Title:Baby, Let Me Love You Down
Author: highermagic
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: Castiel? Okay
Warnings: Light bondage, biting
Word Count: ~5,000
Summary: Dean is not a passive lover by anyone's standards.
Unbeta'd. All mistakes are my own. Based on one of the prompts at dirgesong's Xmas exchange; Sam ties up Dean for Cas and teaches Cas how to please Dean. Bonus points if sizekink!Dean basically comes from his brother's dirty talk about he's going to fuck him after Cas's done. It kind of got away from me here…hope you like it though!

Dean is not a passive lover by anyone's standards. He's all tight grips and wandering hands and low, rough growls, sweat-coated skin sliding perfectly along that of his current lady-of-the-evening or, more recently, his brother and Angel. Dean is the type to slowly map out every single inch of the other person, to spend so long taking care of them and making them fall apart – like he doesn't even care about himself, like that person is the only other person in Dean's world.

The fact that Sam and Castiel kind of are most of what's left of Dean's world had just made him worse about it.

How Sam had managed to talk Dean into this, then, Castiel will have no idea. Unless Dean wasn't talked into it at all. This would explain the slightly confused scowl on his face from where he's glaring at them on the bed. His arms are stretched out above his head, securely tied with a length of thin black rope that, Castiel knows if Sam did it, will give even Dean a bit of trouble and require time and concentration to figure out. His legs are similarly restrained, except that inside of just tying him straight to the other two corners of the bed, Sam had instead chosen to tie Dean's ankles to his thighs as well, keeping the older Hunter out and open for them. It looks slightly uncomfortable and, again, Castiel wonders how Sam had managed that without getting a broken nose from Dean's foot.

"Sam?" he asks, frowning a little in confusion as he looks to the younger Winchester, whose eyes are on his brother, a small, affectionate smile curving his mouth for a moment.

Sam grins, then, taking Castiel's arm lightly and pulling him towards Dean on the bed. Despite the Hunter's dark, angry eyes, Castiel can see that Dean is aroused by this – his breathing and heart rate are beyond the normal and there is a flush of red down his cheeks and chest, staining his normally pale skin. His cock is flushed and hard, laying on his belly and twitches when he looks at it.

"We're gonna do something different today," Sam whispers, eyes hooded and dark as he turns towards Castiel, parks the Angel in front of him at the end of their bed, long, strong fingers settling lightly on his shoulders and dipping under the halves of his trench coat, slowly pushing it off. "Dean always takes such good care of us, don't you think, Cas?"

The Angel cocks his head to one side, but nods, not fighting Sam when the trench coat falls off his shoulders, followed by the suit jacket. No sooner do the garments fall to the floor than they reappear, neatly folded, over the back of one of the far chairs. Sam laughs.

"Look at him," he coaxes, one finger pushing lightly at Castiel's jaw, making the Angel turn his head to see Dean where he is tied down on the bed. Dean's fingers are flexing, curling around what coils of rope he can reach, his breathing picking up and Castiel can smell the scent of testosterone and oxytosin in the air, staining it a light red. The color of blood. The color of the Winchesters.

Sam's breath is warm on his neck, as he leans close to the Angel, his much larger body bracketing Castiel's in, hands still moving slowly over Castiel's shoulders, down his arms and across his back, feeling the lines of his vessel under the thin white shirt. "He's beautiful, isn't he?" Sam whispers, loud enough for Dean to hear, Castiel guesses, by the angry flush and half-muffled noise Dean makes behind the thick fold of material in his mouth, gagging him.

Castiel's eyes close for a moment when Sam presses a wet, open-mouthed kiss to his neck, sucking lightly until the skin becomes red and bears marks from his teeth. "Yes," the Angel replies, turning his head to look at Sam again, as the Winchester smiles and begins to unbutton his shirt. "Why?"

Dean makes another sound; he is curious also.

Sam chuckles, looking between the pair of them, and takes a step back, gently turning Castiel so he is facing Dean instead, Sam's long, muscled body pressed up behind him. Castiel looks tiny when standing against Sam, concealed within Sam's large arms and broad chest, and Dean makes another soft sound when Castiel's and Sam's eyes both land on him. His arms strain against the confines of the rope and his thighs flex.

"Kneel for me, Angel," he whispers, gently guiding Castiel onto the bed, kneeling up behind him so that they are both positioned between Dean's legs – the older Hunter strains his neck to try and get a look. "Do you like fucking my brother, Castiel?"

