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For the last seven weeks of Merlin's pregnancy, Arthur had gone back to living in Merlin's shadow. Even though Merlin kept reminding him about the chains around their necks, Arthur still wouldn't leave his sight. "Last time you said you would be fine, look what happened. The first time something happens and I wasn't there. You had to suffer in pain until I found you." Arthur said as he and Merlin were sat up in bed one night.

"But Arthur that was only because of Morgause. She can't get to me now, plus my mother and father will be staying now until our son is born. I won't be on my own."

"I'm sorry Merlin. But I am not changing my mind, you can yell and shout and even hate me for being in your shadow, I won't care."

Merlin huffed in annoyance and shuffled down the bed and, for the first time since they had been together, Merlin turned his back on Arthur and waited for sleep to take him, without so much of a 'goodnight Arthur. I love you' like they did every night.

Merlin woke up to a twinge in his stomach, which soon passed after he took a few deep breaths. He tried to go back to sleep again but just couldn't fall asleep. He looked across the room to the window and saw that it must still be the middle of the night as it was pitch black. "Oh come on." Merlin moaned into his pillow when he felt his cock go hard. Merlin sighed and moved as best as he could onto his other side to face Arthur who was fast asleep on his back.

Merlin stretched his arm out and slowly started to shake Arthur. "Mm?"



"I'm hard."

"So you're talking to me now?" Arthur asked sleepily.

"What do you mean? When have I stopped talking to you?"

"Before you went to sleep Merlin, you didn't like what I said so you turned your back on me and never said 'goodnight' or anything." Arthur mumbled as he turned on to his side, making his back face Merlin. "Just do what you want love and let me sleep."

"Arthur?" when the only response Merlin got was a snore, he let the tears fall. Arthur had rejected him. Didn't he no longer love him? Merlin got off the bed and made his way over to the doors. He open and shut the door quietly so as not wake Arthur and headed down the corridor. He knew it was the middle of the night, but he did say that no matter what time, day or night, if Merlin wanted to talk then to find him. Merlin knocked on a door and stood and waited a few minutes before a very sleepy Gwaine answered. Waking up more when he saw Merlin upset. "Merlin? Are you alright?"

"I'm sorry. I know it's late, but can I come in?"

"Of course you can." Gwaine was just helping Merlin sit down when Percival sat up in bed. "Merlin? Are you alright?"

"Not really."

Hearing Merlin's voice break when answering, Percival got out of bed and started to light a couple of candles and joined Merlin and Gwaine at the table. "What's happened Merlin?" Gwaine asked. When Merlin told them everything, Percival frowned.

"Merlin. Arthur will be like that. He didn't tell anyone but you could see that he blamed himself. The one time something happens that put you and the baby's life in danger and it happens when he is away from you. I have known Arthur a long time Merlin and I have never seen him so broken or scared. He thought that he was going to lose the both of you. He will be like this now Merlin."

"When he just turned over and went back to sleep though. I thought he was falling out of love with me."

"No Merlin. You couldn't be further from the truth. You said yourself that tonight was the first time you went to sleep with your back to him, not saying a word to him. That probably hurt Arthur. And if it was playing on mind before he fell asleep, he will say that whilst half asleep. Half asleep you never think proper."

Merlin sighed. "Damn these hormones. How could I have been so stupid?"

Gwaine was about to answer when a knock sounded on the door. Percival got up and opened the door to reveal a sleepy and bare foot Arthur. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I turned over, felt that you weren't there and then I remembered our little conversation. I guessed you would be here. I have come to take you back to bed and give you what you want."

Merlin stood up with the help of Gwaine. "I'm sorry Arthur." Merlin said and walked over to him, wrapping his arms around his husband. "Take me to bed Arthur."

"Gladly." Arthur kissed Merlin and they both apologised and bid Gwaine and Percival goodnight and left. Gwaine shut the door behind them and turned to face Percival. "Take me to bed Percival." he said, copying Merlin's words. Percival laughed and picked Gwaine up. "With pleasure."

Arthur closed the door behind them both and led Merlin back over to the bed. "Do you still want me Merlin?"

Merlin took Arthur's hand and moved it so it covered his erection. "What do you think?" Arthur smiled and removed both of their tops and started to kiss Merlin as best as he could, with his belly between them both, whilst staring to undo his trousers. Arthur pulled back and pushed his trousers down, undoing his own and pushing them down whilst Merlin stepped out of his own. Once naked, Arthur gently sat Merlin on the bed and helped him lay on his side before getting on the bed behind him.

Arthur oiled his fingers up and parted Merlin's cheeks. "Are you sure you are comfortable enough Merlin? This is the only position I can think of us having sex in with you being eight months."

"Yes I am sure Arthur, just. Please?"

Arthur began to place butterfly kisses on the back of Merlin's neck as he pushed a finger inside of him that was slowly joined by a second. Merlin started to moan as he pushed down on Arthur's fingers. "Oh Arthur. I need more, please."

