Embracing Yvette's hand, the boy was slightly feeling better, but it would be such a long time till he would get to see his father. The maid looked down to him and smiled. She sensed the sadness in him, and it broke her heart. France had done it again, and while the situation really could not be helped this time, she was sure there would be another time. Leaning down, she embraced the sweet child and wiped away a stray tear.

"Mon Petit…come now, let's go pick some pretty flowers. We will put some in your Papa's study, and then we can put some in your room, and also in the dining room. How does that sound?" She smiled, hoping this would make the child happy.

Matthew shook his head, and the smile formed on his face again. He liked making his father's study nice, especially since being in there sometimes was not a happy memory.

"Oui, okay Yvette. Let's go, let's go to Papa's red roses. He likes them so much!" The boy released himself from the maid's grip and ran over to the rose bush. It's vibrant colors and beauteous smells filled the garden. There were many more flowers, but France loved his roses.

Yvette smiled and followed the child. She had apprehended a basket, and they would put the flowers in there. The weather was slightly brisk, but warm enough to enjoy the day. Looking back to the mansion, Yvette sighed. Although she loved the time with the little nation, she did wish France would make an effort to be in his son's life more. She would have to have another talk with him.

"Oooooh 'Vette these are going to make Papa so happy, and he is going to hafta stay now because I did such a good job." The boy picked the roses, but was careful, as they had thorns. Yvette smiled at him, as she knelt down, and sat down next to the boy who was standing up. She reached over and held him close to her.

"Mathieu…you know Papa loves you will all his heart…you do know why he is not here right now?" The child continued picking the roses, and bit back his lip. He then looked back at the maid with his large blue eyes, and whimpered.

"I know…Papa is a very important nation…he told me…but…but I still want my Papa."

"Okay, okay…come here Mon Cheri…" Matthew dropped the roses, and walked over to her. He was embraced in her arms, and she held him closely.

Never having a mother, Matthew felt safe in the arms of the maid. He nuzzled closer, and his eyes grew heavy. Looking down, and smiling, she stood up cradling the boy.

"Looks like someone needs to be put down for a nap. Hmmm?" She grazed his hair, and with the boy's eyes opening and closing, he fussed slightly.

"Non…mmmmph I don't wanna nap Yvette…I…" He shook his head, and with Yvette walking inside, she saw Marquis standing by the door with his agenda. She grimaced and knew that the butler never really had good things to say. Never the less she walked to the main foyer and walked past him. He cleared his throat.

"Yevtte…go and put that child down for a nap…and then I must tell you some information regarding Maître France…so…"

The name of France suddenly gave the boy a sudden urge to open his eyes, and look up at the butler.

"Marquis? Marquis…Papa, did you say something about Papa?" Matthew rubbed at his eyes, and just stared at the man. Marquis looked down, with a slight smile.

"Little one…you are tired, and its nothing right now that you need to know about. Come…" He reached over to Yevtte, who looked slightly confused as the butler wanted to take the child from her.

"Marquis…I can put the child to sleep…its quite fine." She held him tightly, and the butler backed away, and nodded his head.

"Oui…of course. Take him upstairs, and then I will meet you down in the parlor. Be quick about it missy." He turned back around, and walked down the hallway. Hushing him, Yvette walked from the dining room, and approached the grand staircase.

Walking she arrived up the stairs and got to the boy's bedroom. Matthew's eyes had since shut tightly, and he was in a deep sleep. She walked to the bed, and set the boy down. Looking over to the clock, she saw that it was a little after eleven in the morning. Matthew usually did not nap much because he was older, but his father was a firm believer in if the child was sleepy, he was given a nap, only because France liked naps too. Little Canada would most likely be passed out for a good two to three hours, Yvette had nothing to worry about. Putting the blanket over him, she grazed his cheek, and leaned down kissing him.

"Bien Dormir…" She watched him for a little while, and heard little snores come from him. Once knowing that he was down and out, she walked from the bed and closed the door.

Marquis stood in the parlor, awaiting Yvette. Ezme, and Nadine had made their way there, as did Benoit. Adjusting his glasses, Marquis read through his black book, and paced back and fourth. The information he had was not of supreme importance, it was just that some things had to change.

Fixing her outfit, which with all the uniforms, they were destined to get a little dirty. She wiped trace amounts of dirt from the apron, and walked back down to the parlor. It was down the opposite end of the mansion. Arriving to the door, she heard voices, and walked in. Marquis looked up and nodded his head.

"Yvette…glad you could make it. I assume the young Master is resting?"