Dean goes a little tense at that and Castiel turns his head to one side, meeting Sam's eyes, and he nods, pressing his lips together and licking them in a gesture he learned from Dean, Sam knows. The younger Hunter smiles.

"I do, too," he replies, green-blue eyes flashing to Dean's face for a moment, his smile growing. "I like how good he always is, how willing to please and almost desperate for it he gets. Don't you?"

"Yes, Sam," Castiel replies, affected by the younger man's words despite himself; he can feel his vessel's heart begin to speed up, his fingers clenching in the bed sheets on instinct, fighting back the desire to reach out and touch Dean. He recognizes that Sam is the Alpha here, and is trying to make a point. Still, Castiel presses close to the younger Winchester's larger, warmer bulk, like an affectionate cat, his eyes darkening and half-lidded.

"Mm…" Sam smiles, tilting his head to lightly kiss Castiel, his hand knotting in the Angel's hair and curling securely around the back of his neck as they kiss, slow slides of tongue and teeth as Sam presses Castiel down – despite the fact that Castiel is an Angel, that he is much stronger and more powerful than either Dean or Sam could imagine, he still submits, lets himself be molded and shaped to Sam's will because he knows Sam will take care of him. And Dean.

Sam pulls away, breathing hard, and Dean gives a soft little whine, his position preventing him from arching his hips up because of how his legs are tied together and then to the bed. He smiles up at his older brother. "Yeah," he whispers, voice getting low and gravel-rough as he leans in, presses his cheek against Dean's thigh, tickling him with his hair. "I like how much he needs to please us, Cas, I really do. But I also like making him lose control." The sharp, predatory slant of his eyes makes Castiel shiver, the low rustle of wings spreading echoing in the pant-broken air between them. "Would you like to help me do that, Angel?"

Castiel's assent is more eager and forceful than he had intended, but judging by the smirk on Sam's face, it doesn't much matter. The younger Winchester pulls him in, a hand still on the back of his head, and he forces Dean's thighs to spread more widely until the older Hunter groans in discomfort, until both Sam and Castiel can mostly shoulder their way between his legs, Sam's body mostly blanketing the smaller Angel's.

It is then that Sam takes one of Castiel's hands, sucking it into his own mouth, and Dean's breath hitches, hearing the sound, his cock twitching in front of Castiel's face as he recognizes it, before Sam lets Castiel's finger slide from his mouth with a wet 'pop', and guides it down to between Dean legs.

"He likes being touched here," Sam whispers low in Castiel's ear, his hair falling forward and shielding his face as he lets Castiel take most of his weight, the Angel able to hold up easily, and presses Castiel's finger to the crease between Dean's hip and his thigh. Dean, predictably, shudders, a low growl coming out from behind the gag. "There was one night in Baltimore," Sam continues, rasping the words low in Castiel's ear, "when I got him off just from licking and sucking and biting this little spot. It's so sensitive for him, Angel…but you probably already knew that."

"I did remake his body, Sam," Castiel murmured with a touch of petulance, lightly curling his fingers against Dean's skin and pressing down on the pressure point he knew was there. Dean tensed, back arching in what limited way it could, and he let out a low, rough sound. The scent of his pheromones was getting incredibly distracting.

Sam laughs. "I know, Angel, I know," he whispers soothingly, moving his hand away from Castiel's wrist, up his arm, and then down his chest, nuzzling at the Angel's neck. "Let's open him up, shall we? I want to watch as you make him scream."

Both Castiel and Dean shudder at that, the Angel arching again back against Sam's chest as he moves his hand away from Dean's thigh, this time sucking his fingers into his mouth, other hand flattening out and curving along the fleshy line of Dean's ass. The Hunter sucks in a breath, body tensing under the Angel's electric touch, hips subtly canted in invitation.

Castiel lets his fingers slide out of his mouth, shiny and wet, and presses the pad of his fingertip against Dean's entrance, and the Hunter makes another frustrated sound when the Angel merely lingers there, not pushing in, not doing anything.

"Sam," Castiel whispers, a question in his voice. It seems like Sam understands.

He groans, eyes closing at the thought. "Do it."

Dean's choked-off moan is muffled behind the gag when Castiel leans in, his hands cupping Dean's ass and lifting him for the first slow, deliberate drag of Castiel's tongue over his entrance. The Hunter tenses up, his cock spurting precome at the touch against his ass, the wet, slow lick of Castiel's tongue forcing his muscles to relax. It feels awesome, Dean's body clenching in pleasure, trying to seek more of it, but he can't because of the way he is tied.