Arthur removed his fingers and shuffled closer to his husband so his chest was flush against Merlin's back. Arthur took his cock in hand and thrust forwards, fully sheathing himself inside of Merlin. "Oh yes Arthur." Arthur held on to Merlin's hip as best as he could and started to thrust in and out of Merlin.

Merlin stretched his arms out and held onto the table at the side of their bed, gripping it tightly, making it rock as Arthur pounded into him from behind. "Harder Arthur, faster." Arthur slid his left arm under Merlin, wrapping it firmly around him as his right hand made a fist around Merlin's cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts. "Oh Arthur I'm cumming."

"Cum baby." Arthur whispered into Merlin's ear before taking the lobe into his mouth and gently sucking on it.

Merlin screamed and came, shouting out Arthur's name. After three more thrusts. Arthur came spilling all inside of Merlin.

Merlin leaned back and looked over his shoulder, he reached behind him and held Arthur's head and leaned in for a kiss. Arthur pulled out of Merlin and moved back, letting Merlin roll on to his back. Arthur broke the kiss and looked down at Merlin. "I love you."

"I love you too Arthur."

It was getting closer to Merlin's due date and even though Arthur still made himself Merlin's shadow, Merlin found himself, letting Arthur follow him around. He was saving his breath this way as whenever he told Arthur not to it was like talking to a brick wall. A waste of time. So he just gave up and let him, he took this as a chance to spend what time he could with Arthur because when the baby comes, it won't be just them anymore.

It was one night, two weeks from Merlin's due date when their baby decided to make his appearance. Arthur had just stripped them both naked, even with the cold weather, Merlin was red hot and Arthur had to sleep naked as his clothes irritated Merlin when he wanted to cuddle. Arthur helped Merlin into bed and got in himself and snuggled up to Merlin, he buried his face into Merlin's neck and started to lick, nip and suck. Arthur moved his hand south and wrapped it around Merlin's length who moaned.

"Arthur." he cried out.

"You like that baby?" Arthur moved back and looked down at Merlin. "You came already?"

"No Arthur my water has broke I wasn't crying out in pleasure I was crying out in pain."

"The baby is coming?"

"Yes Arthur."

Arthur flew from the bed. "I will get Balinor and Gaius."

"Arthur you can't."

"Why not?"

"Because you are not wearing any trousers." Arthur looked down and saw himself naked and quickly put his trousers on and ran from their chambers.

Uther and Ygraine rushed to Arthur and Merlin's chambers along with Morgana, Gwaine and Percival to see the blond Prince pacing back and forth. "Arthur son, why are you out here?" Uther asked.

"Balinor said it is best for me to remain out here because of what he needs to do, with Merlin being male, it is difficult. Hunith and Gaius are in there with him."

"How long have you been out here?" asked Gwaine.

"About twenty minutes."

"Have you been pacing since them doors shut?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason, I just wondered how there isn't a hole in the floor now, or that you can see proper from dizziness."

Arthur stopped and frowned at Gwaine. "What?" Arthur faced the door and started to pace again. "What is taking so long?" he stopped and looked at everyone. "You don't think that there is anything wrong do you. Everything is alright isn't he?"

"Arthur love I'm sure everything is fine. If there was something wrong then Balinor or Gaius will come out and tell you." Ygraine soothed. Arthur started to calm a little when Gaius came out and looked at everyone before spotting Arthur. "Gaius?"

"Arthur m'boy. You are best to come in."

Arthur rushed past Gaius and went over to the bed where Merlin was sitting up with the baby, who was wrapped in blankets, in his arms. Balinor and Hunith were standing beside him, arm in arm and all three looked up when Arthur rushed in and stopped at the bottom of the bed. Merlin smiled and gestured Arthur to join him. "Do you want to meet your daughter Arthur?"

"Daughter? I thought we was having a son."

"So did I."

"Son, daughter. I don't care. I'm a dad." Arthur beamed and joined Merlin on the bed as the rest came into the room, smiling at the picture Arthur, Merlin and their baby made. Arthur looked up. "I have a daughter." everyone came closer and saw that the little girl was fast asleep and had a mixture of her parents looks with dark blond hair. "Do you have a name son?" Uther asked.

"Well we thought it was a boy so I had a name picked out, but now we know it's a girl." Arthur paused and looked at Merlin. "Actually, the name can work for a girl as well can't it?" when Merlin smiled and nodded, Arthur turned to face everyone. "Okay. Everybody. Me and Merlin would like you to meet our daughter. Raven."

Everyone murmured in agreement and Merlin smiled at his parents, especially Balinor when he saw him beaming. "Thank you dad."

"You're welcome son."

Later that night when Merlin had laid Raven in her crib that the servants had brought in, he got into bed with Arthur. "I love you so much Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin." Arthur kissed Merlin and held him close as they waited for sleep to take them. Arthur went to sleep with a smile on his face that night, he had his husband, his daughter and his family. Arthur really did think himself lucky, he knew one day he would be King and rule over Camelot, but to him, that was just the icing on the cake. He had all he wanted in life in his room with him.

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