"Oui…Master Williams has fallen into a deep sleep. I think the early day activities must have tuckered him out, and having his father leave, exhausted him."

"Very good, please sit down Yvette, and we will get started." Marquis watched as Yvette walked past him and she found herself a seat next to Ezme. "Alright then, first things first. I know you all are aware of Master France leaving early this morning, as he had business that he had to take care of that was beyond his control. However, he rang me…and it seems like he will be returning later this evening, rather than tomorrow."

Ezme looked up with a slight smile, as did Yvette. Nadine looked around the room, as these little meetings were slightly new to her. Clearing his throat, Marquis continued.

"Master France stated he will be here at six tonight, rather than six tomorrow. So I am more than sure the young Lord will be excited, and that also means I want this mansion spic and span." He flipped some pages in the book, and then coughed. "Alright, now then…regarding Miss Nadine. I formally welcome her to the mansion, and I expect her to be treated in a professional manner."

Ezme and Yvette looked over to the new maid, and they smiled. Nadine returned the kind gesture. Benoit looked to the new maid too, and he slightly blushed, as the dark haired woman was very beautiful, but then again so were both Yvette and Ezme. Seeing as his message was clear, Marquis closed his book.

"Alright then…this is over." Standing straight, and heading to the door, he had much to do. "Benoit, come with me…I need assistance with the agenda for tomorrow. Yvette, please be on the watch for the little one. Ezme, please assist Nadine with anything she has questions on. Thank you ladies…Benoit?"

Marquis's assistant was looking up and down at Nadine, and he grappled at his jacket. The calling of his name alerted the younger man, and he looked over to the butler.

"Err…yes Marquis…coming." The two left, and Yvette got up and walked from the couch, and looked back to the other two maids. Having been there the longest, she gave a smile to them both.

"Well then…I suppose we should make this place delightfully clean. Ezme, I assume the kitchen needs cleaning, so why don't you go ahead and take Nadine with you?"

Ezme got up, grabbing hold of Nadine's hand, and the two nodded and were quickly gone. Yvette on the other hand, looked to the clock. The young nation had been sleeping now for about an hour. She did not dare go and see him, because if she woke him up, he would be very upset and cranky. She hummed to herself and tidied up the parlor, and took to dusting around the tables, and sofas. She then walked out of the room, and walked down the hallway to France's study, a room she was very familiar with. Sighing slightly, she dusted his desk, and then walked over to the book shelf, which held the nation's large decanter of Cabernet Sauvignon. Many nights she would be summoned into the study, and with doors closed, the two would engage in lascivious pleasures. Blushing slightly, and sighing, she finished in the room, and walked out.

Much time had passed. With the cleaning, and preparing of meals, Canada had woken up earlier, and commenced to play in his room. He had stayed there and it was soon a little after four o'clock. Marquis stood in the kitchen, overseeing to the preparations for dinner. The Master of the house would be back and the butler wanted to make sure everything was prefect.

Yvette walked up the steps going to approach the child's room. She could hear little chatter, and knocked on the door, and then opening it, peeking in. Matthew sat on the floor with his bear, and looked up with a smile.

"Yvette! Hi…do you want to play with me? Me and Kumajirou have been discussing plans for when Papa comes home and how happy it will be. I am just sad that it will be tomorrow."

Yvette watched him, and a smiled. She knelt down, and rested a hand on the child's head.

"Little one…I have something to tell you, and you are going to be very happy about it." Canada was making his bear do a little dance and with the semi words of excitement, he looked up.

"Quoi?" He looked up with his big blue eyes. He always liked good news, and coming from his favorite maid, he knew it was something very good.

"Well little Master…I heard from Marquis that your Papa is going to be coming home today rather than tomorrow. It seems like he got his work done, or all that was needed, and you will be seeing Papa very soon. Isn't that lovely darling?"

The child did not even have to say anything, but ran into Yvette's arms. He had tears of joy in his eyes. Embracing her tightly, he never wanted to let go because he was so happy that he was going to see his father again. The man had been gone for a while, and now he would be back indefinitely. Rubbing a hand to the child's back, she spoke to him softly.

"Awwww…Mon Petit, its alright, you'll see Papa in a little while. Now then…we must get you dressed for dinner." She stood up and walked to the child's wardrobe. Matthew ran to his bed, and jumped up, swinging his legs waiting for his maid.

Opening it, she pulled out a little pair of white shorts, and a button navy shirt. Adding to the cuteness of the outfit, she added a white and blue striped scarf, and tied it around his neck. He looked proper and ready for dinner. Then looking over to the floor where his many shoes were lined up, she grabbed up the black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She put on stockings and then slipped the shoes on him.

