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Kid stumbled through the streets of Death City clutching his stomach. His legs grew weaker with every step he took, blood trickled down the wounds inflicted all over his body. The sound of a group yelling from behind him made Kid attempt to move faster, but the mind numbing pain that shot through his body refrained him from doing so. The sound of footsteps became louder as the group approached, the leader of the group yelling after him.
"Hey OCD freak get back here!" The leader went into a sprint in an attempt to catch up to the shinigami. Kid collapsed onto the ground as a fist collided with his back. His head smashed into the pavement causing the skin to break letting streams of crimson blood find its way from Kid's head to the pavement.
"Fag!" Was yelled at Kid as laughter emitted from the group as they collided their foots with his body. Kid was confused but thankful as the group stopped their abuse. He heard the loud patter of footsteps as the group ran off, he could barely hear the sound of voices approaching from another street before the everything seemed to disappear from Kid's mind as everything suddenly went dark.

Soul, Maka, Crona, Black Star and Tusbaki were all heading to Maka's and Soul's apartment like they always did on Friday night to watch a movie, Patty and Liz had went off to look for Kid. He had disappeared in the middle of the day and had the group of friends worried, Liz and Patty being Kid's weapons had volunteered to go find Kid and bring him to the apartment so they could all watch their movies that they had gotten for their movie night.

Patty and Liz were wondering the streets of Death City trying to find their meister when they heard yelling coming from a near by street. They both decided to head that way and see what was going on to cause such a great amount of noise. As they rounded the corner they saw a group of teenagers running back down the street. Patty looked around in confusion until her gaze came upon a tangled heap of limbs on the ground lying in a pool of blood. She emitted a high pitched squeal as she recognized the figure.

"KID!" she yelled while sprinting over and squatting in front of the unconscious boy. Liz had heard her sister yell and run over to a body on the ground. As she heard the work 'Kid' escape through her sisters lips she screamed herself and dashed over to the boy. Withe the help of Liz, Patty and Liz picked up the boy and made a mad dash towards Soul's and Maka's place.

"I Black Star have gotten the perfect movie for us to watch tonight!" Black Star all but screeched as he pumped his fist into the air excitedly, almost falling off the couch. Tusbaki giggled at the actions of her friend as she came from within the kitchen holding popcorn and chips for them to eat as they watched the film. There was a frantic knock at the door followed by Liz yelling.

"Open this door NOW or we WILL break it down!" at hearing the urgency in her voice Maka hurriedly got off the couch and opened the door only to be pushed out of the way by Patty, making Maka fall to the ground. "Hey what was that-" she stopped mid sentence as she saw what the twin pistols were carrying.
Liz and Patty set Kid on the floor, Liz ran off to get the first aid kit while Patty took off Kid's jacket and shirt to expose the wounds. Liz ran back into the room and cleaned the wounds as well as wrapping them in bandages.
The room was dead silent everyone except for Liz and Patty were staring wide eyes at Kid as he lied there on the ground.
"Black Star move so we can put him on the couch!" She screamed in Black Stars face which sent him flying off the couch allowing Liz to lay kid on it. There was a thick heavy silence that fell upon the group.

It had been an hour since Liz and Patty showed up and now everyone was sitting around the table.

"So what happened?" Maka was the first brave enough to ask. The rest of the group looked at Liz and Patty for an answer.
"We don't know exactly we just found him lying in the street like that." Liz said sadly.
"There was a group of people running in the opposite direction we came from." Patty pointed out the detail her sister had missed. Everyone sat there in shock.
The silence was broken as Kid slowly awoke and sat up slowly groaning in pain as he did so. Everyone's head shot towards his direction as they all gave him worried looks.
Concern filled Soul as he looked at Kid, he had been harboring feelings for the shinigami for quite some time. Seeing him like this made him feel as if he was going to break into tears. He didn't, but the only thing he could manage his voice wavering.
"Kid, what happened?"

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