Trust Me

Authors note: Hi guys! So I've started this story that has been on my head for a while and I had to get it out. So basically this is about one very bad guy buried in Kono's past that makes reappearance as a suspect of conducting a drug operation. Steve and Danny have no idea why this guy brings up such a reaction in Kono but once Steve finds out… well, we'll just say his SEAL instincts kick in. I don't know exactly where this story is headed for now or if it'll be a case fic or if the case is just a background, but I'll figure it out as I go. Hope you guys like it and please review!

Chapter 1- What did he do to you?

It was just another day at the five-0 headquarters. The sun was shining through the windows and Danny and Kono sat at their desks focusing on overdue paperwork. It had been a relatively calm week and they were all dying to get a new case to work on. In the mean while they just reviewed old case files and made teasing small talk.

"Hey Danny, have you seen Chin?" Kono asked. Normally he was the first one to be there.

"Uh yeah, he called and said he was gonna be a little late. Should be here soon though."

Kono just nodded. It wasn't unusual for her cousin to not tell them where he was going when he disappeared. He would be there shortly.

"Uhhh, I swear if I write one more word in this report I will kill someone!" Danny moaned exhausted.

"I hear you brah!" Kono replied. She was getting tired of filling the reports too. She would do anything to have something to work on by now.

Luckily their salvation was about to cross through the doors. Or Kono's nightmare…

"Hey guys, we got a case!" Commander Steve Mcgarrett said as he passed the doors to the computer room.

"Finally!" two voices chorused in unison and they all headed to the computer room to look at the case.

"Chin will be right here." Kono said to Steve.

"Okay then, we'll get started. The governor called and said there was a major drug operation going on in Honolulu and that we will be responsible to stop it without raising too much problems. The governor wants to keep it quiet." Steve said as he uploaded photos on the big screen table.

"Ok. Who is running the operation then?" Danny asked.

"Well, according to this, we have three suspects…" Kono said as she read the case file. "Diego Camaradas, two assaults charges and did 6 months for possession of drugs, John Gilbert, did 18 months for attempt of robbery and Christopher Daniels, caught with unauthorized weapons and did 2 years in jail."

"Ok then, let's start with the phone records. Kono, pull the records of all of these men and check if they had any contact between them or if they ever met." Steve said still observing the photos of the three men. As he didn't hear a response from Kono, he turned around and looked at her.

"Kono, are you okay?" Steve asked, worried. She stood paralyzed with a pure face of horror looking at the screen with the photos. Steve followed her eye line and figured she was looking at the photo of Christopher Daniels.

"Kono, what's the matter?" Danny asked also aware of her face of horror looking at the photo of Christopher.

"Do you know him?" Steve asked. What was going on here?

Kono didn't move an inch, still paralyzed with her eyes locked on the photo. Her mouth hung slightly open in shock and she just couldn't bring herself to say a word. Too many gruesome memories at once. She couldn't believe she was facing him again, even though it was only on a screen. The memory was a little shaken, but it was definitely him. A wave of fear ran through her and she found herself taking a step back, and then two, and then three.

"Honey what is it?" Danny asked. He was getting really worried at this point. No one ever caused a reaction like this to their rookie. He chanced a glanced at Steve and saw the same concern there.

"No, no no no…" Kono found herself murmuring as she kept moving backwards, away from the table.

"Kono who is he?" By know Steve was ready to shout in frustration. Who the hell was he and why was she reacting like this? He then realized the trembling of her lip and the glistening of her eyes. She was trying to hold back tears.

As if on cue Chin arrived at that moment.

"Hey guys, we already got a case or…" Chin didn't finish is sentence as he saw the tensed atmosphere in the room. "Guys what's going on?" Chin asked.

He looked at Steve and Danny who were with their gaze focused on Kono. Chin looked at her and followed her eye line and he too was taken aback from the photo.

"Oh no." Was all Chin said.

"Ok, can somebody tell me what is going on here?" Danny asked. This was really getting bad.

Chin turned to look at his cousin just at the same time she turned to look at him. She finally found her voice.

"Don't you dare Chin!" Kono stated forcefully.

"Cousin…" Chin pleaded.

"Chin don't you dare!" Kono screamed while advancing at him. Tears were already flowing down her cheeks but before she could get to her cousin Danny grabbed her from behind.

"Kono, stop, stop! Tell me what's happening!" Danny asked her while trying to keep her back. She was able to get free though and started running towards the exit. Chin could see Steve starting to run after her but he stopped him by putting his arm in front of him.

"No, don't Steve. I'll go with her." Chin said and started walking rapidly towards the exit.

"Who the hell is he?" Steve and Danny asked at the same time.

"Do a more thorough back ground check on him. There should be a repost filed against him." Chin said while continuing his path.

"What kind of report against him?" Steve asked, desperate.

Chin stopped dead in his tracks and turned to the two very concerned men standing in the room. He took one long breath before he spoke.

"Raping a 17 year old girl."