A/N: As you can guess, this is my first fanfic for the Hot Shots/Everybody's/Minna no series. But this is also my first Mario fanfic. As such... You guessed it, crossover. It will combine elements from both Mario Tennis & Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (a.k.a. Everybody's/Minna no Tennis Portable). But it will be split into three separate stories.

This is the first of three stories featuring 31 characters from both universes. Enjoy.

Mario Tennis: (c) 2000 Nintendo/Camelot Co. Ltd.
Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip: (c) 2010 SCE/Clap Hanz

Chapter 1: Tournament Invitation & Intense Training

Five months have passed... And in a small island west of Chile, there lies an apartment condo hidden in the forest like a chameleon hiding from its attackers. It may seem like a place that anyone can live in, assuming they have lots of money or have won the lottery. But inside the apartment complex... is a facility that has one large tennis court that seems like it was inside a spaceship.

However, there was an entirely different matter involved in a meeting room in the facility. A young woman with pink hair, wearing a uniform-like light beige vest and a black skirt, had her arms crossed. She then looked over at fourteen other people who were sitting at the table. She turned around, lowered her arms and put her smiling facade, saying "So... We got a invitation from a plumber named Mario. He says that there is a series of tournaments coming. So, we have to be in tip-top shape for that series of tournaments. You will be facing some stiff competiton from Mario and his friends. Some of you will be taking part in the tournaments in singles and some of you will team up in doubles. In short, let's do our best and win one for the Love Tennis Club!"

The other 14 members pumped their fists in the air. The young woman continued, "I would also like to let you all know that our spots in the tournaments are predetermined based on your skill level and how well you handle yourselves on the court. Some of you have already made it to the Mushroom Cup, which is the first tournament in the series. Some of you will show in the Flower Cup, which is the second tournament in the series. Some of you are in the last and top tournament in the series, the Star Cup. So, all of you need to be in top form in these tournaments in order to succeed."

"Whoa..." A young spiky-haired boy with a sky blue headband thought, "We're actually taking on the great Mario?"

"This is like a dream come true!" The girl with a yellow shirt, a red skirt and a pink hairband over her red hair thought, "I can't believe Zeta would come to us and tell her this news! After what had happened to the club five months ago, I would have never forgiven her, but she is giving us this news! How wonderful!"

While it's true that the pink-haired woman named Zeta founded the Love Tennis Club, only to enslave athletes into playing tennis in an attempt to take over the world, the spiky-haired boy named Hugo and the red-haired girl named Emily made Zeta come to her senses, and turned the club around to spread the happiness and joy of tennis worldwide... the right way.

Zeta then said, "We are scheduled to head to the Mushroom Kingdom in three days. So, make sure you are fit by that time. Good luck to all of you."

All the fifteen core members headed to their homes to pack-up and prepare for the trip. Each of them knew that they have a huge test ahead of them. The idea of playing against the legendary Mario is what is inside their minds. Soon, they began their individual training...

At the lush Nagisa Hill park in the east end of London, Emily put her serving game to work. She finished her second year of university and continues to support the activities of the New Love Tennis Club, under Zeta's newfound leadership and partial guidance of her partner, Hugo. She grew fond of how the club is running now.

As she was serving each ball right into the service zones, she thought, "I'm glad of how the club is running now. I was so afraid of how Zeta was running it before. But, I'm glad Hugo and I convinced her to turn it around."

She began to think about how well she might play against Mario. She would engage in a long rally that includes lobs, smashes and drop shots. She would incorporate net play into her gameplan. There were loads of possibilities of what Emily can do when the time comes.

After a flat serve that clocked in at 109 miles per hour, Emily rubbed her arm on her head, knowing she did a good job. "OK..." She said to herself, putting on her trademark charming smile, "I'm ready for anything now!"

At a tennis court in a rural area in Japan, known as Sunflower Village, Hugo put his returns to work by setting up three tennis ball machines at varying areas of the court. As a ball flew out of the machine, Hugo began to vary his returns from simple topspin shots to highly complex drop shots. He continued to support the New Love Tennis Club, under Zeta's new leadership and partial guidance of his partner, Emily.

Three months after Zeta's world takeover plan fell through after his victory over her, Hugo started to date Emily. Despite the fact that their respective home grounds are hundreds of miles apart, they both are able to make their relationship work, especially since they both meet as members of the Love Tennis Club.

Hugo smirked when he pretended the balls coming to him are Mario's returns. Just like his girlfriend, he imagined himself playing against the legendary plumber with every hint of confidence. Hugo was able to produce smashes and high lobs with no effort.

