Title: Unliving in Fear 4/4
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: What if it was Spike that got hit with Toth's power instead of Xander? What if he didn't get the same effects?
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5 'The Replacements'
Beta'd by: Whichclothes

Part Four

Spike walked a good ten feet in front of the others through the city dump. Buffy and Angel were farther away in opposite directions, looking for Toth. "I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid," Spike muttered to himself. There was a loud bang and Spike jumped a good five feet in the air and a shriek left his lips. He heard Xander quietly calling out to him.

"It's all right, Spike. It's just a raccoon. You can do this," Xander said. It seemed to relax Spike some.

Half an hour wandering around the city dump was not something any of them wanted to do again. They all wanted Toth to show up, fix Spike and kill him so they could all go home and take long showers. Xander couldn't help but offer to shower with Spike. Just to save water of course!

Spike began to whimper when a tingling started in his head. Danger was close. "I am afraid. I am afraid!" He was about to turn around and tell them this was off. That he would just hide away in a nice padded room for the rest of his unlife. Maybe they would bring him blood every once and a while….if he ate it that was another matter.

"Vampire!" Toth roared, he appeared out of nowhere. "You have gotten in the way of my destroying the slayer!"

"I-I'm sorry about that. Didn't mean to," Spike stammered. He took a step back.

Toth ignored Spike sniveling and pointed his staff at him. Spike again found himself being tossed through the air landing in a heap from the force of magic. He groaned and rolled over on to his side, barely conscious. Xander was beside him running a hand through Spike's hair.

"You did so well, Spike," Xander praised him.

"Hey, Rod boy, I think you were looking for me," Buffy said. She had most of her weight on her right leg and her hands behind her back.

Toth raised his staff. "I will not miss again, slayer." A magical force rushed from his staff.

Angel appeared out of nowhere and pushed Buffy out of the way. Both narrowly missed being hit. Angel jumped on Toth from behind and made him drop the rod. Toth threw Angel off. Angel punched him a few times before Toth head-butted him and flung him aside.

Buffy joined the party and kicked and punched Toth several times. He then he picked her up and body-slammed her into a pile of garbage. Buffy kicked up as he approached, her foot catching him on the chin. She got back up, and landed a few more kicks and punches before Toth finally began to totter. "Sword!" she yelled and Angel threw her one. Buffy caught it and stabbed it through Toth's gut. Toth screamed in agony before crumpling to the ground and dying.

"Well done, Buffy," Giles said as he carefully picked up the rod. "I will have to consult my books to find a proper way of destroying this."

Angel walked over to Spike and Xander. He watched as Xander picked up Spike and began carrying him home. Xander stopped at turned to look at Angel. "Thank you."

"Just take care of him. If I find out you hurt him I will have no problem killing you slowly. Believe me when I say the soul won't care," Angel said. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth in a grim line.

"Got it, Deadboy," Xander replied. He hated Angel's guts and probably always would but he had respect that he was standing up for Spike. It might have been a few decades too late but it was better than nothing. "I'm taking him back to my place. Make sure he's back to himself."

Angel nodded and leaned in and placed a kiss on Spike's forehead. "I'm sorry for deserting you," he whispered, and turned and walked away. His job here was done.

Spike groaned when he woke up; it felt as if he had been beaten up by a group of Zor'ag demons. He tried rolling over on to his back but couldn't get his limbs to agree. It took him a few minutes to realize he was not in his crypt but Xander's bed. He took a deep breath and the smell of Xander filled his senses.

"Hey, you're awake," Xander said as he walked into his bedroom. "You've been out of it for almost a full day. How do you feel?"

"Like shit," Spike replied. His eyes squinted at Xander, taking him all in. The only thing he wore was a black pair of sweats. He looked absolutely delicious and there wasn't a damn thing Spike could do about it.

Xander smiled sympathetically and climbed on to the bed. "Let's see if I can help." He pulled the covers down to Spike's hips before he straddled them. "I've been told I give great massages," Xander said before he started kneading tense muscles.

"Bloody hell," Spike groaned and buried his head into the pillow. It felt absolutely amazing!

"Besides feeling like shit how are you doing? Did getting hit with the magic staff work?" Xander asked worriedly. If it hadn't he didn't think there would be another way to fix Spike.

Spike was purring and he almost missed the question. He stopped and thought about things that had scared him. Spiders? Nope, sure they were creepy with their eight legs but that wouldn't stop him from squishing them into a fine paste. What about thunder storms? Again no, he almost wished there would be another one. They always lulled him to sleep ever since he was human. However Spike didn't want to lose the attention he was getting so he had to play this right. "I'm scared," he whimpered pathetically.

