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Chapter 21

The Papitaur, The Greaver, The Knight

The morning sky awoke our sleepy party and grudgingly we packed up camp. We had much ground to cover and little time to do it since we had an impatient Leonard who was already trying to rush ahead by himself. "C'mon, Cisna is waiting to be rescued. She's depending on us."

"Sorry but the princess is at another castle," I muttered sarcastically which earned a few giggles from the girls.

"I didn't quite catch that, Leere." The battlemage commented aloud.

"Don't worry about it, Eldore-pedia," Yulie said dismissively.

The old man grumbled to himself, but was ultimately ignored by the others. The young noble observed the conversation before asking the dancer turned assassin, "are they always this lively?" Naturally Kara shrugged him off and continued walking ahead of him without saying a word. He looked at my direction, "what's with her?"

As I was forming the correct words in my mind to explain the situation without revealing her intentions and what broke the heart of my dear friend, Kara blindly walked into a Direspider's nest. The giant spider sent the blonde backward. " That will have to wait for now. Yulie help Kara, Eldore and Leonard attack on both sides while Caesar... ok while I bring the fight from above." I instructed as Caesar sped to Kara's side.

Seeing how the aristocrat would take care of the wounded dancer, Yulie nodded to Kara then Caesar as she drew her bow and prepared to engage the monster in battle as well. Leonard and Eldore attacked the creature relentlessly. The giant spider lashed out at the old man then the boy at random but only to be pelted by a volley of arrows from the lavender haired archer from a distance. The monster determined that Yulie was the source of irritation and wailed at her as it stomped towards her direction. Once the archer was in its reach it reared back for a crushing blow.

The spider never had a chance to finish the intended attack as I skewered the creature's skull with both of my spears, effectively killing the beast in tracks. The lavender haired young woman let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and dusted herself off. "That was too close," Yulie stated as she put away her bow. Nodding I took her hand and led her and the other two away to make our way forward and to give both the aristocrat and dancer a chance to be alone.

I still overheard their conversation but said nothing of it. "Why did you help me? You know I'm your enemy...," the blonde inquired.

Caesar shook his head. "I don't think you are though you try to be. You're our friend Kara. I trust you."

