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molest [məˈlɛst]

vb (tr)

1. to disturb or annoy by malevolent interference.
2. to accost or attack with the intention of assaulting sexually.
3. to suffer all of the above by a young ANBU called Naruto Uzumaki.


Giving out a contented hum, Kakashi Hatake sat alone upon his bed with his back to the open window. Cool air crept into his humid apartment, a rarity due to of Konoha's current heat wave… yet such a mild breeze felt marvelous against the Jounin's bare sweat-slicked back. He let out a huff through his masked lips, the clammy cotton becoming damp as he continued to think back to a particular part of his favorite book, Icha-Icha Paradise.

Kakashi let his eyelids flutter shut, his hand gripping tighter around his erected penis. He had tried to fight the urge that stirred below his waist most of the day, yet it had been hopeless to resist. The hot weather didn't help. Plus, after a lazy morning of not being called out for missions or being needed in general, the young man had settled with re-reading a smutty scene from his book.

Shifting from his slow caresses of his hard shaft and balls, Kakashi picked up the pace of his stroking. Mental images dashed through his mind: long smooth legs, bouncing breasts, erect nipples and a tight round ass. He let out a deep groan at the last thought, having always been attracted to a well-filled posterior when it came to women or (on some occasions) the same sex. Keeping that last thought in his brain, he grabbed at the base of his penis, jerking a few times quickly then slow until familiar warmth spread throughout his groin.

And then, it was complete bliss: the point of no return.

Heavy breathing, heart racing, stomach muscles tightening and toes curling until the warmth flew out from Kakashi's groin and over his hands. A pleased noise rumbled in his throat, his hand stopping with violently milking his penis and settling with a final squeeze. Yes, the silver-haired man had needed that.

An orgasm was always wonderful and mind clearing – at least until Kakashi bristled, his biological eye locking on the ANBU masked face peeping over his shoulder.

''What the-?'' Kakashi half-choked at the intruder.

Previous contentment and relaxation faded away in an instant, leaving a mixture of anger and mortification in its place. He wasted no time with tugging up his underwear with one hand and using the other to slap the unfamiliar patterned mask and push the stranger backwards. The hasty action effectively sent whoever-it-was tumbling across the mattress and onto the floor with a loud thump. Kakashi felt his face heat up, killer intent seeping through his pores at the thought of how long the person might have been there – behind his back, neck craned over his shoulder, a good view of Kakashi jerking himself off frantically – and clenched his sticky hands.

If only the voyeur wasn't a fellow ANBU comrade, at least that way Kakashi could gain some satisfaction by killing the witness. But no…no matter how shocked and embarrassed he was, Kakashi wouldn't harm a fellow Leaf-nin. So, instead, the silver haired man gracefully slid to his feet and hiked his pants up over his underwear. He was ready to chew out the spy and report him (or her) to the Hokage about such intrusive behavior when a set of small hands scrambled for purchase on the other side of the bed. It was only then; only in the duration of watching the masked figure stand up, Kakashi took note upon the intruder's appearance – and size.

The male or female was tiny in stature, especially when in comparison to that of adults, furthermore making Kakashi wonder if the stranger was, indeed, a child. But the unusual height (and possibly age) wasn't what caught his attention. In fact, the spiky sunshine locks that protruded out from behind the mask had caught his attention by reminding him of his old sensei. Immediately that thought softened the Hatake's glare unintentionally.

Shaking his head and hastily detaching all thoughts of the kind father-like figure, Kakashi continued to scrutinize the stranger. The eyes were shadowed, although every now and then he could've sworn that he spotted a glimpse of icy blue behind the mask's eye-holes. And upon looking at the mask, the taller of the duo inwardly cringed at the sight of his seed smeared over the crimson colored whisker-like swirl markings that made the design on the white mask.

Kakashi sighed, slightly disgusted at himself for previously using his semen stained hand to bat away the supposed voyeur and accidentally smear it over the mask. Such disgust only increased as he watched the stranger raise a small, calloused finger and swipe across the creamy mess upon the mini-ANBU's mask. It was an awkward silence that followed as said ANBU quickly rubbed the offending substance upon Kakashi's clean bedspread. However, such silence didn't last long as a young voice (that sounded rough and unused) reached his ears.

''Lord Hokage requires your presence, Kakashi-senpai.''

Blinking at the owner of the young voice, Kakashi gave a numb nod, unable to move his mismatched eyes from the blonde-haired figure that bounded back towards his window, ready to exit. He quickly slipped out of his stupor through, wasting no time to fire a question to the odd, sunny-haired figure :

''And your name?''

''Ah,'' the soft voice began, obviously scolding him/herself for not introducing his codename before message. Hooded blue eyes flicked towards Kakashi before the stranger all but chirped an enthusiastic response. ''It's Betobeto-san!''

₁ - Betobeto-san: an invisible spirit that follows people at night, making the sound of footsteps. Most ANBU nicknames tend to be that of animals, yet canon ANBU 'Baku' is actually a mythological Japanese creature said to eat dreams and nightmares. So. Uh, yeah. Hm.