"Alright then lovely boy…you looked fine and well, and your Papa will be very happy to see you. Let us go down the stairs and into the dining room to wait for him." She held out her hand, and the boy looked up on the bed. He giggled and jumped down from the bed.

France was now sitting in his carriage arriving on his way home. It had seemed like he had been gone for a long time, but it was only the day today. Though he had been with other nations, and meetings, he had indeed neglected the child. Arriving home, he would do his best to spend as much time with his little boy as he could. He sighed and looked at his watch. It was about five thirty in the evening. He then looked out the window and just gazed. The lovely mountainside was breathtaking.

Canada was seated at the table by one of France's maids, Yvette. She made sure the child was tucked in and made sure the chef had a delicious dinner for the two. France would most likely be done with the meeting, but sometimes Matthew did not like to wait, and would often get himself upset over the span of time. He looked up at the maid, and started to pout.

"Yvette, Yvette, where is Papa? I want Mon Papa!" The boy jumped in his seat, and was very anxious. Yvette tried to hush the child.

"I am sure your Papa will be here soon the meeting let out early from what I heard, just a little bit longer," She tried to sooth the child not wishing him to be in a fit when master France arrived to the table.

The carriage turned a curve, and was now approaching the mansion. Frances smiled, and yawned. He was so very happy to be home, and to see the boy. When it stopped, he waited until the driver walked around, and opened the door. Nodding, France was let out, and the nation stood before the front door. He walked up, and was let in by the carriage driver.

"Merci, that ride was brutal."

Matthew looked up at Yvette, and he usually did not have a problem with her, because she was his favorite, but earlier in the day, he was told to have a nap, and he only slept a little while, so he was cranky, and getting upset. He twisted in his seat and slightly slammed his hands down.

"But, but Papa was supposed to be here...he said six o'clock. I know it because look, look!" The boy pointed to the clock and saw the correct hands, and it showed the time being ten after six. "Look, its not the right time, my Papa forgot about me...it's not fair Yvette." The boy started to slip down in the chair, having a slight fit. Yvette went to grab for him.

"Little Mathieu' please my darling, calm down...your Papa is on his way!"

The doors to the dining room then opened briskly and France waltzed in making a grand entrance. Actually wherever he went was just his way, even if there was no audience, but of course there was an audience, and he was expectant to see his little Mattie sitting in his chair with a cheery face, but that was not what greeted him, gave a small look of concern.

"Mathieu Mon Petite? Why 're you causing 'ze maid such problems? Come 'ere to Papa!" He opened his arms to the boy.

The boy who was down in his chair, suddenly perked up with the sound of his Papa arriving in the dining room. He wiped his eyes, and nose on his sleeve, even though that was frowned upon, and he suddenly got down from his chair in such a hurry, that he ran quickly towards France with his arms out, and as he ran, he slightly stumbled into the nation. Yvette watched with a gasp, and wanting to know if the boy was okay. Canada with tears in his eyes, he grabbed at France.

"Papa, Papa...you...you weren't coming, and look, the big hand...it is different, and its late. Oh Papa...you were going to leave me Papa."

France wrapped his arms around the boy and hugged him tightly taking in the light smell of sunshine from the boys hair."

"Oh don't be so silly Mathieu...'ow could I forget my own little one? 'Our Papa 'az been busy. But no more, from now on you are going to be seeing more of me. And I promise to not be late again, 'zo dry those little eyes Mon Cheri." France then pulled out a ruffled lace kerchief and started to dab it at the small boys eyes to dry them standing up and holding him as he did.

The child sniffed and grabbed at France's chest, enjoying the embrace. He liked being held, it gave him a sense of comfort. He continued to sob slightly, and as he was reassured by France, and he blew his nose lightly on the lace cloth.

"Papa...Papa, I am glad you are here. Um...can we eat please...I am hungry!" Little Matthew looked over at Yvette and called to her. " 'Vette, what are we having, is it something delicious?" The maid smiled at the boy, and nodded.

"Yes little one, Monsieur Chef made a delightful dish of Chicken liver pate'."

"Ah yes compliments to Monsieur Chef, 'zat is one of my favorite dishes, Come Petit Mathieu. I bet you are starving."

He then carried the little boy back over to his chair and set him down in it and taking a napkin of the table started to tie it around his front, he would usually have the made do this, but he was enjoying being close to Mattie at the moment and wanted to let him know he would not abandon him so soon.

