"Pack your bags Danny we are going to Japan!"


Danny, who was just sitting on the couch, fell then got up.

His dad, Jack Fenton, pulled a paper on his pocket and showed it to his son. It was an invitation to teach Ghost Hunting to some kind of school in Japan and two plane tickets. Danny who was shocked on the invitation thought, who in their right minds teach students ghost hunting? If they do teach Ghost hunting then only a complete moron would hire a lousy ghost hunter like my dad. Seriously, my dad can't even hit a ghost even if it's in front of him.

"No offense dad" he mentally sighed.

His dad was already finished packing in a blink of an eye. He was so excited on teaching Ghost Hunting 101 on the school in Japan.

"I can't wait, Danny. You and me, Father and son, we will teach those students about ghost together! On how to kick ghost butt, blasting those Japanese ghost molecule to molecule this will be a father and son bonding trip."

Danny who sighed put the invitation down on the table and looked at his dad.

"Dad, I rather pass the offer. What about mom? Or Jazz? I think they are willing to accept the offer"

He thought of it through. Without him in Amity Park, ghost attacks would increase. Without him, he can't save the people from the ghost attacks so it's better to stay than to be sorry. He smiled to his dad and walked to the kitchen. His dad, disappointed. This was the best chance, to be alone to his son, talking about you know, man to man talk. He can't slip this opportunity. He went to his son's room and packed his clothes without his son's permission. Danny who was sat on the kitchen's table, texted Sam and Tucker about Japan

"I think it's a great opportunity Danny. Tour Japan and its wonders. We can take care of the ghost attack in the city so don't worry" Sam replied.

"Dude! That is so awesome! Dude can I join in your trip in Japan? I will never be a bother. I will just want to see the girls in Japan and the geishas those beautiful geishas" Tucker reply.

Danny just laugh at what Tucker just replied. He thought about it. It would be nice to have a vacation on Ghost Hunting. Seriously, the box ghost was a pain in the back. He caught the ghost for like 8 times every day. Skulker, that hunter was terrorizing geeks just to get rid of what Tucker put inside his system and in the end he just kicked his butt. So that's that. Danny made up his mind. He will go to Japan with his dad.

"Thanks guys" he replied on both of them.

"No problem, Danny. We will keep the city a ghost free town" Sam replied.

"Dude! I want to go with you! Please?

"No can do Tucker, there are only two plane tickets on the invitation" Danny replied to Tucker.

"Okay, then promise me that you will bring some sexy pictures of the girls in Japan"

"Yes your highness" Danny replied with a smile.

As Danny put his phone on his pocket, he immediately went to the living room to tell his dad he will be coming along with him to Japan. He noticed one thing his things were already in there. He saw his dad packing the last of the luggage with his stuff on it. His dad looked at him and asked him that if he has changed his mind about going with him to Japan.

"I changed my mind dad; I'll go with you to Japan"

In Japan

Yukio was on his class.

"Everyone by tomorrow we have a very special guests. They will teach you all about ghosts."

And all the students in the classroom went silent.

"What do you mean about that Yukio? Hunting Ghost? Are you serious? I mean ghost can't even hurt us" A black haired boy named Rin said to his twin little brother Yukio.

Yukio adjusted his glasses and said to the class that it is a standard course to ever exorcist and it's the principal's order. Rin just stayed quiet on his sit. Why did that weird looking clown chairman would hire ghost hunters? Ghosts are just low level demons right? He just mentally debated himself.

As the school bell rang, Rin and Yukio went inside to their dorm.

"Yukio, maybe this ghost hunters might be disguised demon and wants me to be killed" Rin said. While he put his things on the table, Yukio sigh.

"Brother, have you ever heard of the Fentons?"

Rin shook his head indicating that he doesn't know them. As Yukio sat on a chair he explained to Rin all about the Fentons. Rumors about them that they are the famous ghost hunters in a city called Amity Park. On how they protect this town from everyday ghost attack and so forth.

"And I assure you, they are 100% human"

Rin who was lying on a bed, felt relax. At least this time there are no demons after his head. He closed his eyes and let his mind wonder.

"I can't wait to meet the ghost hunters"

In the principal's office

Mephisto leaned on his chair and looked at the window. The ghost hunters that he hired will be arriving by tomorrow. He thought, this ghost hunters are the cheapest of the cheap and also the best so it's better that way. He sipped his tea. When he heard about the ghost boy or "invisobill" or "Danny Phantom" in the nationwide television, he became alert. This "ghost" can fight not the other ghost that he often saw. He thought that maybe there are ghosts just like this ghost boy that could fight and become a threat in the academy. So in order to avoid this, he hired them, the ghost hunters to teach the exorcists to fight this kind of ghosts.

He smiled.

In the airplane

Danny and his dad were on an airplane. His dad was sleeping while Danny looked at the airplane window enjoying the view of the clouds.

"I guess this is the start of my ghost free vacation" Danny thought and smiled.

He closed his eyes and sleep.

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