Editor's Note/Disclaimer: Yo dudes, remember me? This is my first fic. Well, it isn't my fic, but you get the idea. I am not Marissa the Writer, but I am her friend/editor. Also, I don't own Portal.

Hi, my name is Marissa Roberts and I was doing tests with that other girl, Chell, but she was let out. GLaDOS had captured me in Aperture Science. She made me do bad tests. There was nothing fun about the tests and GLaDOS would never let me sleep or eat or use the bathroom or anything.

"FOR THE NEXT TEST YOU WILL WORK WITH ROBOTS!" GLaDOS screamed at me. Some robots came out of weird tubes and looked at me and I looked at them. The robots were as follows: one a blue ball and the other was a orange line thing. "THEIR NAMES ARE ATLAS AND P-BODY; NOW LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M SAD." Then GLaDOS started to listen to some Avril Lavinge music and cry. Ever since she realized she was a human before she became a goth-emo and was always getting on my nerves.

"Hi bitch, we are here to test you." Atlas shrugged. I was shocked at the cursing and glared to Atlas. P-Body was just staring at my breasts, so I kicked him his robot place. That made him angry, so he shot a portal at me and made me fall into it over and over and P-Body and Atlas were laughing at me. Atlas took out some drugs and he and P-Body STARTED TO SMOKE them. I was fed up with all of Aperture and jumped from the portals. I landed onto my long fall boots and glared at Atlas and P-Body.

I was so mad at those jerks for portalling me and calling me a bitch, ( EN: BITCH GODDAMN FUCKING BASTARD AS WHORE AS BITCH SLUT! UMAD?) so I portalled them too and I saw how they like it; they didn't. Atlas glared at me and P-Body said "You broke our drugs, now you will pay!" And he punched me right in the face! I started crying from the pain and those jerks just laughed at me and tried to beat me up some more with their portal guns.

Several hours later I was crying in a pool of blood while THOSE JERK ROBTS did more drugs and drank beer and past out. There was a window above me and I looked out and saw the moon where Wheatley was. I missed him so much like a guy I missed a bunch. Tears dropped down my face so Atlas and P=body started lolling at me again and calling me names like "Fat ugly bitch-ass skank whore-slut!" I stared right at their laughing faces and said my first words!

"YOU GUYZ ARE SO RUDE I HATE YOU!" And I ran off holding my portal gun in one hand and holding nothing in my other hand because it was empty. My hair was streaming behind me and all the robots were saying how pretty and hot I was so I yelled at them too and said a lot of cusses so they stopped yelling at me. "Why can't I just be a normal girl going to high school and have a boyfriend that isn't space lost!" I cried and hugged the place where the baby was going to be was.

There was a strange noise coming from the next room and I looked in an saw…. GLaDOS was cutting herself! "CHELL IM SOOOOOO SORRY I NEVER TOLD YOU YOUR SISTER'S NAME IS REALLY MARISSA ROBERTS AN SHE HAVE SPECIAL POWERS AND CAN SAVE THE WORLD IF SHE BELIEVES!" Then robot blood started going everywhere and I realized that….. GLaDOS had committed suicide!

EN: This was painful to write.