Ok, first off, copyright goes to those who rightfully own it. I don't own the Green Hornet.

Yes, I did take the characters from the 1960's TV show but I've put them in today's time frame. This is to allow the use of modern day technology. Also, I'm not a doctor (barely passed high school biology) so if I make mistakes involving medical procedures, practices, ect, please let me know and I'll fix it. Nicely please. We're all adults here. Use constructive criticism please.

Actually, anything that needs fixing, please let me know and I'll fix it. Finally, I'm kinda proud of how Donnie turned out and would like to do more stories with her. That is, if the majority wants more.

As my writing teacher put it: "Don't be too nice to each other but don't be too mean either." Enjoy what I hope is the first in a long line of stories.

Another challenge for the Green Hornet, his aide Kato and their rolling arsenal, the Black Beauty. On police records a wanted criminal, the Green Hornet is really Britt Reid, owner/publisher of the Daily Sentinel. His dual identity known only to his secretary and to the district attorney. And now, to protect the rights and lives of decent citizens, rides the Green Hornet.

Bad Medicine


As I choke on charcoal fumes, I wonder how the hell I ended up in this mess. I had fought my way out of Gotham's violent Park Row. I was four years shy of being a real doctor. Heck, I had even found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Not that it matters now. At least Uncle Frank has captured Manuel. Kato and Casey will have one less thing to worry about. St. Jude's Hospital will be ok. Mike will even have the story of a lifetime. And Britt…I hope the end comes quick.