People, where I'm from, my area, my road, is like the equivalent to the 'Projects' and the ghetto's in 'America'. So I don't wanna hear shit about prostitutes co'z I converse with these people on a daily basis, as well as gangsters and junkie's and dealers, so I know things that goes on in this underground 'world'. I have my wonderful mother and grandmother to thank for making sure I didn't end up in there like a few childhood friends. And no, I'm not lying, just because I'm happy go lucky here doesn't explain my real life.

Warning for the fic: foul language, mature themes, teen/underage sexual relationships, Mpreg, abuse, drugs blah blah. Don't read if it's not your cuppa tea

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Chapter 1: How life is

Prostitution; the world's oldest profession, perhaps the busiest. Some support it; some hate it. Some have a choice, many don't. Frowned upon by many but accepted by others, it is a profession for the unfortunate.

A young boy named Yugi Motou, stood in front of his full-length mirror, trying to make himself look as appealing as possible, not that it was very difficult for him.

He was a short boy, petite with almost feminine features, which was a bonus in his line of work. He had black hair that came up into three amethyst outline spikes with a few golden bangs across his forehead. He had wide, childlike amethyst eyes, pale creamy skin and small pink lips.

Yugi never thought of himself as handsome but he never failed to attract both men and women.

He tilted his head as he looked at his reflection, wondering if it was good enough for the upcoming night of work. He wore a tight black sleeveless top, a short black leather skirt and the usual fishnet stockings to draw attention to his legs and most of his firm thighs.

After not being able to tell- being self conscious and lacking self-esteem- he leant toward the door. "Joey! How do I look?" he called, not looking away from the mirror. Approaching footsteps were heard outside the small bedroom, soon presenting a tall blond boy. The blond male, named Joey, stepped in and gave Yugi a once over. At first his expression was blank, making Yugi worried, until he pulled his trademark grin and shamelessly wolf-whistled.

"Ya gonna be hotter than Mai jus' now," Joey grinned, speaking in his heavy Brooklyn accent, pushing his blond bangs out of his face.

Yugi blushed with an appreciative nod, "Thanks Joey, you look good too," he noted looking over his best friend's outfit.

Joey licked his index finger and stuck his butt out as he poked it, making a steaming sound for effects, "Joey Wheeler always looks good."

Yugi giggled at his friend, who had on tight fitting black skinny jeans on, a dark red tight shirt and black boots. Yugi learnt everything he knew in this business from Joey.

Yes, Yugi and Joey were prostitutes. Not something they wanted to do, but hey, that's how life is.

"Joey! Your phone!" a soft, feminine voice called from their small, cramped livingroom.

"Comin', sis!" Joey called out the door then glanced back to Yugi and pointed to the wardrobe, "Wear the long boots with that." Then he left.

Yugi nodded to himself, got on his knees, and dug through their built in wardrobe, finding the old pair of black leather boots. As he pulled them on he sighed, feeling a lot of déjà vu.

"Same story every night…" Yugi mumbled to himself, zipping up the boots then climbing to his feet and twirled in front of the mirror a few times. He smiled briefly, feeling some pride in looking so hot. Remembering to apply his make up, Yugi walked back to the lounge were Joey and his sister, Serenity, sat.

Joey looked up as he entered the room, applying some pink lip-gloss as Serenity held up a small portable mirror for him. "Hey Yug', Ryou called. He said there's two more ships in anchorage t'night."

Yugi sighed as weight shifted off his shoulders. "…About time." He knelt down next to Serenity's make up bag on the chipped and discoloured coffee table and rummaged through it.

Joey hummed as he mashed his lips together to evenly spread out the sweet tasting gloss, "I know, the damn club's been as dead as a doorknob…" he trailed off. Serenity started to giggle, making him raise a brow as he stood up, "What?"

Serenity giggled again, "Joey, it's 'as dead as a dodo', or 'as dead as a doornail'. Not a doorknob,"

"All he thinks about is knobs…" Yugi murmured in dark humour, causing the teenage female to burst into laughter. Joey flushed and scowled heatedly.

