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Chapter 23: Going, going, gone...

"Yugi! Yugi, I found it!"

Spiky tri-coloured hair poked up from behind a clothing rack. Amethyst eyes scanned the store for the source, and spotted the white fluffy hair a few rows to the right.

Yugi hurried over to Ryou with a longing expression, and found him holding up the exact item they had been searching the baby-store for. Relief settled over him, and he took the yellow cotton, holding up the tiny dress in awe. "Oh, it's perfect!"

"I think it really is the last one," Ryou mumbled as he rummaged through the rest of the clothes in the muddled pile. Ryou eyed the dress as if having second thoughts. "I didn't check the size, will it fit her?"

Unwilling to be let down, Yugi quickly turned out the collar. He sighed loudly in relief. "It's 2-3, it will fit her."

"Thank goodness," Ryou said, allowing Yugi to add it to their basket that contained a few other little outfits. The two young men were visiting a nearby baby-store for new clothes for Lin, while Joey and Malik were a few blocks away buying a secondhand bed for their second bedroom. Living as a group certainly had its advantages, there was much more money to go around if they shared, and so that is what they did.

Yugi petted the soft fabric, and looked around for anything else he'd seen in the pamphlet that was priced down. This store had a very good range of quality baby clothes, there was no way he was going to pass up a sale. Unfortunately he had been a tad late and lost out on quite a few outfits; just how many babies were there in this area? "I thought we'd be too late. You have to jump on a sale."

"Haha...man, they have some cute baby stuff here. Remember all of those dresses Lin used to have?"

"Those frilly ones? They were adorable, grampa bought at least two a week. It's a pity she grew out of them..."

Ryou smiled sweetly, and tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. He held up a small jump-suit, looking over the soft fluff with concealed emotions. "Having a baby girl is like having a doll, you can dress her up all pretty, do her hair..."

The smaller male nodded, and hooked his arm around Ryou's and they began to walk towards the cashiers. "Yeah...I do miss when Lin was still a few months old. Just this tiny pink bundle that smelled like baby powder."

"She was awfully cute then wasn't she."

"But she grew up so fast...Now I know what grampa means when he says I grew up too fast when I was a kid."

They reached a counter, mumbled greetings to the pretty cashier and began emptying their content to be priced. As they did, Ryou gave Yugi a sly smile from under his fringe, "Sounds like you miss having a baby to cuddle."

Yugi smiled, but barely. He did, it was true. "Babies are costly. ...But I do miss it."

"Then make another one." Ryou suggested as if picking what soap to buy.

The cashier raised her brow and regarded Yugi as he let out a loud noise. "HA! As if...grampa would have a heart-attack if I bought home another baby. I would have a heart-attack..."

Even though he had been joking, and they both knew it, Ryou continued on the subject, frowning lightly. "Surely he knows accidental pregnancies happen. I mean half the girls in Lido have babies from the seamen accidentally...But anyway, I didn't mean that. I mean...wouldn't you like to have a baby from...well, Atem?"

Yugi straightened up and turned to stare at his pale friend as if he couldn't see properly. The cashier bit her lip in effort to act as if she was not currently listening to their strange conversation and packed their items into a bag.

"...What makes you ask that?" he murmured. A baby with Atem? Well...it would be a lie if he said he hadn't thought of it before, and as sweet as it sounded, it was absolutely no good for any of them.

The doe-eyed boy gestured around the store innocently, and picked up the bag. "Well, it's just in the topic?"

"...I...I guess I would. Having a mini Atem and me..." Yugi trailed off as he watched Ryou pay the women from their communal wallet, and smiled at her briefly before they headed out of the cool store and into the hot streets.

"Imagine the hair." Ryou teased as he pushed his own hair back, enjoying the sunlight on his skin.

The mental imagine made Yugi giggle. "Oh gosh, no chance of taming it. And what about you? With Bakura?" he shot back playfully.

