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As soon as he'd heard word of her return, he knew better to check her desk for her presence. Despite the absence of her signature perfume, he knew that she wasn't anywhere inside the building. The cold night air washed against his skin as he slid open the court yard doors and made his way over to the bench, swinging his laser cane left to right. The running water was calming as he simply sat there feeling her presence close to his right on the bench. Even though he knew she was safe and back in the office, feeling her next to him dissolved the knot in his chest that he'd had since he'd heard the mission had gone southward.

He gently rested his hand on her leg, "You did what you could, Annie. No other agent would've done it differently."

She let out a breath of air, "Please, Auggie. Don't try and make this easier for me. It was my fault he got away... All those months of work were for nothing."

Auggie could hear the regret and self-loath in her words. He turned in the direction of her voice, "Hey, none of this is your fault. No one could've predicted the ruse. And no one could've handled it better than you did. You worked with what was dealt to you, and you did a good job with it."

"I should've taken the shot." There was frustration and regret layering her words.

They both knew that if she had taken the shot she wouldn't have been sitting there. From what he'd heard from Joan after her debriefing Annie was outnumbered three to one, and had she pulled the trigger, she would've been dead before Ishkoff hit the floor. The operation she'd been sent on was complicated and dangerous but it wasn't something she hadn't been in before. What no one predicted was that Ishkoff had been tipped off about our arrival, and Annie barely scraped herself outer there. Then things had gone AWOL.

"Annie, your aim above all is to get back home safe. Never forget that." He heard her hair rustle as she nodded her head, but there seemed to be further turmoil raging within her, "What does your famous gut instincts tell you?"

"That this was just the beginning."

Auggie felt the tension in the room simmering as he stood about the other agents. No one had been able to tell him why everyone in the DPD had been brought to attention as Joan and Arthur stood near the railing near his office. As Annie wasn't here, he'd assumed Joan had forced her to take a short leave allowing her to have a rest period from the mission. He knew she would've argued Joan's' command, but once Joan gave you an order, there was no going against it. It still didn't explain the atmosphere in the room and that reforming knot in his chest that had subsided from yesterday. His thoughts came to a halt as Arthur spoke.

"Good morning," every voice in the room immediately stopped, "I'm afraid we're here under unfortunate circumstances. Last night one of our own operatives from the C.I.A. was killed in the line of duty. The loss of life of any public servant is tragic. But at the agency it is the rarest of events." Auggie felt his gut clench at the terrible loss of a C.I.A. agent. Whether he knew them or not, it was still painful. "Until the time when Joan or myself can inform you on a need to know bases, all I can say is... we've lost a good operative."

Auggie closed his eyes and felt the tension in the air turn to one of sorrow and regret before he felt an arm gently touch his shoulder. "Auggie, I need to see you in my office."

Joan didn't utter another word until he heard the door to her office click shut. "Sit down Auggie, the couch is to your left."

Auggie sat down his expression was of confusion as to why he was here.

He felt the cushion next to him move as Joan sat down on his left, "Auggie, I'm deeply sorry to inform you like this and I wish I could have said something sooner... We lost Annie."

Arthur Campbell's words rang through his head; we've lost a good operative. His chest constricted as the last of his breath whooshed out from his lungs. They'd lost Annie? His entire body felt numb and broken, barely holding together. She was everything to him. It was as if he'd lost his unit all over again, but the hole it left in its wake was so much more than it'd been three years ago.

"How?" It surprised him that he was even able to form words.

Joan steadied herself, keeping her emotions in check, "They believe there was an explosion of some sorts and it took Annie and her sister's family with it." A tear escaped out of the corner of his eye as he processed what Joan was saying. "We believe that Ishkoff Vivaldi uncovered who she was and had her targeted."

Joan saw the haunted gleam in his eyes as she placed a hand on his shoulder, "We'll get him, you can count on that."

One year later...

"Mishka Olivanti, deceased. Augustus Ivanoff, deceased. Doshcka Fedorov, deceased. Sergei Alekseev, deceased. Can anyone care to explain what the problem is?"

Auggie heard Stu and Jai smirk next to him. To everyone in the DPD there was absolutely nothing wrong with Ishkoff's close members of his circle dropping like flies. Ever since the agency lost Annie Walker Joan had a small portion of the DPD to focus directly on Ishkoff's location and operations. Ishkoff had been off the radar completely for an at least a year now. But the determination and intent on finding the son of a bitch was still easily seen in each of the operative's eyes.