"Hey! Ya can't talk like that infron'a Serenity!" he growled in embarrassment, though noticeably not denying the accusation. Serenity waved her hand dismissively and turned to Yugi, holding up the mirror as he began applying black mascara, "Oh, hush Joey. I'm a big girl now,"

"No, ya my lil' sis!"

The smaller male rolled his amethyst eyes as he finished off with his eye lashes, taking the lip gloss and peering into the mirror as he rolled it on. "She's sixteen, Joey."

"See?" Serenity stuck her tongue out, then smiled, studying their forms briefly. "You guys look great, by the way,"

Yugi blushed and put away the make up, getting up a little shakily in his high-heeled boots, "Thanks, Serenity."

"No problem," she shrugged as she helped him, "Good luck tonight at the club."

Joey sighed half-heartedly and grumbled, "Thanks sis, but ya shouldn't even know about that place." It was one thing being a low class hooker, but to have your innocent little sister living with you and knowing what you did for money was another. Serenity was a good girl, a good student, and a well-mannered young lady, she should not have to cohere with prostitutes.

Serenity rolled her eyes, "I'm not a child anymore, bro."

Before Joey could retort Yugi smacked his hands together, getting their attention. "Shall we go?"

Joey filled his cheeks with air before blowing them out with a weary nod. "Guess so," He bent over to kiss Serenity on the forehead, "Be careful, don't open the door-"

"For anyone and don't leave the apartment," Serenity finished with a few sarcastic bobs of her head, "I know, I know."

"Can't help worryin' about ya," Joey smiled, ruffling her as he always did. Yugi smiled; he was happy Joey and Serenity had each other. They had a great relationship, like best friends and siblings in one. It often gave Yugi a longing for siblings of his own, but his parents died before they could have any more children. He made a mental note to visit his own family soon.

"An' do ya homework!" Joey reminded as he led the way to the door, Yugi trailing after while Serenity shadowed them.

"Night, Serenity." Yugi waved as he and Joey stepped out of the door and into the deserted corridor, one that stank of rubbish and alcohol. The paint was dirty and peeling, graffiti covering most of it. It was almost 9pm and normal people were getting ready for bed or a movie and popcorn with their families. But not them, they were off to work.

Once they made sure Serenity had locked the door securely, they headed for the narrow stairs of their crappy building. Joey was the first to break the silence, as usual. "Say Yug', have ya seen that new club that's opened down on Prince Street?"

"You mean Monte Carlo?"

"Yeah! That one. Do ya think it's worth checkin' out?"

Yugi frowned up at his friend and with a slight reprimanding tone he spoke, "I don't know, Joey, you know Ushio will ban us from Lido if he finds out we were there,"

The tall blond male pouted with a sigh, "True…" They continued their trip down another flight off stairs in the near darkness, the lights broken, most likely smashed by some punk.

It was silent except for the clinking of their heels on the floor until a large, dirty hand emerged from the shadows and grabbed Yugi's tiny arm, yanking him out of course, the boy yelping and tumbling slightly in shock as his vision was filled of the hated face of their landlord.

"There you are, you little slut," the large dirty, man sneered in Yugi's face, "Where's my rent? !"

"Hey!" Joey growled at the man, "Leggo of him!"

"Not until I get my rent," the man retorted, tightening his grip until Yugi openly winced.

"You'll get it!" Yugi cried as he tried to wiggle his arm free, "Just a few more nights!"

"We swear! Now let him go!" Joey added, grabbing onto and pulling on Yugi's other arm. The two friends hated being cornered by the man, their landlord was a rather violent alcoholic, and they'd leant that the hard way. He seemed to jump out at the most unsuspecting times as well, as if he naturally lurked in dark corners; fucking creep.

"I'd better get it," the man rasped as he jerked Yugi into his hard, cold chest, his breath wafting to Yugi which stank of whiskey, "Or I'll just have to take it…" he threatened with a rough grope to his ass making him yelp and struggle.

Joey panicked and finally managed to pull Yugi free, "Get off!" he grunted at the smirking man then yanked on Yugi's elbow, "C'mon, pal."