After he successfully returned 50 balls to the other end of the court, Hugo rotated his arms and cried, "I'm ready! Bring it on, Mushroom Kingdom!"

A young spiky black-and-blonde-haired boy named Troy headed back to his old training grounds, known as the Nakagawa Tennis Club. He approached his teachers, Kentaro and Yamamoto and said, "Look who's headin' to the Mushroom Kingdom!"

"Wow, Troy!" Kentaro, a teacher in a blue and white shirt, cried, "You're already living to your potential! You're gonna take on Mario's world!"

Knowing that Troy was a tennis prodigy at such a young age, he was able to produce at his full potential. Five months ago, he had lots of problems achieving his goals and was throwing fits at his Nakagawa peers. He settled down quite considerably, since joining the Love Tennis Club.

"That's quite amazing, Troy!" Yamamoto, a teacher in a red-orange shirt, agreed, "We, at the Nakagawa Tennis Club, wish you well at the tournaments!"

"I need to hone in on my skills NOW!" Troy cried out, "I want to be ready when I take on Mario and his little friends!"

"That's the spirit, Troy!" Kentaro agreed, "Let's get you set up!"

A young blonde girl with a long-sleeved blue shirt, a silver skirt and matching boots entered Jocksford University and went straight to the outdoor field. Two boys, one with a full-on football uniform with the matching yellow helmet and a very tall basketball player, approached her. "Is it true, Bridget?" The football player asked, "Are you heading to the Mushroom Kingdom to play tennis against Mario and his friends?"

"Why, yes, Kobe and Jason!" The girl cried, with her trademark enthusiasm, "I'll hopefully be the one taking on Mario!"

"Wow..." The basketball player exclaimed, "That's the highest honour at... Anything! I sure wish it happened to me..."

Bridget was known at Jocksford University as the head of their cheerleading team, as well as an exceptional tennis player. Five months ago, she could not balance her cheerleading duties and her tennis game. Since joining the Love Tennis Club, she found out that her destiny lies in her tennis game.

"I know, Jason." Bridget replied, somewhat sadly, "I wanted my old friends to cheer me on."

"Don't worry about it, Bridget!" Kobe cried, "We'll find our own way to get to the Mushroom Kingdom and cheer you on!"

"Yeah!" Jason agreed, "We'll help you prepare for the big day!"

"Thanks, guys!" Bridget cried, "Let's get to work!"

Outside the World Television Studio Building A, a grey-haired man with a black vest, blue jeans, brown shoes and an armband stepped out of his convertible car and waved at his fans. Some of the screaming girls fainted at the sight of him. He walked into the lobby of the studio, passed through reception and waited outside the studio's doors.

Inside the studio, there was a crowd sitting around the tennis court, with the cameras rolling.

"Ladies and gentlemen," an old man cried, "Welcome to another episode of 'The Tennis Hour'. I'm your host, Simon. And today, we have a real special guest. He used to star in a whole lot of movies, but now he's a star on the tennis court. Now, this Love Tennis Club member is slated to take on the Mushroom Kingdom in the coming days. Please welcome into the studio, former movie star and full-time tennis star... Colin!"

The studio doors opened and the grey-haired man walked by, waving at the crowd and shook hands with Simon. The audience was cheering and whooping at the sight of Colin. He then sat down at the red chair next to Simon's table.

"Well, well, Colin..." Simon began, "It's been a while since you've been at this studio."

"Yes, it's true." Colin replied, with his trademark British accent, "It has been a while. I'm starting to think that I was losing my fanbase."

The crowd gasped. Colin laughs, "Just kiddin', everyone."

The crowd began to laugh. "Actually, since I moved on to tennis, my fanbase has increased tenfold."

That part was true. While Colin had quite a good fanbase while he was a movie star, he was struggling to balance his acting career and tennis, after his interest in the sport grew. Since joining the Love Tennis Club five months ago, his interest in tennis grew tenfold and as a result, he left his acting career to become a full-time tennis player and loved it ever since.

"So, Colin," Simon asked, "We heard that you're heading to the Mushroom Kingdom to take on their tournaments. Is that true?"

"Why, yes, it is." Colin answered truthfully, "I will hopefully take on the Mushroom Kingdom's best tennis player, Mario. I heard he's the star of the tennis court."

"Really?" Simon cried, "As far as I can tell, Mario has won 36 matches in a row, heading into this year's tournaments. Does that scare you?"

