You & me only

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Chapter one: Calista's honeymoon

Calista's POV:

I woke up by the birds' singing, it was magical and plus to sounds of cool soft wind hitting gently the tree leaves I thought I was in heaven. Suddenly strong arms hugged me tightly and I know who is, so I turned around to see cobra's hard muscled chest.

"I love you" and I kissed his chest.

"I love you too, my most beautiful lady ever" and we laughed. He played with my silky hair while I was rubbing his chest then I get up from the bed and I took skinny black pants, a black and blue t-shirt from the closed and I walked to the bathroom to change my cloths and have a quick bath.

Cobra's POV:

I watched my love going to the bathroom, so I rubbed mu chest where she were rubbing and I get out from bed and I took a new suit and I waited for her to get out from the bathroom.

After a while, she gets out and she looked at me surprised.

"Honey… why are you staring at me, is something wrong"

"no no nothing is wrong but it's the first time I see you wearing like this" I walked to her and kissed her lips hard that I can barley say that we can feel our teethes and hugged her.

Calista's POV:

Cobra kissed me hard and hugged me so I returned the kiss and the hug when I returned it I felt I was flying in the sky. When we finished I kissed his chest and he entered the bathroom. I entered the balcony and I watched carefully this magical site. I closed my eyes for a minute and clear my head from my past and imagined how my life with cobra and having children.

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