Xander froze, "Fuck. It's going to be okay, Spike. We'll find another way to help you. What has you scared? Is it me? Should I leave you alone?"

"It is you….I'm afraid you won't keep your promise about fucking me," Spike replied a smirk played on his lips.

"Afraid….what?" Xander's brow furrowed as his brain tried to process. The light bulb flicked on and he cuffed Spike on the back of his head. "Don't do that!"

Spike pouted and fluttered his eyelashes. "Does that mean you aren't? Angel won't be happy to hear that you know. I heard what he said to you."

Xander leaned down and rested his forehead against Spike's shoulder blades. "You scared the shit out of me. I was afraid you were going to suffer for the rest of your unlife and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to help." Tears of frustration burned his eyes.

Guilt suddenly filled Spike. He thought back to how much Xander had to put up with him and his crazy fears. "I'm sorry, luv. I was just fooling around. I swear I'm fine," Spike said. He wished he could wrap his arms around Xander and try to find a way to comfort him.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Xander asked. He rubbed his head in between Spike's shoulder blades.

"Besides feeling like I need a full body massage I feel bloody fantastic," Spike assured Xander. "Owe it all to you don't I?"

"I didn't do anything. Angel had the book that said how to fix you and Buffy was the one to kill Toth," Xander replied.

Spike rolled his eyes at how dense Xander was. "You took care of a crazy vampire. It might have only been a couple days but are you honestly going to tell me you did nothing?"

Xander smiled a little. "I didn't like you hurting but I did like taking care of you. Being the one you'd come to, to make it all better."

"Let me roll over, yeah?" Spike asked and felt Xander lift off of him before helping to roll him over. He watched as Xander leaned over him to look at him. "You are a magnificent creature you know that?"

"Erm….nope! But I have to say I don't hate hearing it," Xander said with a goofy smile.

Spike barked out a laugh before he groaned in pain. "Fuck, that demon did a number on me."

"Stop moving or you're not going to heal. Maybe I should go get you some blood," Xander said. He moved to get off the bed.

"If I stay still will you stay?" Spike asked. He didn't want their moment to stop no matter how little it was.

With a nod Xander settled back down. "I guess once you feel better you'll want to head back to your place."

"You mean my nice dank hole?" Spike said with disgust. "Honestly preferred the basement of doom compared to it."

"Damn, that's….terrible!" Xander couldn't contain a laugh. Spike had bitched so much about the basement.

Spike pouted. "You mock my horrible unlife."

Xander couldn't resist it any longer he leaned down and placed a kiss on Spike's lips. He had wanted to the last few times but he couldn't do that to Spike when he was in such a vulnerable state. "Was that okay?"

"It's about bloody time!" Spike exclaimed. "For fuck sakes. I tell you I want you to fuck me and you're just kissing me now?"

"I wasn't going to take advantage of you!" Xander said. "I couldn't do that to you. Why didn't you just kiss me?"

Spike's eyes almost bugged out of his head. "Are you bleeding kidding me? And face the fear of rejection?"

"Point taken, so I think we are in agreement that this was the best time for it. And that we don't have discuss it further and should we do it again?" Xander asked looking hopeful. How was he supposed to not want to kiss Spike's soft pouty lips?

"Sounds like a bloody good idea to me," Spike said and he wrapped his fingers in Xander's hair and pulled him down for another kiss.

Xander allowed his hands to wander over Spike's body. His hands slipped under Spike's tee shirt to touch his chest. It was just begging to be touched with his soft pale skin with rock hard muscle underneath. "Do you think you're up for my promise?"

A low groan came from Spike. Little Spike was definitely up for it. "Bloody hell, yes but I don't think I can participate much," he said with a low whimper when he tried to move.

"Then you just lay back and enjoy it," Xander whispered before kissing Spike. He pulled away only to push Spike's shirt up before trailing kisses over his chest. He paid special attention to each nipple as he lapped at them with his tongue. Soon his tongue traveled south sometimes leaving tiny kisses. Xander's fingers danced over Spike's sides. When Xander reached the bellybutton he stabbed his tongue in and out of it. Spike's arched off the bed. A sensitive spot; Xander would have to remember that.

"Please, Xander, you're so close." Spike had his head thrown back. Goose bumps covered his body. When Xander shoved his tongue into his bellybutton it was like a shock went through his spine.

Not wanting to disappoint Spike, Xander tossed off the covers. He had removed Spike's jeans earlier, knowing they were uncomfortable to sleep in leaving Spike only in black boxers. "Can you lift your hips for me?" he asked, ready to somehow maneuver them down without hurting Spike.

