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Some people say 'Death comes for us all', and while few others dispute them, there are still those that are able to evade Death at every turn.

Most of these people that easily evade Death are of a certain religion known as Jashinism. Though the term 'religion' is used, the more truthful name for the sect would be 'cult'.

The most famous, or infamous, Jashinist that has ever been linked to our clan is an Akatsuki named Hidan. He became known simply because he killed my cousin, Shikamaru's, Sensei. Asuma was a good man, that's for sure. Shikamaru swore revenge and revenge he got.

After Shikamaru came home, I asked him what had happened, to which he told me all of it.
"And now he's buried, six feet under, in our forest. You wanna see what happened; go ask one of the deer out there. They can show you." He finished his story. It was long winded but, like I care.
"That's all very well," I replied, "but what do we do if somebody finds him and, Oh I don't know, digs him up?" I asked incredulously.
"Chill out." He soothed, "I put up a barrier that only us Nara's can get through."
"Right. And in case you've forgotten, I'm only part Nara. You know my father, being your uncle, was born of an Uchiha and a Nara. And my mother is an Inuzuka! So can I get past it?" I rambled. I was about to start again, when he held up a hand to stop me.
"Yes, I know. You're Sasuke's and Kiba's cousin too," he rolled his eyes as I huffed, "And as far as I know, you can still get through the barrier. You still have our shadow techniques, even if you also have a dog and the Sharingan. You are still one of us." He'd grabbed my shoulders and turned me back towards him, where he shook my shoulders saying the last bit. He shook me so hard, my arms uncrossed and I ended up in a haphazard heap where I sat making strange noises.

After a few minutes, Shikamaru stopped shaking me and just sat blinking at me, then out of seemingly nowhere, he burst into a laughing fit. It took me a minute to get my head on straight again, and in this time, I realised that my dear cousin was having a severe laughing fit.

I huffed again as my long raven hair suddenly fell from its tight band and spilled around my face and down my back. Shikamaru started laughing again while I sat there glaring and glowering.

"So not funny, Shika. You know my hair is a pain in the ass to tidy up." I turned my glare from the wall to him, and he shut up almost immediately under my Uchiha glare. I got up from where I had been sat on the floor by the table during the story and went off to my room, my hair swaying lusciously behind me, catching my butt every now and then.

As I walked into my room, Kara whined from behind me and nudged her head into my hand. I looked down at the big dog beside me. When talking about Kara, the term 'dog' is used loosely. She's a wolf actually, but she's my companion like Akamaru is to Kiba. I sighed softly as I stroked her snout.
"Today's been a long day for nearly everyone in the village, yet we got no action in any of it. We're fucking Jounin, and yet we've had ZERO missions for the past three weeks." I ranted while Kara growled in agreement. I sighed again. "You would have thought that we'd fallen off the face of the planet. Kami! I hate this!" I growled the last bit.

I looked down again as Kara nudged me towards my mirror, and smirked at her. "Thanks for reminding me, girl." I scratched behind her ear. I looked back up and met my reflection.

I looked like all Uchiha's did. Alabaster skin, raven hair, gray eyes. I was nothing special. I sighed as I reached for my hair brush. After I'd got up in the other room, I hadn't noticed my band fall off me which meant it was still in my hair. Fuck.

I pulled the brush lightly through my hair, setting all my hair how it should be sat and trying to find the fucking band. As luck would have it, as I started going through the underside of my hair at the back, I found the retched thing clinging to my brush as though hell itself wanted it. I sighed and easily ripped the broken elastic from the teeth of the grooming tool and set to work again.

The only person I can describe my hairstyle matching to is Madara Uchiha. My hair looks exactly like his did when he fought at the Valley of the End against the First Hokage. The only difference is that my hair is bluer and longer. As opposed to reaching the middle of my back like Madara's did, mine reaches my butt. It really works when its down and I'm trying to seem threatening, cause it makes me look wild or 'feral', as Kiba once called me.
I really do look like Madara, my hair even spikes in all the right places, and doubled with my Sharingan? Yeah, I get intimidating.