The boy sat in his seat, per his Papa. While Yvette disappeared into the kitchen to grab the platters, Matthew sat at the table swinging his legs as his legs were still too small to reach. He perked up and made a slight face.

"Um...um Papa...I don't like chicken liver...I...I don't wanna eat that!" France looked at the younger country and chuckled at him as he placed his own napkin in his lap.

"Don't be silly dear child! Of course you don't like it, but 'ze fact of the matter is, that 'iz what we 're 'aving, and you will eat it no matter whether you love it or hate it." France smiled as he said all of this as if he were carrying on a cheery conversation with a friend. "Besides 'ou need to expand 'ze pallet Mon Petit, you don't want to be a cloddish scone loving brat now do you?"

Matthew slid a little further in his chair and whined. He was about to say something when Yvette walked in with a trolley. On the trolley were two covered silver platters, a chalice and a decanter of Blush wine for France, and a little mug of hot cocoa. There were also two smaller plates of cabbage salad. The maid walked over to France first.

"Ah, here we are Monsieur France. Your supper." She set the platter down, uncovered it. Putting on his left side, she set the wine down, and on his right, set down the salad. She then walked over to Canada and set down his platter. She removed the cover, set down his cocoa, and then his salad on the right side of his plate. "Bon Appétit my Lord." She was about to walk away when Canada spoke up.

"Yvette...I don't want this...can you bring me something else?" He eyed the maid, and then turned to his Papa...he then placed his little foot on the tabletop.

"Yvette, you are excused." He said nodding to the maid. He then calmly looked back at his troublesome ward. "Matthew Williams…" He said sternly but not loudly still keeping the same volume as before. "It 'iz very rude to turn up 'our nose at what 'iz serve, especially when what 'as been served is delectable. You must at least try it, and to revive desert you must eat no less than 'alf. I feel that 'diz 'iz very generous for your age. Now 'zen sit properly and 'ave your dinner."

The boy looked to his Papa, and his eyes widened. He did not like the sternness of the French nation, and when his father used his whole name, it meant that he needed to behave or else. But tonight was different. Because he lacked sleep, he decided to test fate...and why not tonight? His lip pouted slightly, and he leaned forward, grabbing a fork. He dipped it into the pate' and put some to his lips. The moment it touched his tongue, he made a disgusted noise, and quickly put the fork down.

"YUCK! I don't like this Papa!" The boy pushed the plate forward, and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back in his chair, and then set both feet on the table. "I WANT crepes!"

France was trying hard to be patient with the boy, he had of course been away for so long the last thing he wanted to do was have to discipline him. France sighed very heavily and tried to ignore him taking a forkful of the pate and trying to enjoy at least some of his meal.

"Mathew...if you don't put your feet back where 'zey belong you are going to fall and 'urt yourself!" France said this calmly and took a sip of his wine.

Balancing on his little feet, he gave his father a slight frown. He just wanted something else for dinner. It wasn't a bad question...and he was beginning to get annoyed because his Papa was not paying him any mind, rather just telling him to be careful. He then sighed, and took his feet off the table.

"Fine Papa...but...I am not eating this...and I am going to see if Yvette can make me something else." The boy looked towards the kitchen, and with all his might, he stood up on his chair, and held two hands to his mouth. "YVETTER...YVETTE, COME HERE...I DON'T WANT THIS YUCKY DINNER!" The boy began to jump up and down in the chair, and yelling louder because the maid had not heard him yet. As he did this though, he wasn't watching what he was doing, and his foot missed a step in the chair. He could not keep his balance, and yelled out. "PAPA...I'M...I'M GONNA FALL!"

Franc's patience was at its end and he had stood up from his chair about to lecture the boy when he saw him about to fall, knocking his own chair back as he made a mad dash for Canada he got their just in time to keep him from hitting his head on the tables edge.

"Matthew Williams...what did I JUST tell you would 'appen if you did not 'zit in your chair correctly!" The nation questioned, half relieved and half very put out with the child's behavior.

The boy was about to yell before he saw his very little life about to end, or so he thought, and he closed his eyes, and was caught in the arms of his Papa. He opened his eyes and looked up at France. With a slight smirk, he stayed in the man's arms, but then wiggled free, standing up and he stood by the chair.

"I WASN'T sitting Papa, I was STANDING! And I WANT crepes'! I am going to the kitchen to get some...and you can just sit here and drink your wine...its obviously more important to you than me!" The boy scoffed and stomped towards the kitchen.

"Oh no you don't Mon Petit!" France took two strides and grabbed the small boy by his upper arm and dragged him back to the table. Very annoyed, and very exhausted, the child needed putting down with a firm hand.