A number of emotions tried to surface but she hid them by lowering her gaze to the ground, "Caesar." It was a plea, it was sorrow, it was pain that she didn't expect. The exchange was kept to themselves as well as me though I didn't reveal that I knew of it until later.

~~~A hour and several encounters later~~~

The path was perilous and narrow. It made combat difficult Leonard and myself. I couldn't take to the sky due to the size of our ridiculously tall enemies since they could swat me away. Try changing your direction in mid air, it is rather hard to do for dragoons to do it and nearly impossible for the average person. Leonard faced his own problem, his attacking style of hit and run was equally as useless. The small area made it impossible to use so he was on the defensive side in each battle. Thankfully we had Eldore and Kara with their arcane spells and Yulie with her bow to make up the difference in the battles.

We finally made it to an open expanse to which I deeply thankful for. It however was housing several vespid nests and numerous scorpions, not to mention sproggs and fatal flowers. Still it was better than dire spiders in compact spaces. The mages struck first with a mini barrage of fire and ice projectiles. Those that wasn't frozen or in flames were feeling the effects of the arcane assault. So the swordsman, the other dragoon, and myself took the battle in our hands with my archer providing supporting and healing as necessary. The conflict ended as swiftly as it began.

"Well I'm feeling bushed," Caesar stated as he observed the surroundings. Kara was nursing her shoulder as she slumped onto the smooth rock wall. He walked over to examine her but was rewarded with a smack to the face. "Ok, what was that for," he asked while rubbing his cheek.

"For being your usual obnoxious self," she answered with a hint of humor. He shrugged and walked away with a knowing smile.

"Gods, why don't those two just hook up already." Yulie commented aloud making everyone, myself included, stop in shock. Hearing her say that I couldn't help but laugh which she was quick to join in.

"Children," Leonard face palmed as he stopped and watched all of the events going down.

"Indeed," The battlemage added smugly. "You fit in with that statement as well."

The boy balked at the idea, "what do you mean?"

"If the princess were here you would be acting more like Leere right now," Eldore motioned towards Leonard's childhood friend and myself. We walking still talking though I kept up with their conversation. After all, being a mercenary taught you to pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Leonard argued in failure that he was different from the rest of us.

We spotted the remains of an wind walker craft. My companion gasped was about to run to it but I held her back. "Let go Leere, they might need help."

"That's exactly why I'm holding you. Go get the others so we can help who is left." I instructed.

"But..." she began but I cut her off with a shake of my head.

"Trust me, Yulie. If there is nothing but monsters then we might need the help. If it is just a person then we would be more able to assist them." I explained. She looked like she was about to refuse so I used my skill to persuade her. One quick kiss had her moaning in both defeat and pleasure.

"Just so you know I hate it when you do that," she tried to complain with a scowl but ultimately failed to suppress her smile.

I smirked knowingly, "so you claim. Now hurry quickly." She nodded and sped off to get the others. I examined the ship and assessed that it was in decent shape despite the landing it must have gone through. A papitaur squeezed its way out of the contraption and waved soon he saw he wasn't alone. "Rocco, still haven't got any better with flying yet I see."

"That voice," the small papitaur, Rocco, pondered for a moment. "Leere, is that you?"

"Yes Rocco. It's been a while." I said warmly. "So what happened to your craft?"

His expression changed to that of disappointment. "A greaver blasted its toxin at me when I was heading back home." It was then he heard the footsteps thundering behind him. Apparently said greaver followed my bunny like friend. He ran screaming and hid behind me.

Sighing I drew my spear and instantly a replica formed in the other hand. "When this done, you owe me my furry friend."

He nodded nervously, "of course ,sir."

I took to the offensive and aimed to thrust through the creature's non-existent face but it must have sensed it because it moved its head to the side to avoid the strike. To counter this I spun on the ball of my heel and slashed with both weapons. Though the attack did land and the greaver did let out a cry of anger, the cuts were shallow. I had forgotten that greaver hide was ridiculously thick. The monster lunged at me so suddenly I barely had time to dodge the attack. Normally I would simply vault over my enemy but I didn't have the time. Quickly deciding my next plan of action I dash towards the monster and slid underneath slicing the underside.

It roared again and reared back in pain. I took the opportunity to roll out from underneath. I mentally sweared to never do that again. Once again the cut was shallow, it did nothing in the case of damage other than my pride. Enraged I leapt into the air and drove both of my spears into the greaver's back. They met with resistance for a second but my dual weapons punched though. As I tried to pull them out I recoiled in horror that they were stuck. The blasted monster was preparing to release a spray of toxic gas from its body, effectively making me leave my spears embedded in its flesh.

It was about this time both Leonard and Caesar appeared in their Knight forms and took the creature on. They had better success than I did seeing how their weapons were about half the size of the greaver itself. Leonard, the white knight, circled to the back looking for the area where it disperses the gas from as Caesar, in the dragon knight, began carving into the beastie. In a matter of minutes the duo managed to subdue the monster but chose not to kill it for some stupid reason. I grabbed my weapon that was still embedded in the creature's flesh and tore it out with a vicious jerk. It came out with bits of flesh clinging to it still much to my disgust. With a quick flick of the wrist I cleared off most of the mess from the weapon and the other dissipated until it was ready to be called upon.

The two warriors reverted back to regular selves, noticed how I didn't say normal. "Talk about an easy victory." Caesar boasted.

"Well Leere did soften up the poor thing." Leonard smirked. I rolled my eyes at his verbal jab.

It was then that said 'poor thing' came too lashed with its many tentacles, catching the fellow dragoon and dragging him down to the pit with the beast.

The others panicked and cried out his name, believing he was now lost to them. Moments later the Black Knight appeared in front of us holding Caesar as though he was the most precious thing on the earth. He was, of course, wearing the biggest grin when the knight put him down and flew off. Yulie was the first to break the silence, "ok... what was that?"

Caesar shrugged then responded, "I guess he needed me alive. After all I am an important pact maker and all." This was met with frustration and annoyance but it was accepted because he was, well, Caesar.

"Gentleman, thank you for the save." The papitaur made himself known.

"Who are you?" Leonard and Caesar asked simultaneously.

"Sorry Rocco, kind of didn't have time to explain." I apologized to the little guy.

Rocco sighed, "it's always the same thing. people either forget about me or assume the worst. 'Rocco fell off the cliff' or 'Rocco got eaten by a greaver'."

"Don't be so down on yourself. You survived because Leere remembered you and he trusted that you be able to take care of yourself." Yulie said trying to cheer up the windwalker.

He thought about it for a moment then grinned. "You're right. I guess I owe all of you now." He ran to his miniature airship and did a quick inventory and a few tests. "It will manage to reach home." Rocco turned back to us and waved, "if I see you again I will repay my debt to you." With that he flew off towards Baccae.

"Ok... let us move on," Leonard marched ahead with Eldore. Yulie looked at me to which I motioned I will be her soon. She pouted a moment but followed her friend and the mysterious old man.

I could see that Caesar was waiting for her and I wanted him to know that I knew. "So, who you waiting for?"

"Well no one in particular. I wanted to view the scenery before we saved Leonard's princess." I said.

I gave him a sad smile, "you don't have to lie. You may have dragon eyes but I can read people, it is a talent I learned in my trade." He was about to protest, "I won't tell them anything about her."

This caught his attention. "Why? Isn't she your sworn enemy or something?"

"No, the Black Knight is theirs but as general rule since I am working for them I guess the Black Knight is mine as well. However Kara is not the enemy unless she chooses to be." I left the words in the air. They lingered in the young man's head. "Now the bigger question is if she decides to become the enemy what will you do?"

Grief wrapped its dark claws around Caesar, threatening to consume him. "I don't know. I have built a friendship with the others and a relationship of trust with you. I don't want it to come to that because of how I feel towards her. But if she is being controlled by the Magi then I will fight to stop her, to safe her."

I put my hand on his shoulder, "I understand what you are saying and what you're going through. Alundra left because of Kara's connection and Alundra's past so I know your pain. I just hope you don't side with them." After I said what needed to be said I left Caesar to his thoughts, waiting for the assassin to return.

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