Joan had noticed the changes in Auggie as time had worn on. His small bantering still continued, but it showed no sign of real humour or wicked glint when he said them. He'd work into the small hours of the morning and be at Langley at first light, and had no time for anyone else who wasn't working directly on their case. He'd sit through countless audio sippets that were obtained before Ishkoff went off the map and try and piece together anything that remotely related to where they could find him. There wasn't a doubt in Joan's mind that had her believe that Annie had never strayed far from his thoughts every single day.

Joan about to give up on the question and drill them about not answering her was stopped as Jai spoke, "We weren't the ones to take them out."

Joan nodded and circled a picture of a head with a question mark in it. "We've managed to narrow it down to a single person doing the take outs."

"You mean white shadow." Stu's voice piped up.

Joan gave him a stern look wiping the smirk off his face before continuing. "What do we know about this person Jai?"

"The take outs are all at point blank range, but we haven't been able to match the forensics of the bullet markings to any weapon we can trace. We also know from Mishka and Doshcka's bruising that this person is trained in combat, aiming blows that indicate close hand to hand fights." From the rumours that had flowed around the ten man group of this operation, this person was a force to be reckoned with. Auggie thought back to when Stu had created the name White Shadow, and couldn't find a more fitting name. Someone was out there who was taking out those responsible for Annie's death resembling the imitation of a ghost. No one had any clue who this person was or what they wanted. Auggie had become more and more frustrated with this person as the killings had gone on. Yes, the person was doing them a favour, but it was unwanted in Auggie's eyes. He wanted nothing more than to be the last person that any of those bastards saw. He wanted to be the one who took them down, one by one, as inhumane as possible. But that wasn't going to happen as long as Joan held Auggie's reigns close to her chest.

"I got eyes on White Shadow!" Barber called from behind Auggie as every eye in the room turned eagerly towards him.

"Up on the screen, Barber" Joan turned her attention to the giant computer screen at the front of the room, everyone else following suit.

"That's not eyes, it's a picture. And you can't even see the face." Jai was quick to dismiss Barber's discovery as the blurry image of White Shadow filled the screen. "It's a body with no head."

Auggie moved to Joan's side, his voice calm yet intense, "Joan, tell me what you see."

"It's a woman. I can't see the head but those are definitely a woman's features. About 5'7, slender figure, I can't make out any identifying features, though. Where was this picture taken, Barber?"

Fingers hitting keys was the only noise in the room, "Gare Nice Ville train station, two days ago."

"Nice? Do we know where the trains were heading around that time?" Auggie turned his head in Barber's direction.

More tapping of keys before he responded to Auggie's question, "There was a train to Venice."

Joan's voiced spoke to everyone in the room as she made orders, "I want everyone checking the Venice stations for that train and footage of anyone matching the description we have, move it people." Joan turned and saw that Auggie had disappeared from her side and caught the back of him just as he was moving out the doors towards his office.

As soon as Auggie had heard Venice something from his research clicked. He hustled back to his desk and began searching through the data bases they had created on Ishkoff. Locating the audio clip, he ran it through translation once more and lifted his head phones to his ears.

"They will enjoy the masquerade party; I only hope it doesn't echo loudly enough to pierce the walls."


"Joan, what time of the year is the Venice Masquerade Ball?"

"Around February, Why?"

"Because, Ishkoff has a villa somewhere near the main square and I bet you any money that's where our White Shadow is heading next."

Joan processed this as Auggie's hands flashed across his keyboard, reading the brail. "How do you know this Auggie?"

"One of the Audio clips mentions having walls that could echo the noise of the Masquerade Ball, meaning that he owns a place close by."

"Auggie we have to be certain-

Auggie yanked his headphones from his ears, "I wouldn't bother doing this Joan if I didn't have full belief that I was right. Go with me on this."

"Ok," Auggie was rarely surprised anymore but Joan's simple acceptance of his discovery managed to raise his attention. "I'll get it set up."

Auggie let himself relish in the idea of having Ishkoff in their reach before this White Shadow had a chance to snag him before them. He wanted the opportunity for himself.

...For Annie.

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