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01. Chapter

Welcome to the Hackers

"And Impmon digivolves to Beelzemon, who deletes your Okuwamon. Bada-boom! Yay, your Okuwamon is absorbed." said Bunya Arisa.

"Aw, nuts. Not again." Akiyama Taito sighed. Shoutmon placed his hand on Taito's shoulder.

"Well, you can't always win."

"I know, but this is the fifth time I lost." said Taito.

"Well, you now that I'm unbeatable." said Arisa. "Hey, relax, you can still compete on the Digimon Rumble Arena Tournament, while I can't."

"You still don't have a partner?"

"No, my parents are afraid that I could get killed or so, if I go to the Digiworld alone." Arisa replied, shrugging.

"Nevermind, you'll sure get your partner one day."

"Hope so." answered Arisa.

Bunya Arisa was a 13 year old girl. She had brown hair binded in two low pigtails with black ribbons and brown eyes. She wore a black top, a white miniskirt and black kapries, black fingercut gloves, black white sneakers and a white scarf. Akiyama Taito was Arisa's friend, a 13 year old boy. He had black hair, a white red baseball cap, turned back. He had a red-white T-shirt and brown pants. He was a Tamer and had a Shoutmon as a partner and a dark red D-Power, and was often playing cards with Arisa, who had no partner. Now, they were in the park in DigiCity in Japan, nearby Tokyo, a town that was build by the gouverment, after the war between humans and Digimon ended.

"So, wanna a rematch?" asked Arisa.

"No, I have to go home now. You know, homework and such stuff." replied Taito collecting his cards.

"Geez, you're just sceared that you'll lose all your cards. Besides, thanks for the Yukidarumon card. It'll be useful."

"Oh, well, don't enjoy it too long, 'cause next time I'll beat you." answered Taito.

After that, everyone went to their home. Arisa looked at the Impmon card while walking home. Not only that that card helped her in many Card Tournaments, he was also her favorite Digimon. She sighed. Maybe, she'll become one day a Tamer. She just had to wait that the DigiGnomes notice her. Putting the card back in her card box, she took her i-Phone and listened to the Black Intruder song (which was among her favorites). Her family had a Digimon Cards store and they were pretty succesfull, 'cause most kids needed Digimon cards to power up their Digimon. Arisa entered the shop and the bell rung.

"I'm back!" she shouted.

"Hello Arisa." Her father was standing behind the pult "How's school going?"

"Oh good. Nothin' new. Well, I'm going to my room." said Arisa, walking to the staircase, which lead to their apartment.

"Your mum told me to tell you that, if you're hungry, dinner is in the fridge." said her father.


Arisa walked into her room. It wasn't small, but it wasn't big either. On one corner was her bunk-bed placed, and under the bed was a sofa. Next to the bed was a wardrobe with her clothes. On the other side was a table with a laptop and a night lamp. Next to the table was a shelf with her books and her Digimon DVDs and CDs. On the wall was a big poster of the Digimon Tamers logo with a Calumon in the corner. Her room also had a balcony.

Arisa put down her backpack and was about to check her newest strategy ideas as she heard a ring in the store. She watched the two men in black suits and with black sunglasses, who walked out of a car and they went into her family store. She thought they were costumers, but then she changed her mind. They didn't seem to want to buy the newest Digimon Cards. She went down, hiding at the staircase. One of them talked to her father, who called her mother. It seemed that it was really important. Arisa was curious, so she evasdropped them.

"Arisa?! Joining the Hackers Organisation? But why her?" said her father, surprised. It was a great surprise for them, because the Hackers Organisation was an important gouverment organisation. There were rumours that they worked on some of the newest gadgets and weapons. Also, the Tamers who worked there were the strongest and most discipline in the whole world.

"She was watched a while before and we decieded to choose her to join us." said Ikuto Yung. Arisa got it. She remembered a black car, which followed her at times. Also she saw some guys in black who watched her.

"But she is only a kid." said her mother. Arisa had to roll with her eyes. Of course, her mother would always be sceared for her little Ari-chan baby. It was so embaressing.

"Yes I know, but you don't have to worry. There are also other kids at her age, so she won't be alone. Not to mention that you can visit her. Also she will get a Digimon partner if she dosen't have one." said Yung. Arisa twitched. A Digimon partner? She couldn't believe her ears.

"But what about school? If she goes, she won't anymore go to school and I don't want that my little Arisa-chan has bad marks." said Arisa's mother. Arisa rolled once again with her eyes. School's so boring. She really didn't need it. But her mum wanted her to get the best marks, and to be the best in her class.

"Don't worry ma'am, there is also a special private school so you don't have to worry. I mean it's a honour to be chosen for becoming a Tamer in our organisation." said Yung.

'Aw nuts. School seems to follow me.' she thought smiling.

"I know. Your organisation works for the gouverment, dosen't it?" asked Arisa's father.

"Yes it does."

'So?' thought Arisa. What if it works for the gouverment? She only wanted her Digimon partner as soon as possible. But what answer will her parents give?

"Well, I think we can let Arisa go to that Hackers Organisation." said Arisa's fhater.

"Are you sure?" asked Arisa's mum.

"Yes, she'll sure make new friends and learn new things. And she'll finally get a Digimon partner." said her father.

"Yay!" exclaimed Arisa, and than she covered her mouth.

"Arisa?" Her parents looked around searching for her. Yung did the same.

"I'm here. And I heared everything." said Arisa, shyly coming into the room.

"So you are Arisa. Well, if you already know what is waiting for you, we should go now."

"Alright I'm ready." said Arisa. She was truly ready. But she didn't know what will wait for her.

[Ending Song Keep on by Digimon Adventure plays]

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