Maybe it's a bit too late, but I deceided to at last post the openings I made up for each of the Orginal Seasons (and when I say Orginal I mean the fanfics from Rise of the Hackers to Clash of Darkness and Light).

I don't own anything except the idea and my OCs.

The Biggest Dreamer [Digimon Tamers]

Wanna be the biggest dreamer Zensokuryoku de mirai mo ima mo kake nukero

[Arisa, Akari, Ken and Akira are running through a field, similar to Tamers]


[The Digimon Tamers Rise of the Hackers Logo Appears]

Sou boku wa ki zuitan da

[Akari as an 8 year old sits on a king-sized bed in her villa, alone, with a sad expression on her face, clutching her knees]

zutto shukudai wasureteta

[Ken as a 12 year old watches his brother angrily, who got praized by his parents.]

Sore wa hitotsu no nazo nazo nazo

[Akira as a 10 year old watches through a wire angrily the other boys playing football]

"Boku wa dare nan darou?"

[Arisa, as a 5 year old stands alone in a forest in the Digiworld]

SURAIDINGU shite surimuketa hiza itakutatte ne

[Arisa, Ken, Akari and Akira hold their D-Powers upwards, shadows of other Hackers appear]

Sugu tachiagaranakya CHANSU wa nigete yuku wakatteru sa

[Yaamon gets covered by a purple coocon and turns into Impmon, Nyramon gets covered in a purple light coocon and turns into BlackGatomon, Koromon gets covered in a black coocon and turns to BlackAgumon, Minomon gets covered in a green coocon and turns into Wormmon]

~Short Instrumental~

[Yung appears in front of the Hackers Building holding a Black Card which shines]

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer! Yume miru koto ga

[In a light purple backround BlackGatomon jumps and slashes with her Lighting Paw attack-LadyDevimon attacks with her Dark Wing attack-a shadowed image of Lilithmon appears.]

subete hajimari sore ga kotae daro Dare yori tooku e tonde

[In a black backround BlackAgumon fires a green flame-BlackGreymon spits a green fireball-BlackMetalGreymon slashes with his robotic arm-a shadowed image of BlackWarGreymon appears]

miseru yo subete no asu wo tsuranuite

[In a green backround Wormmon fires a net-Stingmon slashes with his Spiking Strike-JewelBeemon slashes with his spear-an shadowed image of GranKuwagamon appears]

Wanna be the biggest dreamer

[Satoshi and ExAgumon appear, smiling-Taito and Shoutmon appear also smiling]

Zensokuryoku de

[Thomas and Gaomon appear and Thomas thrusts his D-Power which shines]

mirai mo ima mo kake nukero

[Impmon appears throwing his flame forwards as the flame explodes-Beelzemon appears with his Berenja Guns and shots forward]


[Similar to Tamers ending Arisa, Akari, Ken, Akira walk forwards aiming their D-Powers in the air, followed by their partners, with the Hackers Building in the backround. Light beams shot out of their D-Powers.]