Instead of blushing as Yugi expected him to do, Ryou sent him a mini-gawk as if he had grown a tail. "What? Me and Bakura?" he scoffed, "I'd make a terrible parent. And so would Bakura."

Titling his head, Yugi hooked his arm with Ryou's as they began to walk in search of Malik and Joey. "Hng? I think you'd make a great parent! ...I do agree about Bakura though, I don't think that man even knows what a child is. But I think you'd make a great parent Ryou."

Said male did not feel the same. He shook his head, and shrugged softly, pulling his lips to the side. "I'm not even sure if I can have babies like you... but...a tiny Bakura would be cute." A smile cracked over his pink lips.

Yugi smiled back and squeezed his arm, he had been afraid Ryou was going to be sad again, and when that started, it was hard to get rid of. "With big fluffy hair. But your eyes." he added with a nod.

Ryou returned the squeeze and rolled his eyes towards the sky as images played in his mind. "Yes, but he or she has to be big like Bakura. Being small...people walk all over you."

Yugi knew all about that. "Yeah...ugh, but really, I think I'd cry if I got pregnant again, even if from Atem. Sure it sounds good but...he won't be around forever to help me with it."

"Well, it's better than from some stranger...or Ushio." Ryou grimaced.

Yugi's face screwed up at the thought and he stuck his tongue out comically. "Ugh! God no. I think I'd have an abortion, as much as it pains me to say so..."

Ryou glanced at him, then looked off. "Me too..."

They walked in silence for a few moments, until the curiosity building inside him couldn't stay put any longer. "...Hey Ryou?"

"Yes, Yugi?"

"...Will you ever have kids?"

More silence surrounded them, despite the commotion from the streets and it's inhabitants. There was little the two of them did not share, they found comfort in one another, they were never alone with their problems. There were some sensitive topics, and this was one of them; family. Especially when it came to Ryou.

The small male eventually gave a sigh and chose to answer. "...I doubt it. I don't want to put someone else in my position. Sure it was cute when you had Lin, and we dressed her up, and bathed her, and rocked her to sleep, but...people like us shouldn't have kids, they grow up to be like us. If I had a kid, what life could I give them? I barely have a life myself..."

Yugi's chest tightened painfully as he thought on those words. He avoided Ryou's gaze, and nodded his understanding. "...I understand." Ryou was right, people like them shouldn't have children. Lin wasn't planned, Yugi hadn't meant to drag her into this world...

"You still have grampa to raise Lin, so it isn't so bad," Ryou amended, "but for the rest of us...I'm just glad Tea hasn't had a baby, imagine that poor child..."

Yugi smiled at the distraction, but a snarl played on his face. "True, thank God. ...Stupid skank..."

"I think Joey would make a good parent."

"Concerning the child's safety, definitely. He's done a great job with Serenity, if you think about it."

"Yeah, he really has...but you've done a great job too."

They shared a sweet gaze, one that made the both of them blush. They were shy individuals, and their incident with Ushio would not go away for a very long time. "Thanks..."

Ryou cleared his throat and nudged Yugi with his elbow. "I mean it. Yugi, you are a better parent than most of the people we know, Lin has everything she needs right now."

Coldness swept over Yugi's heart and soul. "I wish it could stay like that, but...I'm scared it's going to change when she's older and I won't be able to provide for her. I don't see me becoming a role-model for her, one day she'll be grown and she'll find out what I do. How would I explain...? I can't even imagine it..." It was a terrifying thought for him. How could he tell Lin he was a prostitute? He knew women that had brought their own daughters into the club to work, and it completely repulsed him. The mere thought of his daughter knowing what he did frightened the life out of him. But...there was no way out, so by the time Lin was grown (and judging by how fast time flies) he'd still be hooking...

"But...Serenity understands?" Ryou offered.

It wasn't the same. Not for Yugi. "I know...it's still a scary thought. I don't even want to imagine what my parents think of me..."

Yugi was pulled to a halt, and before he could inquire Ryou wrapped his arms around Yugi and hugged him close enough to feel his breathing. "Well for one, they aren't judging you..."

