AN:A look at the initail thoughts Larry has on Frances seeing him.


'There's no way she saw me. She couldn't have seen me. The fact she's now talking to her friend and shooting glances this way...she couldn't have seen me,' Larry thought as he moved to the ledge above the school entrence.

As Fraces pauses to take a quick look around Larry cautiously peers over the edge at her. 'It had to be a fluke. She doesn't seem to notice me now,'Larry thought in relife. Then a wave of concern washes over him as he heres evil laughter.

From Home to School

'Could the Boogy be after her? It was kind of strange that he showed up right after she went into the school,' he thought, while watching her walk home with her friend and scratching the dogs chest.

He watches on as her friend leaves. 'Better get a closer look,' he moves down to the street and begins crossing to her side of the street. He's not concerned when she stops and turns.

"Are you following me?" she says withe a hint of amusement in her voice.

He turns looking behind him,"Yeah I'm talking to you."

'She is talking to me!' he thinks in.

"You can see me!" he says shocked.

" Well yeah," she replies back.

'Gotta get out of here,' he thinks in a semi panic.

He reflexively disapeared as the bus sped by leaving a peplexed Frances behind.