Yugi sent a glare at the man as they quickly fled down the remaining stairs, not chancing it to be alone with the monster. They quickly exited the stairs and foyer and then out into the street, meeting the cold, crisp night air with deep breaths.

"Dirty bastard." Joey spat as he looked up at the dilapidated building, "This place is a piece's shit but he acts like it's a damn five star hotel…you okay, Yug'?"

The small teen nodded with a defeated sigh, "I'm fine, let's just go,"

Yugi hated that he was treated differently to other people. Normal people. Once he became a whore, his reputation and self-respect practically commit suicide, thrown off a skyscraper. He was sick of being frown upon by people and treated as if he wasn't a human being. He had always been a good kid, the sweet boy that everyone liked, and so his transition from 'angel' to 'filthy whore' was a horrid and heartbreaking drag through the mud.

'Keep it together…keep it together…' Yugi mentally recited, 'For your family…'

Joey then spoke up as if on track with his thoughts, "How's Lin? Any better?"

Yugi smiled gently as Lin entered his mind. Lin, his two-year-old daughter. His little bundle of love.

"She's still sick but getting better. Grandpa's chicken soup really works."

Joey smiled happily, "Thank God, I was startin' t' worry, she had a bad cough."

"I know. But as soon as I make money I'll get her medicine if she isn't any better," Yugi promised. He loved his daughter and he was grateful he had his grandfather to help raise her, but he didn't have her consentingly. Yugi shivered as memories he'd rather forget flashed in his mind causing him to subconsciously scan the streets for danger.

They lived in the south of DominoCity; the cheap and dangerous area. They lived on the most notorious road for the area's reputation too.

Point Road.

Everyone knew it, from the upper class suburbs to the neighbouring ghetto areas, that it was the heart of prostitution, bars, drugs, thugs, gambling and countless criminal acts. It wasn't a subtle place, especially at night; the police had even given up where Point Road was concerned- it was survival of the fittest.

As Yugi looked forward from his scrutinizing of the busy street he spotted their work place approaching. Lido.

Instead of the usual idea to stand around on the streets and wait for customers, the area's hookers could join the whorehouse called Lido. It acted as a club but only prostitutes and men who were looking for some cheap ass went there. A man named Ushio created and owned Lido. He had bought up the small property and turned it into a strip joint/club/whore house.

The area's prostitutes could join it but had certain rules to follow. They could however come each night, sit and dance around the club and wait for men to walk in. Yugi was somewhat grateful Lido was around, it provided safety; he didn't enjoy standing in the cold on a street corner praying a psycho didn't kidnap him, he wasn't very strong.

As they approached the club, they greeted a row of cab drivers who would wait outside Lido to escort the hookers and their 'dates' to a hotel or their own crummy apartment. Above the small entrance to the club the name 'Lido' was illuminated in a red neon light. At the door stood a tall man in a brown suit, his brown hair coming up into a spike.

"Hey, Tristan!" Joey grinned with a punch to his shoulder.

The man dubbed Tristan smiled back, "Hey guys, I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

Yugi rolled his eyes playfully, a hand on his hip, "And have Ushio fine us again? Not likely."

One of Ushio's rules was that you had to come to work every night unless you had permission from him to stay home. 'Which reminds me…' Yugi mentally sighed, dreading his upcoming visit to his boss to beg for time off to see his family.

"True that." Tristan nodded then smirked at Joey, "Your guy is here,"

Joey perked up with an energetic bounce, "What! Carlos?"

Tristan nodded, "About fifteen minutes ago."

"Yes!" the blond cheered loudly, making many heads turn, "Rents gettin' paid!"

Yugi giggled then pushed Joey into the doorway, "You'd better go find him before someone else does," he warned making Joey's expression turn serious. "Right, see ya later, Yug'!" With a nod he turned and ran up the few stairs into the club, making sure not to trip over his heels.

"You okay, Yugi?" Tristan asked as he observed Yugi's reluctant expression.

