Title: „To Perceive and to See – Part 1"

Status: Three-Shot, Complete

Fandom: Transformers, G1

Characters/Pairing: Perceptor/OC; Perceptor

Word Count: 441

Disclaimer: I would love to own Transformers, but that honor belongs to Hasbro and some others.

Rating: K

Beta: The great snare-chan! Thanks again so much for your help! All mistakes left are definitely mine.

Summary: Absence makes the world turn gray...

Warning/Genre/AN: hinted at slash, OC chara; fluff, H/C; Please R& R ^v^ Constructive criticism, suggestions, comments, – all that is most welcome!

To Perceive and to See - Part 1

The irrational pressure of stillness around and within him was a cacophony – it felt wrong. Buzzing and sizzling, it filled his audio receptors with its ugly intensity.

Even worse: it alone was vivid.

Perceptor felt the UV-rays of Earth's sun heating his plating. But the sensation scratched only at the surface and was not able to make its way deeper, where he felt chilled.

Everything he laid optics on lacked color. His processor relentlessly pulled up data for reference, out of control and unbidden. It turned the flight formation of the majestic birds, passing overhead from the cities direction, into a flood of specifics on branta canadensis.

It turned swaying blades of grass, barely reaching up to his ankles, into lolium perenne and a list of the plants chemical components - as if only a Latin name could lend an object or creature true value. Or Science-Cybertronian, for that matter.

It was irritating. Perceptor wished, for once, to forget about being a scientist. The problem he faced was rooted in the emotional and, as such, bordered on the illogical. It could only, to an insufficient degree, be analyzed under a microscope...

Right now, all that the core programming of his function did was drain the simple beauty from this idyllic scenery, which stretched out all around him. All seemed dull and gray, filtered through zeroes and ones of data feedback streams, to be clinically recorded.

To observe and perceive, ironically enough, mustn't necessarily mean to see it, or touch and experience it.

With him away, it was always like this for Perceptor. An invisible wall - between him and everything which made other Cybertronians feel alive - separated him.

Perceptor preferred not to think about all those vorns before their encounter. Only now, knowing the difference, he could appreciate how lonely he had been.

Perceptor felt miserable. Enough so that he did not mind acting like a youngling with separation issues... No. He could not even make light of it in his own helm.

: I miss you. :

That his call was answered took him by surprise, but it was a fact: A faint tendril of calm and reassurance – warmth – wound itself around Perceptor's spark. His mate stretched himself thin over their connection to reach him.

Of course, it may have been only his imagination, but flowers and grass suddenly seemed more colorful and the twitter of nearby birds finally reached his audios. It sounded cheerful.

The sun shone like a disc of pure gold in a blue, blue sky... It was quite the beautiful cycle here on Earth.

And Perceptor was now able to see it.