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The sea was dark and stormy. Its waves lashed against the shore. The dark waters stretched to the land, almost engulfing it, but in the end retreating back to the sea. For several moments, the storm continued and the waves were as untamable as usual.

Suddenly, someone stepped onto the wet sand, his foot sinking. The strong winds messed up his dark black hair, covering his facial features. Without fear, the young teenager continued nearer the water. As his bare feet touched the nearby waves, everything calmed down. Strangely enough, the waves became still and light blue, looking serene. The howling wind stopped and finally, the boy could see.

His sea green eyes scanned the ocean, as if looking for something or someone. His eyebrows were furrowed in confusion and his eyes were murky. As he gazed on the calm waters, a flicker of a memory flashed through his mind—a sort of warm glow, maybe the barest trace of a smile. As if on instinct or his body just knew subconsciously, he opened his mouth and whispered.


Looking out, he waited for a response.

"PERCY!" a voice ordered.

The boy, Percy, looked back and stared sadly. He didn't want to go, to move away from the ocean. He didn't even like it here and he knew he didn't belong. But still, there was nothing he could do. He had no memories and every rule in this camp was to be followed—to the dot.

Sighing, Percy slowly stepped out the water and walked towards the voice. His back slowly faded into the trees and the beach was empty once more. Just like before, the ocean sprang to life. Its waves raged and roared.

Half an hour passed before the dark haired boy was able to return to the shore. As he stared out into the once again calm ocean, he felt a connection. He remembered that he had been on this very spot a few minutes before, but suddenly, he could not recall what he was thinking at that moment. It was as if he blinked—and the smallest memory he had recovered disappeared.

Frustrated, Percy grabbed a rather large stone and threw it into the ocean. He hated this. He hated not knowing something he had just figured out moments ago. He kicked the sand at his feet everywhere and stomped around the water. He couldn't remember anything. He couldn't remember what he found out. He couldn't remember his own father.

Somewhere, far away from the dark haired boy, the waves crashed against everything and anything—destroying ships and piers. The wind howled and the sea stretched as far as it could towards land, as if it were looking for someone.