Yugi blinked away his slight daze and nodded with a reassuring -yet fake- smile, "I'm fine Tristan, see you soon."

"Good luck!" the tall bouncer called as Yugi walked in and up the stairs to the second floor where the club was situated. The music was upbeat and blaring, many people dancing to the beat on the dance floor. There were many seats and tables around where men and women sat in groups. There was a bar with a wide range of watered down alcohol at high prices and next to it were the bathrooms that were dirty and icky.

Yugi gazed around with his wide eyes and nodded; there were some promising looking men tonight. Lido was not only a place for the local men but had become popular with the seamen too. The harbour was nearby and the sailors from the ships that came into the harbour every few days would come and visit the club, eager for some affection and action after months at sea.

It was dangerous as diseases were spread easily in this situation but Yugi was always prepared. He took a deep breath and entered the scene, looking around for his two other friends. He greeted a few fellow prostitutes as he walked along, the majority of them female. He caught sight of flowing white hair and quickly followed it, making his way over to the table in no time as he was now an expert in walking in platform heels.

"Hey, Ryou," he smiled as he sat down opposite a cute pale boy his age, with long white hair and sweet doe brown eyes. "Hey, Malik." He added to his other friend who was plopped next to Ryou. Malik was tanned with long golden hair and stunning, lavender eyes. The seats in the club were like those at fast food restaurants that formed a curve where many people could sit at together at one table.

"Hello, Yugi, looking pretty tonight," Ryou complimented with his British accent, Yugi smiling sweetly to return it, "So are you,"

Malik looked up, "Where's Joey?"

Yugi looked around with a shrug, "Um…somewhere with Carlos."

Malik then made a noise of disgust as he spoke, "I saw Tea hanging on him earlier,"

Yugi automatically scowled. He was a very happy go lucky person and never harmed anyone, but there was one person he just couldn't stand, and that was Tea.

"I hope Joey found Carlos without that flea on him…"

Ryou and Malik burst into giggles at Yugi's dark mutter, eventually sending him into giggles as well. They all shared a dislike for Tea, Lido's sluttiest slut. After the giggles died down Yugi sighed and looked around at the men, "Is this all? Business has been real quiet this week."

"One more group of seamen should walk in at any minute from that ship-er…MC…?"

"MC Green," Malik reminded as he fluffed out his silky hair, his shining eyes everywhere but their table.

"Right! MC Green. Maybe we'll hit a luck tonight, chaps,"

Yugi nodded, trying not to look disdainful, "Let's hope so."

"Where's the eyeliner?" Malik asked Ryou who sighed but dug in his small, tattered handbag and pulled out a thin black tube with a broken piece of mirror and passed it to Malik who quickly but professionally applied it and handed in back.

"Expecting someone?" Yugi asked.

"Nope, but I ain't starving again all day tomorrow, so if you guys will excuse me-" Malik said as he stood, climbing over Ryou's lap to get out of the seat, then fixed his short mini shirt, "I'm going to catch a fish."

"Make sure his wallet his thick," Ryou called half-heartedly after Malik who strutted away with a seductive stride, drawing obvious attention to his ass. Ryou stared blankly after him before turning to Yugi, "How is grampa and Lin?"

Yugi sighed as he scratched the sticky wooden table with his nail, "They're okay, I actually haven't seen them in two weeks…"

"…Maybe Ushio-"

"I'm going to ask him just now for a few days off to see them. Grampa needs time off from baby sitting."

Ryou blinked before smiling sadly, "At least you have grampa."

Yugi managed to smile back, though it was very strained as he tried not to show pity, Ryou hated it. He felt bad for both Ryou and Malik; they both had no family and were so bad off that they lived in Lido's 'Short time' rooms where 'business' was done if the customers where looking for a quickie.

Ryou sensed the awkward situation he made and quickly cleared his throat, beginning a new topic. "Hey! Tristan is doing brilliant as the new bouncer,"

Yugi smiled widely with a nod, "His is. And since he is our friend it's even better."

