neck. Castiel pressed a hand over Dean's slow pulse, over the new bite mark there, and smiled, dry blood still smeared around his mouth in a crimson stain.

Now, on with business.