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WARNING: MAJOR OOC on Robin's part. MAJOR.

Also, Robin and Starfire are not dating yet in this one, bringing the humor up farther.


Believe or not, superheroes (at least, certain human ones) have to go through trials in life parallel to a normal civilian. One of those trials was happening to Robin as we speak. As it were, he had to get his teeth pulled. Obviously by a doctor trusted by Bruce Wayne, but it was still a normal procedure.

Currently he had just gotten out of the process and was in the T-Car with his friends, completely doped up. He was sitting in the back between Beast Boy and Starfire, Beast Boy not trusted in the front and Starfire…well, obviously she'd be back there with Robin. He had recently gotten the cotton balls taken out.

"You know what guys?" He looked around the car at everyone.

Raven sighed. "What, Robin?"

He smiled. "I like you. You guys are great." He laughed. "We totally kick villain ass. They're so afraid of us, it's not even funny."

Beast Boy and Cyborg were trying their best not to laugh. If this is how their leader is going to act on drugs, they'd do it all the time. Cyborg looked through the rearview mirror. "Is that right, Rob?"

He nodded happily. "Yup, yup." He looked at Beast Boy. "Hey, Beast Boy?"

He looked to Robin, failing miserably at keeping in his laughter. "Yes, Robin?"

He glanced at him, and then at Raven. You and Raven should hook up. Yin and yang, ya know?"

Beast Boy reddened and Raven pulled up her hood.

Cyborg began to crack up. "Nice Rob, nice."

Robin rolled his eyes behind his mask. "You need to find a girl. Really, you do. Erryone else has one." He crossed his arms.

Cyborg narrowed his eyes. "Oh really? You have one?"

"Pshh." He waved his hand. He turned to Starfire. "Star, ya know what?"

She glanced at him. "Yes Robin?"

He smiled and leaned against her, wrapping his arms around her. "We would…we would make beautiful babies. We would."

Everyone's eyes widened and Cyborg lost control of the car momentarily.

She was completely taken back. "Um…" She looked from side to side.

He nodded. "They would be absolutely beautiful. Really. I wanna girl, and then she'd be az beautiful az youuu." He smiled.

She blushed and glanced down. "I-I thank you?"

Beast Boy and Cyborg were laughing like crazy, and Cyborg set up a camera in the back, pushing a button on the front console to do so. Raven had to smile.

He nodded, but then got serious. "But I hope she doesn't have yer body, 'cause then I'll have to beat off guys with sticks, ya know? 'Cause you have a nice body."

Cyborg about slammed on the breaks, while tears streamed down Beast Boy's face in amusement. Raven put her head in her hand, covering her humor-filled smile.

Starfire's eyes bugged as she leaned away from him. How was she supposed to answer that? She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again.

He grinned. "We should have babies. Right now. But hey, mebbee you're already pregnant! I mean, since last time…"

She pushed his away gently. "Robin, there is no possibility that I am with child."

He scoffed. "Whatd'ya mean? Remember that one time…" He brow furrowed, and then he chuckled. "Ohhh, that must have been a dream."

Starfire leaned back with her eyes as wide as they could get. "Oh X'hal…"

Cyborg glanced at him. "Havin' some nice dreams there, Rob?"

He smiled and nodded. "Yeah! She can get feisty."

Starfire dropped her head in her hand. "Oh X'hal. Oh X'hal."

He cocked his head and looked at Starfire. "What's wrong?"

Raven decided to take pity on the boy wonder and used her powers to cover his mouth. He tried to speak through, coming out muffled and undistinguishable, and then sat back with his arms crossed. He looked extremely aggravated.

Starfire simply sat there, staring ahead.

Beast Boy pouted. "Raveeeen!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Deal." She glanced at the camera. "You…should probably get rid of that."

Cyborg smirked and shook his head. "Nope. Can you imagine the blackmail we can get with that thing?"

She regarded him, and then sighed with a shake of the head. "Whatever."

He glanced back at Starfire. "How ya doin' there, Star?"

"Oh X'hal…"

He nodded. "I see."

Beast Boy leaned against the window with a large smile on his face, glancing at Starfire. "Looks like Robin's going to have a lot of explaining to do."

Remember my love for torturing Robin? Yeah, this is it. This has to take the cake, really.

As I said, OOC. I don't think I've ever written a character so OOC (except drunk Robin; that was fun).

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