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Kid awoke from the first peaceful sleep he had had in he didn't know how long, he was surrounded by a comfortable warmth, a welcoming and familiar smell and a moving pillow. Wait moving? As Kid focused on what he was rested on he soon realised that not only was his pillow lightly rising up and down, but it also had a heartbeat. In a sudden panic Kid pushed himself up his eyes opening and looking around frantically. Staring down on what he had slept on he saw the sleeping form of a certain albino. The memories of the night before all came rushing back to him and slowly but surely a small smile graced his lips. Soul looked so peaceful in his sleep and Kid couldn't help but slowly lower himself back down onto the others clothed chest and just listen to the others breathing.

Kid's eyes started to swell up with tears as he remembered the course of events these past few weeks, now that he regained his memories he stared down at the sheets with stinging eyes. He couldn't imagine how horrible it was for Soul to have the one that you love forget about you. He wouldn't have survived this long if their roles had been reversed. A few tears slowly began to make their way down his cheeks, too distracted he didn't realise that the body beneath him started to stir until a warm and soft hand was placed on his forehead moving his fringe out of his face.

Pained gold clashed with concerned crimson irises as Soul lifted Kid's head to look at the other's face. "Kid what's wrong?" Soul asked softly as he looked the other in the eyes, he didn't know exactly how much Kid had remembered but he knew that he had remembered enough that it upset him. Without warning Kid launched himself on top of Soul, burying his face in his neck. Soul could feel the hot tears as they hit his cool bare skin. His arms instinctively went to wrap themselves around the others torso trying to comfort the sobbing boy.

"I-I'm so sorry! Oh god I'm sorry!" Kid sobbed, but it was muffled due to his face being buried in the others neck. Soul was shocked at first. Why was Kid apologizing to him? He had done nothing wrong. Had he? Soul moved Kid's head out of his shoulder and in front of his face so he could clearly see Kid's tear stained face. He had both hands planted on either side of Kid's face, the pad of his thumbs lightly stroking his cheeks swiping away the tears. Kid's frame was shaking but not as violently as before as he slowly started to calm himself. Soul tried to enjoy the closeness; he hadn't been this close to the other ever since the day in the infirmary when they had found out Kid lost his memories.

"I'm so sorry Soul, I'm sorry I forgot. I don't know how you could stand it!" Kid cried softly almost in a whisper as he gazed deeply into the others ruby irises. A look of realisation dawned upon the albino's features as he saw the regret and sadness in the other's eyes. So he had remembered them, he must have regained all of his memories the night before. "Oh god I'm sorry, I love you so much." Kid whispered as the tears slowly started to stop. This time it was Soul whose eyes began to tear up out of sheer happiness at hearing those words that it had seemed as if years had gone by since he had last heard them.

Soul pulled Kid's face down towards him crashing his lips onto Kid's. He kissed him slowly, softly but with a passion that no one could deny. Soul felt the happiness course through his veins as Kid parted his lips allowing his tongue entry into the warm, moist cavern. They tasted the tangy salt of their shed tears mixed together, but neither cared too caught up in their own little world for it to bother them. Both had never felt happier than they were now, with each other. They didn't know how long it lasted, but it felt as if hours had gone by as time seemed to have stopped as they pulled each other closer, getting lost in the others taste. Much to both of their distaste they broke away from the other's lips as the lack of oxygen burned at their lungs. A single string of saliva still connected their slightly parted, kiss swollen lips.

Neither could help the large smiles that took over their faces as Soul pulled Kid into a tight embrace. With Kid's face nuzzled in his neck, his breathe ghosting over his skin, and the scent that was purely Kid invading his senses he couldn't be happier. He had finally gotten Kid back, gotten his love, the bearer of his heart, his other half. He had Kid.

Patty couldn't contain her excitement as she looked upon the two love struck boys who had their fingers laced with one another's. They looked so happy and content as they sat on the park bench of their usual basketball court as they waited for the rest of their friends to arrive. Not being able to contain herself Patty rushed ahead of her sister, Maka, and Tusbaki towards the two boys. "Hey Soul, hey Kid~~!" She yelled in a sing song voice while running up to them waving her hand in the air as she approached. They both smiled as greeted her Kid sitting so close to Soul that he was practically sitting in his lap. Patty giggled at how cute they were together seeing that they could keep their hands or eyes off of each other for too long.

As soon as the other three girls got to the court they started to chat with one another. "So I'm assuming that Kid regained his memories?" Maka and Liz asked already having a pretty good idea that the answer was yes.

"Yeah, he did last night." Soul smiled as he looked at Kid. Patty being the pervert she secretly is took it the wrong way and looked at the two with a perverted grin. Kid caught sight of this grin and instantly flushed a deep shade of crimson knowing what the youngest Thompson sister was thinking.

"Patty you pervert we didn't do...that." Kid stated embarrassed, hiding his face in Soul's shoulder. At Kid's words Soul's cheeks also turned to a light pink hue as he looked at Patty in shock who just smiled at him innocently as the other girls giggled.

"Well I think that Lord Death would want to know that Kid has regained his memories, but I think you two deserve some time with one another." She said as the other girls nodded. "So we'll go tell him." She finished smiling brightly at the two as she and the other girls took their leave and headed towards the DWMA where Lord Death was.

Kid peeked up from Soul's shoulder and smiled as he saw the others smile. Soul leant down and quickly pressed his lips against Kid's. Yes, they did deserve some time alone together. And somewhere up in the sky there was a Blue haired boy smiling as he looked down at them, watching over them knowing that he sacrificed himself for something much greater. Because Soul and Kid, well, they were finally together.

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Kid: *Barges into the room* WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S OVER?

It's over, done with...

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Kid: *perks up* C.T... So your not over and done with us. Black Star said that you were done with Soul Eater! Oh C.T. you do love me~~! *gets away from Soul and glomps C.T.*

*pats his head* There, there, I am still going to continue to torment you and put you in awkward situations~~! Oh idea, to the computer! *runs to computer leaving Kid sprawled on floor*

Soul: You shouldn't have said anything...

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