Not many people know I'm an Uchiha/Nara/Inuzuka cross, well they obviously know about the Nara/Inuzuka bit but not the Uchiha bit. My father is Shikaku's older brother by three years and Mikoto's older brother by one year (Shikaku is Shikamaru's dad and Mikoto is Sasuke's mom). My dad is forty-four now whereas my mom is thirty-five, just a year younger than her sister Tsume Inuzuka (Kiba's mom).

I looked back at my reflection and decided to get changed and drag my little cousins out for a celebratory party. I changed out of my black leggings and Uchiha kimono shirt, and put on my Lolita style Nara dress with Inuzuka heels and I was ready to go. I gave myself a once over and smirked at my reflection. 'Things will get fun for me tonight' I thought to myself and giggled. I quickly took my hitai-ate off and placed it down gently by my bed before quickly going to find Shikamaru.

As I searched through the compound, I wondered if I should invite Hana and Anko along too, maybe even Ino could come. That would be fun times. As we got outside Shikamaru's room, Kara whined and stopped, signalling that the boy was in his room. As I raised my fist to knock, the door was thrown open and Shika stood there in some black dress pants and an unbuttoned cream top. I looked curiously at him and he smirked at me in response.
"I knew that you might want to take me out for a few drinks. Who else is coming?"He asked and stepped aside so I could enter. I walked past him into the room and a smirk fell onto my face again. I looked back round at him and Kara walked up to me and sat by my side, also seemingly smirking.
"Kiba, Ino, maybe Hana, and maybe Anko?" I answered happily. He nodded as if he knew who I'd invite along with.
"Why don't you invite Sakura to come too? She's been cooped up in the hospital looking after Naruto and I'm sure she'd appreciate the break." He suggested. I shrugged in response as if to say 'sure' and helped him button his shirt. He smirked in response knowing that in my mind it was along the lines of 'the more the merrier' considering I usually went against the Uchiha grain.

After twenty more gruelling minutes of getting Shikamaru ready, we walked out of his room and went in search of Uncle Shikaku and Aunt Yoshina to tell them where we were going. Surprisingly, aunt Yoshina agreed easily, and without a fuss, and let us go, while Uncle and Shikamaru just stared a little. I think she likes me more. I mean, the only dog she allows in the house is Kara. Even Akamaru isn't allowed in the house when he and Kiba visit.

It took us ten minutes to get to the Inuzuka compound and convince and Aunt Tsume to let Hana and Kiba come with us. Luckily they thought like Shikamaru and already knew I'd be round to get them anyway, so they too were already dressed. After picking up those two and their ninken, we went to Ino's, and she too was already ready for us. She demanded we bring Sakura and so we went off to fetch the pinkette before getting the bloodthirsty purplette. We got to Sakura's house to see Anko was there waiting for us and Sakura had just finished getting ready.

I blinked at how many of us there were and then smiled happily to myself. 'Sasuke. If only you were here with us. Then you'd know that we can all care for one another. I miss you, Cous.' I thought almost desperately, hoping he'd hear me.

It took us nearly ten minutes to get from Sakura's to the club and in all that time we were all having a laugh. I looked us all over and smiled upon noticing that we'd all gotten dressed up. Anko and Hana inconspicuously raised an eyebrow at my behaviour but I shook them off and continued to have a laugh.

Anko is the oldest out of all of us, she 24. Then there's me and Hana pretty much tied at eighteen but I'm two months older exactly. Then it's the others all being 16, starting with Sakura (eldest), Kiba, Shikamaru and Ino (Ino being a day younger then Shikamaru). Since we'd all discussed our ages, we all decided that Anko would buy drinks, yet we'd all pay for at least one round.