"Yep, so next time one of us attacks Tea he'll be on our side." Ryou whispered making Yugi laugh. "Stupid trollop…" Ryou muttered as he looked around. Besides all the noise in the club they remained silent, Yugi gaining a distant look in his eyes. Ryou knew Yugi was becoming slowly depressed with his life, his happy spark was dieing a little every day. Not to mention the stress the young boy carried.

He nudged Yugi's leg softly under the table to get his attention, "Business will pick up, Yugi, don't worry. It's like a recession, you know? It goes up and then down. Then up again."

Yugi appreciated his concern, he hated worrying his friends, so he spoke up with a joke, "Just like the 'tools' we work with,"

Ryou burst in laughter again as if he was high on marijuana, gaining glances from a few surrounding people, a few men smiling as they admired his innocent looking beauty. Yugi chuckled along with him until they were interrupted by Joey's voice, echoing obnoxiously over the music.

"Hey guys! See y'all later!" he yelled from across the room as he hung onto a shorter, stout man's arm that the boys recognized as Carlos, Joey's regular twice a month customer. They nodded and waved back, Yugi sighing in relief as he knew there would be some money to add to their over due rent. He went limp against the seat as he looked around, hoping to find a man approaching him with a stack of money.

Ryou bit his lip as he watched Yugi, then smiled hopefully, "Want to dance?"

Yugi predictably shook his head, "Nah." He was thinking about Ushio again, his boss. He was afraid the man would say no or charge him for the days he wanted.

"…You seem troubled tonight," Ryou confessed, "Is something wrong?" he knew it was a stupid question but he had to ask.

Yugi stared at him before managing to pull a smile and shake his head. The white-haired teen sighed and nodded back, he knew his friend wouldn't want to burden him. Ryou had joined prostitution about the same time as Yugi, following and learning from Joey, Malik joining soon after. They were all close friends, making sure to stick up and protect each other as best they could.

Joey had been in the business for about three and a half years since he was sixteen. Yugi and the others were almost two years now.

"Want anything to drink? Coke? Pepsi?" Ryou offered.

"No thanks, Ryou, save your money." Yugi insisted. Before Ryou could get out an argument, they were eloped in shadow. He saw Yugi's gaze settled above his head so he meekly peeked over his shoulder only to see a tall, dark man just behind his chair, smiling widely.

"Hi," the man greeted with a smooth, velvet voice making Ryou blush at his handsome features, "You free?"

Ryou blushed darker as he stared at the man. Yugi mentally facepalmed at his friend's schoolgirl reaction and nudged him under the table with his boot, making the pale teen jump and quickly nod. "Y-yes, I'm free."

"…Want to go with me tonight?" the man asked as he looked Ryou over with a satisfied smile.

Ryou immediately grinned, "Sure! I mean, er-"

Yugi giggled and got up from his own seat, "See you, Ryou."

"B-Bye, Yugi." Ryou stuttered as he watched Yugi head over to the boss' office and allowed his customer to take his place.

Yugi didn't want to cost Ryou his customer so he decided to leave and go deal with Ushio. He walked down a narrow corridor of 'Short time' rooms until he reached Ushio's office. He breathed deeply as he knocked loudly. He heard a faint 'come in' so he reached out and opened the door. He entered the small office, grimacing at the stink of cigars and brandy.

The office had a few decorations and cupboards, a desk in the middle stacked with bundles on money and a few papers while Ushio sat in a large leather swivel chair behind it. The man was large and intimidating, his smile void of any warmth.

"Yugi, what can I do for you?"

Yugi smiled back nervously as he leaned back in his chair. He shut the door behind him and stepped forward as if he was in trouble with the principle. Think of Lin and his grandfather Yugi gathered his courage and cracked out a few words, trying to ignore the money lying around the table.

"Hi boss. I came to ask for a favour…"

Ushio raised a brow, "How much?"

"No, no, not money." Yugi amended as he scratched his head, "See…my daughter is sick-"

"Ah yes, how old is she now?" Ushio cut in with an indifferent smile.

