By popular demand: the aftermath.


Cyborg dragged Robin out of his room, fresh and out of his funk from the week before. He wanted to wait until all of the swelling went down before he could torture the poor boy. The only other person that knew what was going down was Beast Boy (but he was pretty sure Raven knew, too; she always knows). They made it to the common room, the rest seated on the couch, and he plopped the boy right next to Starfire. Perfect.

She seemed to be scarce for the past few days, most likely afraid to run into Robin. She wasn't necessarily unnerved by it – in fact, it was nice to know his true feelings, even if he was drugged up – but she was afraid of his next reaction would be once off of the drugs. Humans are not meant to remember their 'dopey' time, but Robin was different. You never know.

He looked over to her and smiled. "Hey Star, what's up?"

She smiled back, rubbing her arm. "Cyborg had asked us all to come to the common area. Do you know the reason?"

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head. "No idea." He turned to Cyborg. "Hey Cy, why're we all here, again?"

He smiled – a devious smile – at Robin. "You'll see."

Robin sighed and slumped down, turning to Starfire. "I don't think I'm going to like this."

She turned to glance at Cyborg, who…had a tape in his hand. What could it – Oh no. "I do not believe I am, either." She muttered.

Cyborg set up the tape ready to play, and walked in front of all of them with the remote. "All right, ya'll ready for this?"

Beast Boy nodded. "C'mon, let's get on with it!"

He glared at the boy. "Hold yer horses, B." He cleared his throat. "I would like to give you all a little…insight of Robin's experience at the dentist's."

His eyebrows rose. "You taped something…this can't be good." He shook his head and sat back. It couldn't be that bad.

The beginning wasn't awful, just him telling Beast Boy to hook up with Raven; that actually made him laugh. And then the comment to Cyborg. Priceless. When he saw himself hug Starfire, he gulped. He couldn't believe he was that forward.

"Star, ya know what?"

Oh no.

"We would…we would make beautiful babies. We would."

He began to choke. He glanced over at Starfire, who was ducking her head, and then to Cyborg with a glare. He was about to get up and hide in his room, when Cyborg pushed him back down. "Nu-uh. Finish." He grumbled and tried again, but Cyborg kept him in place.

"-absolutely beautiful. Really. I wanna girl, and then she'd be az beautiful az youuu."

He wanted to curl up and die. He groaned and hung his head, wanting to bury it in his arms but Cyborg was still holding them back. "Cyborg, turn this goddamn thing off. Now."

He simply shook his head and smiled. "Nope. Keep watchin'."

He refused to look anywhere near Starfire. Now he realized why Cyborg plopped him hard down next to Starfire. Bastard.

"-mebbee you're already pregnant! I mean, since last time…"

Fuck. Last time? They've never even kissed! Or, well, they weren't even a couple; at least not yet. He groaned. He doubted that 'yet' was there anymore after that. Cyborg forced his head up.

"Robin, there is no possibility that I am with child."

"Whatd'ya mean? Remember that one time…" Pause and chuckle. "Ohhh, that must have been a dream."

He couldn't believe his eyes. He gave out a sort of gurgling sound and fought Cyborg in able to get away. My God, he just admitted to having sex dream about Starfire, and he said it to her. "Oh my God, fuck my life." He turned the complete opposite way of Starfire, especially when he saw the expression on her face in the video. She didn't exactly look…enthralled. More shocked, really; he didn't blame her. She didn't look…angry, though. Still.

Cyborg turned off the tape and stepped back into the front of the room, smiling. "Hope you enjoyed the show, folks."

Beast Boy was cracking up, and Robin was about ready to kill them both. They seemed to know it, because they ran as soon as they saw the look on his face. He glanced at Raven, who simply shrugged and got up.


Oh shit. Why him? He turned toward Starfire with a sheepish smile. "Yeah?"

She opened her mouth, and then closed it, and then opened it again. "I did not realize…you held such feelings for me."

He swallowed. "Uh, well, ya know…" Fuck. Fuckety fuck, he was so dead. "I mean, you're cool and stuff. Ya know?" Wow, smooth Robin. Real smooth.

She blushed and smiled. "I thank you." She coughed. "About the…um…dreams."

He felt his stomach drop. "Uh, yeah, I mean…shit." He sighed and looked away.

She placed a hand on his shoulder. "It is all right, Robin. It is perfectly…normal…for a teenage boy to have such dreams. I have seen in on the documentary."

His face reddened to an incredible shade of red and he hid his face with his hands, fanning them to be able to look at her. "Yeah?"

She nodded with a smile.

At least she didn't hate him. Still, though…he sighed. "Look Star, I'm really sorry about all of that. And the whole baby thing…yeah…"

She giggled. "Well…I may agree. We would make beautiful babies." She winked and began to walk off.

He stared after her, his eyes wide. Maybe…does that mean she liked him, too? Not that they would have babies or anything, they're freaking seventeen years old, but doesn't that mean she holds some sort of feeling for him? Maybe? He was afraid to go and ask.

But still…

She totally just hinted there; the feelings for him, not something sexual. He mulled over it, and then smiled. Maybe he'd actually have to thank Cyborg instead.

No. He was still going to kill him.

Looky there, he actually might have gotten something good out of it! See? I sometimes give him the silver lining. Yep.

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