"Push in a finger now," Sam whispers, when he deems Dean wet enough, and Castiel obeys, the first two knuckles of his forefinger sliding in with barely a hitch, making Dean choke again, breathing hard now as he fights to keep control of himself. "That's it. Nice and deep. He likes it deep."

Castiel continues to lick at Dean's ass, tongue working in past the first tight ring of muscle, coaxing Dean to relax to accept his second finger. The Hunter is trembling very slightly around him, muscles shining in the first coat of sweat, the scent of his arousal and need pungent in the air as Castiel thrusts deep with his second finger, crooking them to find that one place that will have Dean screaming.

"Deeper, Cas," Sam encourages, taking the Angel's wrist in hand and gently coaxing him to push until the webbing of his fingers stops it going further. Castiel tilts his fingers just perfectly and Dean cries out, entire body going rigid. "There we go."

Castiel smiles in satisfaction, feeling the tight clench of Dean's body around his finger's, milking them for something they cannot give. He rolls them just a fraction of an inch deeper, pressing against Dean's prostate with merciless precision until the Hunter gifts him with another of those beautiful, desperate sounds.

"When you've opened him up," Sam murmurs, voice a low growl as he nuzzles against the back of Castiel's neck, "I want you to make him come. And then I'm going to fuck him while he sucks you off, and let you paint that pretty face of his with your come." Castiel gasps, eyes fluttering closed at the image – Dean's face, flushed, sweaty, strung out, marked up with his seed and painting his beautiful lips. "I bet he'll be good right after coming, Cas, when he's all loose and willing and he'll just let you fuck his mouth, I bet. Won't you, baby?"

The question is addressed to Dean, and Castiel feels Sam's large, warm hand flatten over Dean's thigh, hooking and tugging just a little so there's a strain on Dean's shoulders. The older Winchester growls low, eyes flashing, back arching as Castiel strikes his prostate again, another dribble of precome spurting out and settling onto his stomach.

"Awfully quiet, big brother," Sam whispers, leaving Castiel for a moment. The chill air against the Angel's back is startling and he shivers, wings rustling again.

Dean glares at Sam, his gorgeous grass-green eyes dark with lust, eclipsed by the wide circle of his pupil, and he strains against his bindings, wanting to touch, to take Sam and shove him down and fuck – he groans, throwing his head back as Castiel moves in to suck at Dean's thigh, the bite of teeth bringing just a light edge of pain to the sensation, and Dean moans again.

"S'm," he gasps around the edges of the gag, shoulders curling as he tries to protect himself from the onslaught of sensation from Castiel's mouth, but he can't. "C's. Pl's."

Sam smiles, tracing the line of Dean's gag with one of his fingers, down his big brother's throat and watches how Dean tilts his head back, trusting and wanting when Sam lays a hand across Dean's pulse. "Dean is usually so vocal, isn't he, Cas?" he asks, not waiting for an answer. "I miss it."

Then, taking pity on his panting brother, Sam carefully works the gag loose enough that it falls out of Dean's mouth and across his neck.

"Untie me," Dean immediately demands, voice low and raw with lust.

Sam smirks, cocking his head to one side. "No," he replies.

"Damn it, Sam – Cas." His threat is cut off in a choking gasp and he arches back again, cursing low under his breath. Sam looks down the long, stretched lines of Dean's body, to where Castiel has turned his attention to Dean's cock, lapping gently at the head with kittenish little licks, his free hand lightly circling the base to hold it up.

"He's good with his mouth, isn't he, Dean?" Sam asks, chuckling gently when Castiel, blue eyes flashing with Grace, seals him mouth around the head of Dean's cock and begins to suck – wet, loud sounds to accompany the hollowing of his cheeks and the tilting of his head as he takes more of Dean into his mouth. Sam growls low at Dean's loud moan, laying down next to his brother, his jean-clad cock pressing hard against Dean's flank. "Soon you'll get to repay the favor, baby, don't you worry," he whispers, petting down Dean's chest and flicking one of Dean's nipples gently with his fingers, forcing a whine out of his brother. "I know how much you like the taste of him."