"Er…she's two now," Yugi answered, "So, I was saying…she's sick and I haven't seen her in a while so I was hoping for a few days off to see them. Just a few days,"

Ushio didn't answer as he stared at the boy, seeing for the first time just how good he looked tonight. As the pimp and boss of the club he had the privilege of sleeping with the hookers when he wanted to. Yugi shifted uncomfortably as Ushio's eyes scrutinized him, almost undressing him with his eyes.

Making Yugi jump, the man spoke up, "How many days?"

Yugi blinked, "About three, sir,"


Yugi almost scowled but held it, "I need at least three-"

"New skirt?" Ushio asked as he stared over the table.


"Looks good with the boots," he grinned. Yugi didn't blush at the compliment, his stomach tightened instead.

Ushio then sighed gruffly as he shifted, "Fine, three days, starting tomorrow."

Yugi let out the breath he was holding, "Thank you-"

"Of course though…" Ushio cut in, "I need payment."

Yugi stumbled back in surprise as the man stood up with those heady words, "What p-payment?" he asked. He knew the answer though, to the last detail.

Ushio approached Yugi with a smug smirk, "You know, baby. You're looking mighty fine tonight…"

The teen swallowed and focused on his breathing, now staring at the table in front of him. The larger man stepped up behind him as he shamelessly admired the petite boy's curves and tight clothes, "Real good…" he whispered as he ran a rough hand down Yugi's waist to his thigh, then gliding it up again and squeezing his cheeks.

Yugi cringed but didn't move. Just because he had sex for a living did not mean he actually wanted it, especially not with Ushio. Ushio's hands were circling his tiny waist now, holding him close and purposely pressing his hardening crotch against the boy's backside. "Feel that, honey? It wants you."

'You think?' Yugi sarcastically thought, ready to try negotiate for another payment until he was roughly shoved forward, his palms connecting with the desk, "Ah!"

"Bend," the man ordered, his tone serious and commanding so Yugi complied with a shudder. He knew he would've cried if he wasn't so used to meaningless sex. He remembered the first time Ushio took him when he first joined Lido, he'd been gentle since Yugi was younger and inexperienced. Now however…

Yugi couldn't stop the gasps and cries during the degrading process. Ushio was no ordinary size and as predicted, he was practically ground into the desk this time, money splashing around as Yugi's small hands slipped and struggled to find a safe place to hold himself up.

To his utter relief and according to Ushio's lustful pants of how tight he was, it was over before he knew it. While Yugi pulled up his stockings and pulled down his skirt, Ushio got rid of the condom and fell back into his chair, panting lightly with a grin Yugi wanted to slap off. The teen straightened up, wincing at the pain in his lower back.

"Three days," Ushio nodded with his grin before going back to rearranging his money.

"Th-thanks," Yugi managed to choke out as he quickly slipped out, cursing Ushio but holding on tightly to the money he had crammed into his small fists. He avoided eye contact with anyone as he walked stiffly through the club, swearing under his breath at the pain and no preparation Ushio gave him. He held onto the rails as he descended the stairs, his legs feeling like jelly. He bumped into a few people but he didn't care right now.

"Oh, hey Yugi," Tristan greeted as Yugi stumbled out, rubbing his lower back.

"Hey, Tristan." Yugi acknowledged blankly, "See you…"

Tristan frowned as Yugi waved distractedly and wobbled off a little too fast. He wasn't allowed to leave as his 'holiday' started tomorrow but he thought he deserved it for coming each night without fail. All he could think about was going to bed for a long sleep then tomorrow he could visit and stay over at his family. He loved them to death and couldn't stand being away from them for so long.

By the time he made it up the four flights of stairs in the heels and a paining ass he stumbled inside the apartment, highly grateful Serenity was sleeping.

They only had one bedroom so Yugi bunked on the couch in the lounge and let Joey stay in the room with his sister. He didn't bother to even take off his boots as he fell back onto the couch, hissing at the slight stab of pain. He then sighed and relaxed in the darkness, staring at the ceiling and listened to the noises from the streets.

He could now relax knowing he had three days to spend with his family, even if it cost him a little more of his dignity, until work began again.


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