We walked into the club and all sat down in a booth while the ninken sat off to the side towards the door where the music wasn't as loud. As we sat, we continued telling our jokes and having a general laugh when Anko decided that she was gonna go get us our drinks. We did this often so she knew what our regulars were. After a small debate of who was gonna pay we all decided that Anko would pay this one and then the next oldest would pay and so on.
While Anko was off getting our drinks at the bar, Ino, Sakura and I all decided that we wanted to dance and dance we did. We were laughing so much till we needed to sit and drink to be able to let loose even more.
We got back to the booth and saw out drinks waiting for us. We also noticed that everyone was either grinning or smirking and I knew immediately what was going to happen, see who could drink their shot fastest. I looked over the table and noticed everyone had three shots each. Nice. This was gonna get fun indeed. As we sat down we set our grins/smirks in place and we all counted to three, taking our first shot in hand then downing it and going for the others immediately afterwards.

"First!" Shouted Hana. She sat laughing as Anko came a close second and glared at her. Anko had declared herself second straight after she finished, before the glass even reached the table.
"Third!" I cried as I thrust my glass up again in an attempt to punch the air, and in turn nearly punching some guy in the face. "Oops." I muttered and the other two that had finished cracked up.
"Fourth!" Kiba and Shikamaru cried together and then joined in the laughter as Ino and Sakura finished tied as well. They had simultaneously shouted 'fifth' when some random weirdo's came over and tried and start a fight with Kiba and hook up with Ino and Sakura. I smirked then put my charm on. I stood and leaned over the table with my hands on it for balance and to have my arms push my boobs together, the back of my dress lifting up so much; you could nearly see my panties and I even put on a slight pouty face.
"Excuse me?" I asked flirtatiously yet lightly to get their attention. It worked. "But could you stop looking at my friends like they're pieces of meat, please?" I asked as my voice became more threatening with each word spoken. When they looked up to answer me, they froze and swallowed deeply. I think what scared them were the three rotating tomoe in my crimson eye's that were narrowing dangerously. The idiots backed away slowly as I learned forward more and moved in the blink of an eye.
In the next instant, I was behind them both, my hair and clothes resettling being the only proof that I had actually moved. I leaned in and onto my tip toes so I was by their ears and whispered a dangerous 'boo' in their ears.

They flew around and looked at me in horror, before flying out the door. I smirked in a very Uchiha like way and then sat back down and deactivated my dōjutsu. I looked around the table to see everyone was nearly in peals of laughter. I huffed then told them they could laugh. As our raucous laughter drifted around our table and was hidden beneath the even louder music I stood back up.
"I'm gonna go get some more drinks, and hopefully save some money if play 'hello tits' with the bartender" I told them. That sent them into more laughs and they all chorused a 'same for us all again' I laughed too and walked up to the bar.

"Yo, Can I get a round of three shots each for seven people, please?" I asked as I leaned onto the bar much like I had over the table with those other idiots.
"Sure, you want the flavoured?" He questioned, all the while keeping his eyes on the prize or my assets. I pretended to look thoughtful and then nodded. "What flavours, Cutie?" he asked. I tapped my chin in thought.
"Three cherry-vodka, Three blueberry-vodka, Three Watermelon-vodka, Six orange-vodka, Three pineapple-vodka and Three raspberry-vodka, please." I nodded. That would do. He nodded and set to work on the drinks. I waited maybe thirty seconds before I pulled my dress down further and my breasts showed more.
He came back over with our drinks in tow, took one look at me and said, "Now for that, Cutie, You get a discount. You get free drinks; you and you're friends for the rest of the night."
I took this information in and then requested that if that was the case; if he threw in a couple bottles of sake then I give him a peck on the lips, to which he immediately complied and I held up my end of the bargain and sauntered back to the table, drinks on tray, in hand.

I got back to the table and handed to drinks out; Cherry for Sakura, Blueberry for me, Watermelon for Hana, Orange for Anko and Kiba, Pineapple for Shikamaru and raspberry for Ino.
After the drinks were all set down and the sake was two bottles for each person (he actually gave me fourteen bottles), we got back to our drinking game.

