Sarah Williams, Dark Queen



I used to mark the days as queen in my journal until I realized the futility of the venture, for time held no meaning in my castle prison surrounded by the mists. How to count without becoming lost in the seconds? Hence the reason a twenty-four hour clock was my first conjuring once I perfected spell casting. How much time passed before then I know not. How much time passed since then? I stopped recording after 10,000 days, and it's far longer since then. Strangely, I remain as young and beautiful as the first day the Goblin King tricked me, but my mind, I fear, has not.

"Get up, slave!" I yell at the figure cowering at my feet. The iron shackles weighing him down at his neck, wrists and ankles.

"Yes, Mistress," he replies in an obedient voice, soft and compliant. Standing up, he keeps his head bowed knowing he'll receive harsh punishment if he dares lay eyes upon me without permission. I hate him. How I hate him.

Naked before my sight, his arms dangle loosely at his sides. My rules forbid him to cover himself in my presence. Well versed in all my rules, the pale, blond man is my willing servant, my personal concubine. Whatever I wish him to be. It has taken many years for us to develop this relationship; years filled with pain and suffering for us both.

"Come to me." I demand and he shuffles closer, stretching the limits of the thick, enchanted chains.

"Lie down." Always submissive to my every command, he immediately lies on his back. His long hair pools on the dark stones of the dungeon cell, and he averts his eyes to avoid accidentally looking at me.

"Prepare yourself." Without question he quickly fondles and strokes himself into a impressive erection. This is always my favorite part, watching him masturbate without gaining pleasure from the experience.

"How does it feel, you arrogant prick?"

"It feels good, Mistress," he says but I can tell it's an automatic response. He hates this as much as much I love it.

I kick his flank with the sharp point of my shoe. He grunts, but doesn't dare cease his personal ministrations or shift away from my feet. In fact, he speeds up; hand pumping his shaft, hips thrusting up. I feel my own sex growing extremely damp as it always does during this time in the game. It's not fair that he gave me my only true sexual experience. He knew me in all the ways a man can physically know a woman, with my tacit consent. Poor Brian...I miss him on occasion, but I never desire him anymore.

"Liar! I want you to remember everything you did to me that day!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"How do you feel?"

"Good, Mistress!" He gasps out and I can tell his orgasm approaches. Can't end my fun too soon.

"Stop!" His hands spring away from his genitals and his hip thrusting freezes, but his panting continues. Guess even he can't control everything. That's fine by me, gives me another excuse to torment him.

My clothes disappear with a snap of my fingers, except for my stilettos. As I step over his torso, part of me wants to grind the spiky end of my heel into his scrotum. I grin malevolently. I could do it. Damage him, make him scream, make him beg for mercy then heal him to begin all over again. Maybe later...I think, because I have my own aching need right now.

Looking down at his moonlight sculpted body from my higher vantage point; I realize despite my need to torture him, this is the part where I almost love him again. If only I could feel real love. He destroyed that possibility for me so many years ago. So I finally give him what he most desires.

"Look at me, you pathetic worm." Instantly his soulful, mismatched eyes snap up to meet mine.

"Do you love me?" I ask. I always ask before.

"Yes, of course, Mistress!" He nods enthusiastically as if I might doubt him. How can I?

"Tell me." I ask, sneering.

"I love you, Mistress." I grow wetter at his words until moisture drips down the apex of my bare thighs. His nostrils flare and I know he can smell my arousal. The deep ache within me strengthens, and I bend my knees, slowly squatting downwards towards his eagerly twitching erection.


"I love you, Mistress!" He shouts, and the chains rattle as his shifts to accept me onto him. He knows this game too. Grabbing his shaft, he positions it so that I may more easily slide upon him without any additional effort. Then his hands settle lovingly upon my thighs and his eyes fill with crystal tears.

We both moan as I engulf him to the hilt. I love this part as much as I hate it. Having no other basis for comparison, he is all that I crave. Hating and loving him has twisted my psyche beyond repair, of this I am certain. Now there is only revenge. He is the slave; he serves me. How dare he inspire anything except hate.

Before I begin to move on his cock impaled so far inside of me, I conjure a swagger stick identical to the one he used to wield and strike him across his face. Not expecting this unearned punishment, he gasps in shock and pain.

"Mistress?" I can hear the betrayal in his voice. Damn him...Damn him!

"Shut up, slave!" He is not allowed to make me feel.

"Fuck me, Jareth." I command him. Lower lip trembling, he nods once and starts pounding upward into me harshly as he answers dully. His fingers dig painfully into my legs, as it should be.

"Yes, Mistress." Jareth closes his eyes which I prefer. I stare at the welt on his cheek and smile as a trickle of blood oozes towards his hair. Maybe I'll let that scar. My mind drifts away as my body moves in a counter rhythm to his violent pummeling of my body. It's difficult for him to move in this position, but I don't care. I'm the one in control this time. He lives to serve me.

My climax hits me hard and fast; my scream echoes in Jareth's cell while he remains silence during his, another rule. I stand from him quickly, his flaccid manhood slipping me with a wet slap onto his stomach. My heels click on the stone floor as I walk away. I don't bother dressing myself yet.

"Did you enjoy yourself, slave?" I ask while I slap my swagger stick on my thigh, our combined fluids trailing down the inside of my legs.

"Yes, Mistress," he says, once again my perfectly obedient submissive. I feel a little better today. I wonder how long my good mood will last?

"Good," I nod, "Until next time." With a twist of my hand, a crystal materializes in my palm and I toss it at Jareth who vanishes in a puff of black glitter. Until next time indeed, my illusions are incredibly life-like. So realistic they almost satisfy my need for vengeance...almost.

It's taken me several mortal lifetimes to acquire such skill. An ability I yearn to challenge by locating the real Jareth and placing him under my power in some form or fashion for a time. I've created my own world here, learned to scry the Above, yet I still cannot cross over or find the original Goblin King. Someday though, someday I will accomplish both these feats and return the rightful ruler to this prison kingdom. He who created the Dark Queen will replace me as the Once and Future Goblin King, this I swear.



A/N: So...this sequel idea has been knocking around in my head for a few months. I even had the start of chap 1 but stalled out, though I knew the overall story I wanted to go with. Then this morning my muse told me exactly how I should start this. While I've got a rather sick and twisted mind and sense of humor on my own, I suspect HachimansKitsune's fics have likely influenced me a bit on this opening chap. However, I should point out that my Sarah is definitely into pure revenge not mutual BDSM. Her enforced imprisonment and barely mutual first sexual experience have left her twisted and borderline evil. But can you blame her?

I went to bed super early last night and my hands felt much better today, but still, I don't know how fast I'll be updating with all these stories in the works. I'll keep trying to be weekly or at least biweekly.

I'm working on Ch 5 of my original 'Dreams of the Queen' on fiction press (which just picked up 2 more alerts from brand new readers on fp, woohoo!) and am editing ch 24 of 'Within Dreams' (is it hot in here or is it just me?)

I've been a bit intimated by this sequel. 'I Became Queen' was so darkly balanced that I really don't want to mess it up...but since I've had this idea and it's strong and I hope will take everyone for a crazy ride...I guess we'll all find out. To infinity and beyond!