"No." Colin replied, "Statistics don't matter to me. What matters is that how hard you work on the court. That will lead to greater success. Say... Speaking of hard work, how 'bout a match on the court right now? I feel the need to work on my skills to prepare for the tournaments."

"Ladies and gentlemen," Simon exclaimed, "We're having a tennis match here live! Who will Colin select to be our opponent today?"

Colin got up and looked around the studio. He pointed at a young red-haired girl in an anime-style costume. "Akari, I choose you!" Colin cried

The girl gasped and smiled, "I promise I will give it my all!"

A young black haired girl with white tights, a purple dress with matching shoes and tiny hat approached her home, the Victor Mansion. Many maids and butlers noticed her and cried, "Miss Amorette! Pleased to see you!"

The girl, named Amorette, whiffed her hair a bit as she walked toward the mansion. She loves playing tennis, but was enjoying it less five months ago. But, she would realize that everyone in the mansion was purposely holding back so she can be victorious, since they know what might happen if they won. She joined the Love Tennis Club as a result and learned newer techniques from both her peers and challengers.

A brown-haired man in overalls approached her and cried, "Miss Amorette! I can't help but hear the rumors, but I want to ask... Is this true? You're heading to the Mushroom Kingdom to play tennis?"

"Why, yes, Gerald." Amorette, in her old-style Victorian accent, replied, "Hopefully, it will be I who will play against Mario."

"Well..." Gerald replied, "Good luck to you!"

"Right." Amorette said as she clapped her hands, "A match... Right now, please. I want to hone in on my skills. Oh, and no holding back. I would like to be challenged."

"You got it, Miss Amorette!" Gerald replied

At a castle area in Japan, a young man with hair as if it popped out of a volcano and sported a white and blue robe, walked around. Just then, two ninjas dropped in front of him. "Where have you been, Lord Toshi?" The blue ninja cried, "We've been looking for you! The whole Shiranui royal castle has been looking for you!"

"Relax, Kamui and Tae." Toshi, the young robe-wearing man answered, "I just came back from a meeting from the Love Tennis Club."

Toshi is the 17th Aoi shogunate. The Aoi family is one of the most powerful clans in feudal-era Japan and still exists today. He sees tennis as a samurai tradition and as such, he exhibits samurai behaviour on the court. For instance, he uses his racket as a katana. He remains a good asset to the Love Tennis Club, since joining.

"So, it's true?" Tae, the female ninja, cried, "You're heading to the Mushroom Kingdom to battle tennis warriors, Lord Toshi?"

"Yes." Toshi answered, "Hopefully, I will be the one to lock swords with this plumber named Mario."

"Mario, huh?" Kamui said, "I heard he's good. Good luck with that."

"Thanks." Toshi replied, "How about you humor me with a match to hone in on my skills?"

"Er..." Tae began,

"Sure." Kamui replied, "Whatever you say, Lord Toshi."

In an island resort near Hawaii, a young girl with an island dress and a tulip on her brown hair walked around and reached a settlement area. An old man approached her and asked, "How was your journey, Lani?"

"It's going great, grandpa!" Lani replied, "I'm learning something new each day!"

"That's good..." Her grandfather replied, "I do have some news for you..."

"What is it?" Lani asked, with the hint of excitedness that can make someone scream for joy, "Am I queen of Laguna Island now, grandpa?"

Her grandfather, known as Jaran, is king of Laguna Island for as long as Lani can remember. He has supported her at every cause, including the tennis match-style trials to approach queendom which began five months ago. She failed at the third trial, but she was given a fourth trial: to join the Love Tennis Club to hone in on her skills and become a better athlete, so that one day she'll become a true queen at Laguna Island.

"While it's true that you're ascending in skills and becoming stronger in the process," King Jaran began, "You do pass the Fourth Trial."

Lani began to jump up and down and cheer, until... "BUT..." King Jaran continued, "You now have a Fifth Trial!"

"What?" Lani cried out, putting her celebration on hold

"I see that you will head into the Mushroom Kingdom and take on their finest tennis players." King Jaran continued, "Come back with a trophy and you will pass the trial."

"OK!" Lani cried, displaying her usual happy and gleeful personality "I will come back, becoming Laguna Island's first champion in a Mushroom Kingdom tournament!"

"Good luck, Lani." King Jaran said, "How about a match to hone in on your skills?"

"OK!" Lani cried, "Let's go!"

At Tianlongshan Dojo, a temple hidden deep in the Kowloon Mountains in China, an old grey-haired man with a pigtail brushed his brown kung fu outfit as he exited the inside of the dojo. Following him outside was a young woman with buns on her black hair and wearing a blue Chinese dress.