"Damn it," Dean moans again, another shudder running through his body as Castiel takes more of him into his mouth, adding a third finger inside of Dean as well, and Sam's words threaten to send him over the edge way too soon. "Untie me," Dean demands, turning his face to look at his brother. "Just…let me…I need -." His words are interrupted by another low curse, Castiel crooking his fingers perfectly, and Dean is quivering with the effort to hold his orgasm off until one of them comes first.

Sam smiles, leaning down, and bites at Dean's earlobe, sucking gently before letting go and placing feather-light kisses to his brother's exposed neck. "It's okay, Dean," Sam whispers, his hand still stroking over Dean's chest, down to his flat stomach and the thatch of hair above his cock, able to feel Castiel's breath there when his fingers curl and dig. "You're allowed to come. I want you to come. I want to see it, want to watch the way your entire body just goes completely tense, like you're fighting it, before you give in. Go so relaxed that I could just pick you up –" Dean's breath hitched. "- and throw you anywhere."

He smirks. "You like that idea, Dean?" Sam asks, pressing a kiss against Dean's cheek, now, before joining Dean in watching the slow in-and-out of Dean's cock in Castiel's mouth. It is truly a sight, the Angel's cheeks hollowed, his lips full of bitten-red, slick with spit just as Dean's cock is when Castiel pulls up. His cheeks were slightly flushed, just stained the lightest pink, his hair standing up at all angles. He was beautiful, when his sky-blue eyes flared open and stared up at the two Winchesters, fingers tightening around Dean's cock and curling inside of the Hunter.

"When he's gotten you nice and opened up, and you've come down his throat," Sam continues, pressing the words against Dean's jaw and neck, "I'm going to untie you. Then I'm going to hold you down and fuck you while he fucks your mouth. Until you're full of both of us." He pauses when Dean's breath hitches, his hips bucking slightly, eyes wide, fists clenching. "You like that idea, Dean?"

"Sam." Dean blinks, eyes getting bright as he fights to retain control, clenching his jaw and swallowing, staring at the ceiling. Then, his entire body goes rigid, Castiel's tongue curling along the head of his cock, his fingers buried deep and pressing upwards, and Dean lets out a low, rough, inhuman sound as he cannot fight it anymore, and comes, his seed spilling down the back of the Angel's throat. It feels like he's taken a dive over a waterfall, the sensation of flying high and falling crashing through him with all the gentleness of a wrecking ball. He cries out when Castiel continues to suck, milking his body for every last drop of release until he is a quivering, shaking mess, every touch too much for his sensitive, raw cells.

Castiel swallows with an audible gulp as he pulls off of Dean's cock, lightly licking down his shaft to make sure he has captured every drop, before he withdraws, looking to Sam for instruction. Sam smiles, sitting up and leaning in, pulling Castiel over Dean's leg towards him, meeting him in a kiss. The Angel whines, tongue curling around Sam's as the Winchester dives in for a taste of Dean's seed, his large, warm hand skating down Castiel's body to cup the Angel's hardness.

"Lose the clothes, Cas," he demands, eyes dark and hungry, and the Angel quickly obeys, shedding both his clothes and Sam's with a thought. "Come up here."

Sam pulls Castiel towards the pair of them, still kissing and stroking the Angel until Castiel is seated, straddling Dean's heaving chest. "Stay," Sam orders gently, kissing Castiel again, and gives his cock one last tug, making the Angel growl and buck his hips. "Go ahead," Sam says, again like he can tell what Castiel desires just from the noises he makes – perhaps he can. Perhaps he is one of those, you know, audio learners, who knows through sound.

Castiel leans down, then, under Sam's watchful eye, and takes Dean's face in his hands. Their kiss is different from Castiel's and Sam's, and Sam and Dean's – Castiel is still learning, still tracing the edges of his more submissive lover's mouth as he takes and cradles Dean's head like he is precious, like he can break under a touch that is too rough. And Dean gives – traps the Angel's lower lip between his own and licks, bites, pulls, invites Castiel closer with every nip of teeth and slide of tongue.

Sam leaves them to that, turning his attention to Dean's legs. First, he unhooks the loop of rope that had kept them tied to the bedposts, though Dean scarcely notices because his ankles and thighs are still bound together. Carefully, Sam kneels by his left leg, gently unraveling the tight coils under Dean's leg falls free, and with gentle hands he rubs the reddened area where the ropes had cut from Dean's struggles. He places a tender kiss to Dean's ankle, stroking up his legs, licking at his knee, biting his shin, massaging his sore thigh and ass, before moving onto the other leg. Dean sighs when both of his legs are free, rolling his back and hips under Castiel just to feel the stretch of sore and tired muscles.