"Yeah, just be fast," Spike said trying to muster up the energy to move. He couldn't believe Xander was actually touching him. Sure he said he would but Xander could have said that just to make Spike feel better. Spike was glad that wasn't the case.

As quickly as he could without hurting Spike, Xander removed the boxers, revealing a very impressive looking cock. Big, hard and leaking. "Great googly moogly!" Xander said as he stared.

"Like what you see? Why don't you give it a taste?" Spike asked. He was eager to feel Xander's lips wrapped around him.

Xander nodded before he swiped his tongue over the mushroom shaped head. The pre-cum was salty and kind of bitter but Xander didn't mind. He sucked the head of Spike's cock into his mouth. His thumbs rubbed over Spike's sharp hip bones. When Xander pulled back he received a whiny growl. "Not stopping, just adjusting," Xander explained before ripping open his own jeans and pulling them to his thighs. His cock sprung free. He pumped his hard, aching cock a few times until pre-cum was spread on his fingers.

"Want to taste you," Spike croaked out. He cursed the demon again for doing this to him. If it hadn't been for Toth he would have had Xander pinned beneath him as he fucked him through the mattress. "Let me taste you."

Xander smiled pleased with what Spike was asking. He crawled back up making sure not to place his weight on Spike. Finger tips ran over Spike's lips before they were drawn into his cool mouth. Spike's tongue circled his digits. Xander moaned as Spike sucked and nibbled on his fingers. When they were good and wet he slipped them from Spike's mouth. "You're not up for a good fucking and believe me when the time comes it will be," Xander said and kissed Spike. "But that doesn't mean we can't do more." He helped Spike set his feet flat on the bed and spread his legs.

"More is good; just do something before I die….again," Spike said, as he waited eagerly for Xander to start.

"We wouldn't want that," Xander replied. He settled himself between Spike's thighs. First he pushed his fingers into Spike's tight hole. His eyes were on Spike watching for any discomfort. There was none so he began moving his fingers in and out before he added his mouth into the mix. Not being one to leave himself out of the fun Xander wrapped his free hand around his own cock. No one could tell him he wasn't a multi-tasker!

If Spike had a breath it would have been caught in his throat. Colors danced before his closed eyes and he cursed once again that he couldn't fully contribute. Xander was doing an outstanding job without his help. Xander began to hum something that didn't really sound like a song but that didn't matter because the vibrations shot up Spike's body. Xander was definitely a keeper. Spike felt his balls draw up.

When Xander began to hum he knew that Spike wouldn't last much longer and he wouldn't either. He started thrusting his fingers in and out of Spike harder, brushing against the sensitive spot. Xander heard Spike howl and felt the vampire's hips leave the mattress before Xander tasted the salty cum. He swallowed as much as he could while pumping his own cock. Images flashed in his head of Spike sucking his cock down to the root making him beg and pleaded for some release and Xander was coming so that squirts of his cum covered his sheets. He'd have to change those later….much later. With a pop of his lips Xander pulled away and pulled his fingers from Spike. He plopped down beside Spike snuggled up beside him.

"Bloody hell, demon girl was right last year," Spike puffed. He looked at Xander, blue eyes slightly glazed over. "You are a bloody Viking in the sack."

"I told you that," Xander pointed out.

Spike snorted. "I wasn't going to take your word on it."

Xander shrugged unable to argue with that. "So what do we do now?"

"I think a bath would be nice. Always enjoy a nice soak," Spike said with a lazy smile. "Don't suppose you have any of that bubbly stuff?"

"Bubbly stuff?" Xander asked with a snicker.

"Yeah, the smelly stuff. It relaxes me," Spike replied with a glare. "You got a problem with that?"

Xander smiled and kissed Spike. "No problem here. But I don't have any so I'll have to do a run for it. I can do that when I go grab your stuff from the crypt," he said. He then burrowed himself under the blankets for forty winks.

"My stuff?" Spike said, confused.

"Mmmhmm," Xander replied his eyes closed. "I figured since you don't like it there you could move in here. I mean you don't have to sleep in my room, there's a spare room….okay more like a large walk-in closet but we could get you a bed."

Spike thought over the pros and cons of living with Xander and decided that he would like to. Of course he would demand he get to sleep in Xander's room and sleep naked along with the fact that he enjoyed walking around naked so if they were to have any company they would have to phone in advance. If they got an eyeful of Spike's goodies that would be their fault not his. When he was about to tell Xander that he would move in, Xander snored loudly. Spike shrugged; that would give him time to think of other rules and demands he had. He couldn't wait to have an actual home. Of course they would need to redecorate as well. Black leather furniture would do. Spike was excited to tell Xander all of his plans!

The End