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Arthur entered the Kingdom and gently shook Merlin awake who had been sat backwards on Arthur's horse, his arms wrapped loosely around Arthur's waist with his head on Arthur's shoulder. "Merlin, sweetheart, wake up. We're here."

Merlin woke up, rubbed his eyes and looked around, smiling at the view, before landing his eyes on Arthur, a frown appearing on his face. "How have I ended up on your horse? Last I knew I was on my horse."

"You started to fall asleep so I lifted you from your horse and put you on mine so you are more comfortable and you wouldn't fall off."

Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur. "Thank you."

Arthur kissed Merlin back and then jumped off his horse, he straightened his clothes before turning and helping Merlin off.

"So this is Harlech." Arthur said looking around. Before Merlin could answer a squeal reached their ears and Merlin found himself in a tight hug. "Freya. Can't breath." the girl with long brown hair that flowed down her back, apologised and stepped back, letting another man who was with Freya give Merlin a brief hug. "This is Arthur then?"

"Yes it is." Merlin wrapped his arm around Arthur. "This is my husband." Merlin looked at Arthur. "Arthur this is Will and Freya, my -"

"-best friends who see you through everything." Arthur finished, shaking Will's hand and placing a kiss on Freya's hand who blushed a little.

"Your mum and dad are waiting." Will and Freya walked on in front and Arthur looked at Merlin. "So that is Will and Freya."

"It is. They were saddened when they found that our wedding was when they were on their honeymoon."

"I wondered why they didn't come." Arthur tightened his hold on Merlin. "Come on sweetheart." Arthur smiled when Merlin blushed at the name. "Are you going to blush whenever I call you that?"


"Why? You are my sweetheart Merlin and always will be."

Merlin smiled at Arthur and kissed him.

"Oi. Lovebirds. Get a move on." Will shouted.

Merlin gave an embarrassed laugh and lead Arthur up to the castle where Arthur saw that the castle was as big as Camelot. "We will be having one wing to ourselves."

"Will we?"

"Yes. So you can make as much noise as you like during sex."

"You're the screamer Merlin." Arthur said, causing a market trader who heard them, blush. "Arthur." Merlin scolded when he knew the woman must have heard.


"Arthur." Balinor said when he and Merlin walked into the throne room."Very good to have you here."

"I'm very happy to be here. From what I have seen up to now, you have a very lovely Kingdom."

"You're too kind." Arthur nodded and looked over at Merlin who seemed to be in a deep conversation with his mother, a serious look on his face. He would have to ask Merlin about that later. Hunith looked up and saw Arthur watching and finished her talk with Merlin. "Arthur dear. Will you join me for a stroll so I can show you around whilst Merlin stays here and talks with his father."

"Gladly Hunith." Arthur kissed Merlin and offered his arm to Hunith who took it with a smile on her face and led Arthur from the throne room. At the doors Arthur looked over his shoulder and saw Merlin and Balinor in the same kind of serious conversation Hunith and Merlin were in moments before.

"Hunith. Merlin and yourself looked a bit serious whilst talking earlier on and when we left, Merlin looked serious whilst talking to Balinor. Is Merlin talking to his father what he was talking to you about?"

"Yes Arthur."

"What is so serious?"

Hunith paused and looked at Arthur. "That is something that Merlin will be telling you later. When you have plenty of time, no doubt as there is a lot to tell and explain to you."

"It does sound serious."

"That all depends on how you decide to look on it Arthur."

Arthur then decided to drop the subject and let Hunith show him around the castle. "I have to say Hunith that I feel very much at home here already. Your castle is as big as Camelot's."

"Thank you Arthur. I want you to feel as much as home here as you do back in Camelot."

When Hunith showed Arthur the wing what him and Merlin will have to themselves, she showed him where his and Merlin's chambers were and told him she would see him later.

Arthur walked into the chambers where he would be sleeping with Merlin and saw his husband sat at the table looking a little nervous. "Merlin are you alright?"

"I don't know yet."

"What do you mean?"

"We need to talk Arthur." Merlin, seeing Arthur looking worried, chuckled and stood up, making his way over to Arthur, Merlin took his hands in his. "Don't look so worried."

"Well you look nervous."

Merlin led Arthur over to the bed and when Arthur sat on the bed, Merlin went and sat back at the table. "Why are you sitting over there Merlin?"

"Because I don't know how you will react to what I am to tell you."

"You're scaring me now Merlin. You still love me don't you."

"Of course I do Arthur. Nothing will stop me from loving you."

"Then what is it?"

"You know that magic is allowed in this Kingdom don't you."

"Yes. Father allows it in Camelot but isn't overly fond of it."

"I know. How do you feel about people who have magic Arthur?"

"I am fine with it. I have nothing against them who have it, as long as they don't show off with it and parade it in front of me. Why?"

"The reason why my father allows magic in Harlech is because my father is a born dragon lord. It is a gift that can only be passed down from father to son, the son will only possess it when the father has passed on."

"So you will receive them powers once Balinor has passed on?"

"Yes Arthur."

Arthur sighed with relief. "That's what you was nervous about telling me? That you will have magic once your father dies."

"No Arthur. The powers that I shall receive once my father passes will only add on to what I already have because I was born with magic."

"You're a sorcerer?"

"Yes Arthur. A very powerful one."

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