"So, Master Fong," the young woman began, "You're leaving the dojo again?"

"Yes, I am, Wanlei." the old man replied, "Hopefully, my teachings here at this dojo will be applied at the courts in the Mushroom Kingdom."

Master Fong defined martial arts and tennis when he ran the Tianlongshan Dojo and at age 80, he continues to lead harsh sessions with his students. At times, he will succumb to his own silliness in front of his students. He had asked his students to face him in order for them to discover the Secret of his teachings. He eventually found out that the Secret was discipline. As a result, he joined the Love Tennis Club to relax and play tennis.

"The one named Mario will be tough..." Fong began, "But I intend to face him, if I get the chance!"

"Would you like to have a match with me to be ready, Master Fong?" Wanlei asked,

"Yes, Wanlei." Master Fong replied, "I would like that very much."

In an office at a high skyscraper in New York, a young woman whose skin is as black as night was looking over her old desk. She was looking at varying trophies. She then smiled at the recent trophy she got: the trophy for winning the tournament at Central Phoenix, one of the most prominent tennis tournaments in the world.

Just then, a door opened behind her. An old man, with a beret and a pair of grey overalls approached the young woman. He then spoke to her, "Well, Sam... This is it. You're really moving on up in the tennis world."

"Thanks, dad." The young woman replied, "That win at Central Phoenix was just what I needed. Now I can let it go."

By 'it', it means her grudge against Rolf, an elite tennis player, who ended her tennis career at last year's Central Phoenix tournament. At the time, she was balancing between her job as president of Dubno Company, a large executive firm in the United States, and her tennis career. After the loss, she chose her to put business career first, hanging up her racket for good. But that fire was not completely put out. She ended up joining the Love Tennis Club and avenging her loss to Rolf at this year's tournament five months ago.

"Well... We, the Dubno Company, have co-sponsored the tournaments at the Mushroom Kingdom this year." Sam's father, named Jonathan said, "I should expect that you do well at the tournaments this year. You'll see some new faces this time around."

"I sure will." Sam replied, "If this guy, Mario is as good as people say he is, then I might be a worthy challenger to him."

"Good luck to you, my daughter." Jonathan said, and then asked, "How 'bout a match for old times' sake?"

"You got it... Father." Sam replied and they headed to the elevator to the rooftop where a tennis court is located...

At an empty Central Phoenix tennis court in the heart of Bonn, Germany, a large blonde-haired man wearing his white tennis attire (headband, shirt, shorts, shoes and wristbands) looked around. He began to speak, with a thick German accent, "Well, this is a day I did not imagine. I'm actually playing different opponents this year."

A large young man with a red shirt and black shorts and had dreadlocks on his hair walked over and cried, "Still mulling over that challenge, Rolf?"

The German man turned around to face his speaker. "You're just jealous, Abel." Rolf said, "Facing the Mushroom Kingdom's best shows that I'm ready for anything! I'll perform at my usual best this year!"

Rolf, until the Central Phoenix competition that happened five months ago, had focused solely on winning competitions that he forgot how to have fun. Every year, it would be the same field of opponents that participate in the Central Phoenix. This year, though... He was stunned by Sam Miller, who Rolf did not know that she was a member of the Love Tennis Club, a group of people who spreads the love and joy of tennis. Since joining, he grew to love and enjoy tennis.

"Your perspective of the sport has changed." Abel admitted, "I know you're gonna have a lot of fun, facing everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Hmph." Rolf said, "This plumber, Mario, seems like no challenge to me. If I should face him, I'll give him a good workout that he will never forget."

"Well, then..." Abel began, "Prepare yourself, brother. Let's have a match to prepare for the big match!"

"All right, then." Rolf agreed, whiffing his left arm, "You're on!"

Zeta looks on at the view from her office at the New Love Tennis Club Headquarters at an island west of Chile. She wore her usual grey skirt, and a white vest with a pink shirt underneath.

She thought, "I'm glad Emily and Hugo have stood by and changed my perspective on tennis... I had been so focused on my world takeover plan that I forgot how much fun tennis can be. Now, that we're all heading to the Mushroom Kingdom in three days... I can't wait to see how much fun Mario and his friends will have."

"Speaking of which..." Zeta thought as she engulfed herself in a sky blue light. She came back, now in a black jumpsuit with neon purple lines. "I'd better prepare myself. I want to see how good this plumber, Mario, is if I do get a chance to face him."

She headed off to a tennis court in the underground part of the headquarters...