A lump settled in Yugi's throat, but he gulped it away and hugged Ryou tightly for comfort, fighting the tears that were peeking. "I hope so..."


Music played lightly in the background from Joey's old CD player as the four friends reclined around their livingroom, nibbling snacks and sipping fizzy drinks. It was just after 6 pm in the afternoon and they were procrastinating instead of getting read for work. The weather was chilly tonight unlike the sunny day, they didn't fancy getting frost bite of their legs on the way to Lido.

Nibbling on the end of a chip, Malik titled his head and stared at the invisible patterns on the ceiling, which were much more comforting than what he used to stare at on the ceilings of Lido. "Hey guys, we should visit Monte Carlo."

The other three boys looked at him, and shared a mixture of expressions. Ryou voiced his contempt with a small sip of his Pepsi. "That other club? I don't know... if Ushio finds out he'll be pissed."

A roll of violet eyes followed, and Malik passed around an annoyed look. "He's such a possessive old fart, what does he care if we go there for a night."

"He'll care b'cause we're the only guys he has in the club." Joey muttered, glaring lightly at Malik for his continuous nagging about the club. "Duke doesn't have guys in Carlo, it might lose Ushio money. If we go work for Duke and Duke's business picks up we'll all be on Ushio's hit list."

The thought sent them all back into their seat, all eyes on Malik who blinked, then stuffed a handful in his mouth and stared vaguely into space. "...I'd like to stay off it for now..." he mumbled with bulging cheeks.

"I wonder if Ushio has killed anyone with his bare hands." Ryou wondered aloud. The thought was frightening, especially when Ushio was involved. They were fairly certain he had killed at least three people in his own office, petty gangsters and dealers that got on his wrong side, probably over money.

"That must be horrible. I bet he'd strangle them and make it last as long as possible." Yugi mused darkly. It didn't quite faze Malik.

"I still wanna go to Monte Carlo though."

Joey rolled his eyes dramatically enough for the three of them. "What, ya got a secret lover there?"

Malik narrowed his eyes seductively, and stuck his tongue out to curl it around a cheese curl. "Actually, I heard Duke is quite the hunk."

"And ya wonder why people call you a shameless hoe." Joey dead-panned as Ryou and Yugi shared a giggle.

Malik threw a hand out. "Oh please! Like you haven't thought stuff like that before. I'd rather have a hunk for a boss than ogre-Ushio who could strangle us with his dick." Simultaneously cries of disgust were thrown around, amusing Malik into laugher.

"EW!" Ryou cried and slapped his palm to his face as Yugi joined him with a whine of "Gross! Malik! Too much information!"

Said male cackled, then tried to hide his amusement with a fake disinterested expression. "What? We've all met that anaconda. I'm surprised it hasn't swallowed us."

Joey slapped both palms over his face and leaned over his knees. "Oh gawd, the images!"

"Hahaha! I should be a poet..."

"Malik, I really don't think you should go. Ushio will be angry if he finds out." Ryou murmured a little more seriously.

Thankfully, Malik could hear the concern in his voice, and see it in his friends' faces. Some times he didn't quite understand why they cared so much about his safety…but he did appreciate it. "Okay, okay! I hear you. I won't. I still need to live."

Yugi rolled his eyes and stuffed another delicious biscuit in his mouth to hide his happiness. He promised himself he'd stop obsessing over Malik's safety, unless the boy showed concern for himself as well. "Don't sound so excited now."

"Do you think there's any pornography companies around here?" Malik droned in an extremely bored tone, flicking a curl over Joey's head. Ryou watched it irritably.

The eldest male pulled a face. "Why?"

"I think I'd get paid more, don't you? I'll be doing the same job really."

"Um... I wouldn't say the same...I mean, they'll record you." Yugi pointed out.

"For strangers t' jerk off to." Joey added callously.

Ryou hugged himself and shook his head lightly. "I could never..."