"Castiel," he calls after a moment, letting the other two kiss for a while longer. "Now."

Castiel turns, rising off of Dean's torso, and moves away so that Sam has room to undo the rope around Dean's wrists as well, pulling his dazed and sated brother to a sitting position and rubbing his bruised wrists gently, placing a kiss there too. "You did so well, Dean," he murmurs, kissing his brother lightly on the forehead, and Dean smiles, looking up at Sam with brilliant jade irises.

"Anytime, Sammy," Dean replies, words slurring. Without hesitation he reaches out, lays a hand on both of them, gaze swapping between the two. The words seem caught in his throat, but Sam knows – Dean, now that he is in his mindset again, feels like he needs to please them, needs to wring their bodies dry like they had done him – it will take a few times like this before Sam lets Dean know that it is okay to just take from them. That's what they do for each other, after all; take and give and sometimes it doesn't need to be all at the same time.

"Roll over for me," Sam whispers, leaning down to lightly kiss Dean's forehead, before manhandling his brother onto his hands and knees. Castiel sits at the head of the bed, leaning against the headboard, one hand resting on the back of Dean's neck, fingers curling into his sweat damp hair, and Sam smiles. "Go on, baby, suck him down for me."

Dean moans and obliges, sinking to his elbows and nuzzling against Castiel's crotch, the Angel's thick erection smearing precome against his cheek and the corner of his open, panting mouth. Castiel leans back, relaxing, eyes heavy-lidded as he stares down at Dean, petting through his hair, soft terms of endearment and encouragements falling from his lips in English, Latin and Enochian. The sound of wings unfurling is loud in the room and, if Sam closes his eyes and concentrates, he imagines that he can feel their soft caress against his sides.

He smiles, nuzzling against dip in Dean's spine where he knows his brother is sensitive, listening to the soft shudder-gasp as he nips at the curve of Dean's ribs, one hand moving down to inspect Castiel's job at opening Dean up. One of his fingers sinks in easily, his brother's orgasm-pliant body loose and relaxed enough that he is not immediately forced out. A second slides in too, harder to fully thrust in this time, but Dean still moans and trembles and works to relax around him.

Sam moves, kneeling between Dean's spread knees, and pushes his cheeks apart, leaning down and licking at Dean's hole again, listening to the muffled moan his brother gives, like the gag is still on, but Sam knows it's because Dean is obeying his orders and his mouth is full of Angel cock. The thought makes Sam chuckle, the vibrations making Dean shudder. His cock is half-hard again between his legs, filling with blood like Sam is sure it hasn't since Dean was a teenager.

He reaches forward, fisting Dean lightly as he feels his brother thicken and swell. Excellent. His fingertip swipes through the slit, gathering a little precome, and he kneels up again, spitting into his palm to work over his cock. It is not as much preparation as he would like, but Dean is just about as loose and relaxed as he is going to get and now would be the best time. Besides, he can't quite remember where he put the lube.

Dean knows what is coming by the familiar tightening of Sam's fingertips around the spurs of his hipbones – knows it by the quick intake of breath behind him, by the tightening of long fingers in his hair and the small thrust Castiel gives, forcing his cock deeper into Dean's mouth. The Hunter chokes slightly, working to swallow around his gag reflex, and braces himself.

He moans loudly when Sam starts to penetrate him, that thick, long cock burying itself deep inside of his body like it belongs there, carving out a place for itself. Sam is huge and with Castiel stuffed down his mouth, Dean feels both of them – both of his lovers, deep inside of his body from both ends and it feels right.

It burns at first, like always – Sam is huge and Dean is, well, not. But then Sam is leaning over him, all quiet sounds and soft touches down his arms and across his flanks, his huge, muscular chest blanketing Dean's smaller body and Dean feels like he's being wrapped in a muscled blanket, burning into him as Sam ruts deeper in short, sharp thrusts, so that Dean can get used to the fullness and the sensation of being fucked before Sam starts for real.

Dean moans again, finding one of Sam's hands, lacing their fingers together. A sign. He pulls up on Castiel's cock, curling his tongue around the ridge, tracing the vein and the slit, eyes flashing up to Castiel who is breathing hard, watching both of the Winchesters – his charges – his humans – and grabs Dean's other hand.