This time me and Sakura drew first, Anko came second again, Hana came third, Kiba came fourth, Ino came fifth, and Shika came last, we started on our sake. We all (stupidly)downed our bottles and sighed simultaneously making us all laugh, when hiccups started for me, Sakura, Ino, Kiba and Anko, we all decided to dance and dance we did. Be the end of our dance session, Ino was making out with Kiba and he was letting her, Anko had found Kakashi and somehow made out with him and Shikamaru had somehow found out the sand siblings were here and was making out with Temari who was melted to him while her brothers looked uncomfortable.

'Wow. Three couples in one night. Nice.' I smirked to myself as the thought crossed my mind. I was bored so Sakura and I stumbled slightly over to Gaara's table and sat with him. He, much like the other guys, was wearing black dress pants and shoes but his shirt was a gorgeous crimson red; the colour of blood. I found myself wondering if his shirt matched the colour of my sharingan and activated said dōjutsu just to check.

I put my head next to his shirt and looked expectantly at Sakura. "Well?" I asked, she looked at me confusedly. "Do my eyes match his shirt colour?" I asked out loud. Kankuro burst into a fit of laughter and Gaara just sighed. I shook my hair away from my eyes to let the pinkette get a better look when all of a sudden she was grinning like the Cheshire cat and nodding enthusiastically. Beside her Kankuro nodded and affirmed my thoughts as well.

I sighed a 'good' and deactivated my dōjutsu, hiccupping as I did so. Kankuro smirked and laughed then told us why they were here as everyone else drifted over and sat. After a few more hours we were all drunk enough to leave the club but I had to wish the bartender a good night, and so I did.

I walked back up to the bar as he smirked. "Want anything else then, Cutie?" he asked
"N-no." I hiccupped, "I just wanted to wish you good night." He sighed in response. I leaned over the counter and kissed him before flashing my breasts accidently and giving him a nosebleed and another kiss. "Nightie night." I waved happily before walking back out the club and collapsing on Kara and having her carry me home. I wasn't out cold; I just couldn't stand or walk any longer. I looked over everyone before joining in with their raucous, drunken singing and laughing. I hiccupped a few times and looked over who was with us. Shikamaru and Kiba were each supporting their girls and Kakashi had to do with Anko what Kara was doing with me. Like me, Anko wasn't out; she just couldn't stand. The two of us had drunk the most. Sakura, Gaara, Kankuro and Hana were all hanging onto each other and forming a stumbling, babbling line. I giggled and hiccupped. The most sober one out of us all was Kakashi, and even he'd drunk loads. We must have been about half way to the Nara compound when I had an idea.

"Light bulb!" I giggled as everyone looked at me expectantly. "We can all stay in the Uchiha district tonight. I have a biiig house there too!" I told everyone. They nodded and we laughed over how I'd told them. After another half an hour, we finally reached the Uchiha district and were two minutes from my house here. Kara growled when we'd got there and helped me steady myself, allowing me to grasp a handful of her fur to stay upright. I reached around in my dress pocket and pulled out my key, unlocked the door and it was almost like there was a stampede going into my house. I blinked stupidly before walking in with the help of my trusty companion and locked the door up again. I looked back around and everyone was staring.

"K-Kiba, you get one of the two rooms d-down here along with H-Hana." I hiccupped and showed them the rooms which they immediately went for. "Gaara, you get one of the rooms upstairs, I'll show you in a sec. Shika you do too. Anko and Kakashi you guys can share the sofa bed down here. Kankuro you get a room upstairs too and the girls all get one room which is mine." I declared and marched upstairs with everyone following me. I gestured to the rooms as I went. There were five rooms up here so if Temari wants a room for herself she can have one. There were three bedrooms down the left side of the hall and two down the other side, plus one bathroom on each side and my room got its own en suite bathroom and a balcony. I walked down the right and gestured that the door closest to the stairs would be Shikamaru's and across from him would be Kankuro and they had to share the bathroom next to Kankuro's room. Next I went to the left side. The furthest one was my room which did have another door next door for my parents. Across from me would be Gaara and next to him should she want it, Temari. I told them this and Temari nodded and went into her room.

After putting them all into their temporary rooms, Sakura, Ino and I stumbled into my room and collapsed into my beanie chairs. They couldn't move too well so I grabbed the two futons from under my bed and laid them down for the other two to sleep on. They looked up at me with tired eyes and nodded in thanks while I grabbed a small pyjamas set and wondered into the bathroom.

I laid my clothes out and grabbed a towel for after my shower, then wondered over to the door and locked it. I stripped down and turned the shower on. I'd put my towel over the edge of the bath which was next to the shower, and my pyjamas we next to the towel yet further along the bath.

The alcohol had stopped affecting me by the time I got back home, hence why I started taking control and setting up for the other two girls. I'd already started to sober up. I hopped in the shower and felt like an idiot. It was scalding! I squeaked and Kara, who was also in the room with me, whined in response. I quickly became accustomed to the heat and sighed. "Don't worry, Kara, I'm fine. Just burnt myself a bit but I'm fine now." I reassured my lifelong friend. She lightly growled as a snarky agreement was made. I huffed, to say the least. "Don't you get flippant with me, Kara." I growled back. She hushed with what could only be a sigh. Kuromaru was trying to teach her how to talk, and though she was excelling, she just doesn't like to talk.

I sighed and shock my head as the hot water droplets dampened my hair and flattened it down. I reached for the shampoo and worked it into my hair, sleep being my only thought. When I'd felt that my hair was in enough suds to keep it up momentarily, I grabbed some blueberry shower gel and scrubbed myself down. In case you're wondering, I like blueberries. My shampoo and conditioner was even blueberry scented.
I washed off the rest of the suds and my hair began to fall down again so I rinsed that out completely and applied my conditioner and the process was repeated. I have some stuff for extra care for my hair such as moose that I use but my hair needs to be at least a light damp as opposed to drenched.
I stepped out off the shower and walked over to the tub and snatched up my towel to rub myself down. I always had some clean undies in hear in case I needed them like I do now. I quickly wrapped my hair up in a towel turban and walked over to where I hide my emergency undies and slid the thin fabric on. I walked back over to my pyjamas and looked them over. Some cute dark blue silky/chiffon shorts with blueberries on them and a small chiffon spaghetti strap top that matched the mid-thigh length shorts. There was also a long, thick piece of ribbon with the matching design to hold my hair up.
I hunched back over and took the towel off of my hair, letting me see how dry it was. Not very. I quickly did a few hand signs and got ready to do a jutsu that I made by mixing wind with fire. The fire heats up the air and the wind allows you to centre the heated air to a specific area, not like a small circle but the whole surface area of it.
I angled the jutsu for my hair and after maybe half a minute, my hair was just damp enough to use to moose. I cancelled the jutsu, grabbed a brush for later, and grabbed the moose for now and the ribbon for later too. I looked in the mirror to see I looked a little red in the face, but that's to be expected from the environment I'm currently in.
I squirted a couple handfuls of blueberry moose onto my hair and rubbed it all the way in and down the length of my hair. After I'd finished doing this mundane task, I did the jutsu again to dry my hair completely and wasn't the slightest bit surprised that it was spiky again. I grabbed the brush and ribbon and set to the task of brushing my hair into a neat, loose but not too loose, pony. Surprisingly, that task didn't take too long to complete after all. I smirked at my reflection then yawned.

I stepped away from the sink and mirror a few minutes later after I'd brushed my teeth, and I unlocked the door. I opened it and walked into my room, patting my leg as I went to get Kara to follow me. I reached my bed in a matter of seconds and instantly threw back the covers and climbed in. I patted beside me and Kara jumped up, lying down beside me till I fell asleep when I knew she'd move to be by my feet.

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