Then Sam starts moving. Slowly, at first – a long, languid roll of hips to pull out of Dean's warm, welcoming body, until just the head is trapped within the stubborn, clinging rim of Dean's entrance, before he thrusts back in – fast, hard, traveling deep in no time at all and Dean grunts at the sudden jolt, able to feel it in his throat, growling low at the rough treatment.

Sam returns the growl, biting at the side of Dean's throat as Dean takes Castiel back into his mouth.

"So hot like this, Dean," Sam murmurs, mouthing at Dean's reddened throat, dragging his open mouth and leaving moist kisses against the back of Dean's neck. "Taking both of us like this, sandwiched between us. Fuck, do you even know what you do to Castiel and me?"

Dean whines, fingers clenching around them, and sucks harder at Castiel, determined to make the Angel come, to feel the heavy, salty weight of seed on his tongue. He tilts his head, swallows, and sinks further down on Castiel, taking all of him, and the Angel shudders, a surprised shout coming from his throat at an almost human pitch, fingers tightening in Dean's hair.

"That's it, baby, swallow him whole. Such a good boy, Dean."

Dean moans again, and the vibrations set Castiel off – he comes, shouting out Dean's and Sam's names, his body going tense as he spills down the Hunter's throat. Dean pulls back just a little, letting the first splash hit his face before he returns to lapping at the strings of come as they shoot from Castiel's erection, smearing the pearly liquid across his nose, chin and lips. He's breathing hard – both of them are – as he nuzzles into Castiel's stomach, catching his breath against the pale, smooth skin, and Castiel pets Dean's hair as he rides his high out, eyes closed and a blissed-out expression on his face.

Sam grunts when Dean tightens around him, hands gripping tight into Dean's flanks, and he pushes up flush against Dean's ass, rolling his hips until he finds Dean's prostate – nudges the gland with the flat head of his cock, and Dean groans, sounding almost pained, his body clenching deliciously around Sam's cock, so Sam does it again, and again, one hand dipping down low to wrap around Dean's cock.

Dean whines. "Sammy, you don't -." He is cut off when Sam merely growls, nudging his face to one side for a kiss, their lips smeared with Castiel's seed between them. Dean's mouth tastes like bitter salt, and Sam licks at him, cleaning him up a little as he works his brother closer to a second orgasm. Dean shivers, body slick with sweat, breathing like a racehorse, eyes heavy and dazed, glassy from pleasure.

"Want you to, Dean," Sam murmurs, pressing his mouth against Dean's cheek. "Want to see it again. Please, baby, can you do that for me?"

Dean makes a low, rough sound, arching his back against his brother, and turning his head when he feels a hand on the side of his face. Castiel is watching him with his bright, all-seeing blue eyes, and Dean shudders again, feeling more exposed than he had before, tied up on the bed.

"Come for us, Dean," Castiel whispers, curling his body down at an almost impossible angle to press his lips to Dean's.

The Hunter gasps softly, a strange electricity shooting down his spine that he suspects is Castiel's Grace, settling low in his belly and spreading out, and that is all it takes for him to lock up in Sam's arms, an unintelligible shout coming from him as he comes for the second time. The tight clenching of his body and the way he shakes and trembles underneath Sam is enough to set the younger Winchester off too, Sam coming inside of his brother a half-dozen thrusts later, groaning softly as he pushes his hips flush and comes deep inside of Dean.

They all collapse, sweaty and exhausted, in the middle of the bed, but with a wave of Castiel's hand they are all dry and mostly clean, Dean still bearing Castiel's seed on his face, which the Angel then proceeds to clean away with kisses and small, kittenish licks of his tongue. Dean is practically purring beneath them when he is done, arching into Sam's affectionate touches like a cat, smiling lazily over Castiel as he throws an arm around the Angel, tangling all of their legs together. Sam wraps an arm around them both, pulling them all together.

Castiel wants to ask what brought this on, but a glance into Sam's mind tells him everything he needed to know – this night was about Dean, about taking care of him and giving him what he needed. How Sam knew, Castiel would not be able to say, but it does not really matter. The older Hunter's soul is practically gleaming like a polished diamond with contentment and joy, and Sam's is just as bright. It brings a smile to the Angel's face and he burrows in with them, his own Grace wrapping around the Hunters in return and, as they fall asleep, he calms his mind and enters into his own silent meditation.