"I could. I don't know anyone so who the hell would I hide from?" Malik had no family whatsoever, he didn't even have a birth certificate, he was a no one, so what did he care if he became a porn star? He didn't have any shame anyway.

The thought made Yugi's toes curl. "Still...I can barely speak to a crowd."

"Same here." Ryou agreed.

Joey blew the air out of his cheeks and reclined further into the seat, folding his arms in thought. "I could like, pose naked, for playboy and playgirl or whatever, but t' have sex in front of a camera crew? I dunno..."

"By the gods, you are all chickens." Malik scoffed playfully, tossing another curl that Ryou glared at.

"Nyeh, what if I made a porno and Serenity found it? She'd be scarred for life!"

"I'll repeat, I know no one to care what I do. I could fuck a horse and no one that sees it would care."

Ryou shut his eyes instead of gawking like Yugi and Joey, and pressed a knuckle to his right temple. "...Ushio sounds appealing now."


The foursome looked around, and it settled on Joey who pulled out his phone. He jabbed a button and pressed it to his ear. "Hello? …Huh? But- oh...okay then...yeah sure. I'll wait downstairs for you. Okay, bye."

Wondering which of Joey's friends were coming over, Yugi prompted him. "Who is that?"

"Er, Kaiba. He and the guys are coming over."

The boys all sat up straight, attention now alert. "What? But aren't they working?" Yugi asked, and felt strong tingle of excitement in his tummy. His snacks suddenly tasted incredibly bland in comparison to the thought of having Atem instead.

"Cap said they'll explain when they get here."

"It sounds serious..." Ryou mumbled, looking from Yugi to Malik.

Malik pulled his lips and gave a large uncaring shrug. "Serious? They're probably coming over for a booty call. And if so, I'll go get ready." And with that, he pushed off the couch and handed his chip packet to Joey, who gladly took it, but with a question. "The hell ya gonna dress up for if they coming here?"

"Not dress up, gonna lube up. It saves time, and chaffing." The male muttered with a stretch of his back, and he padded of down the hall.

"Too much information, Malik." Joey grimaced.

"You'd do the same if Kaiba was hung like Mariku is." Malik called over his shoulder just as he disappeared into his and Ryou's bedroom.

"Ay! Kaiba is prolly bigger than Mariku!" Joey argued.

"I doubt it, Mariku's big." Ryou added, thinning his lips at the looks Yugi and Joey sent him.

"Can't be that big... Ushio size?"

Ryou bit his lip lightly and scratched at the couch armrest. "Uh huh. Little longer. I guess 'cause he is tall."

"I don't think it works like that." Joey said as he looked down at his own crotch.

Yugi giggled and glanced into his box with hopeful eyes, soon appeased with another biscuit that he greedily munched. "I can't believe we're discussing it."

"Technically we're talking about work, that is considered responsible ain't it?"

"Should we change before they arrive?" Ryou asked as he wiped the embarrassing crumbs off his face.

"I ain't changing, it's not like clothes will make a huge difference t' spontaneous sex."

"Er...there are only like two bedrooms, unless...it becomes a lounge-party again." Ryou coughed softly, avoiding eye contact as he raised the topic.

Joey instantly raised his voice. "No! I ain't getting anywhere near Mariku's dick-! Or Bakura's! You can have the lounge, Malik can take Mariku to the bathroom."

Ryou's face fell and he pouted. "Hey, why can't I get a bedroom for a change?"

"Kaiba won't whip it out in the livingroom."

Yugi let out a small noise and pushed back into the seat with a wide-eyed expression. "Oh God, I've had enough penis talk for one night."

Ryou nodded with a similar expression and got up to his feet. "I agree."

"Where ya goin'?"

"Bakura isn't a patient man when he has a plan, I think I will take Malik's advice."

Joey and Yugi watched Ryou walk off. When he was gone, Yugi weighed his own options and turned to Joey who was finishing off a soda. "Are you?"

"Nah, I doubt Kaiba will even ask for it here, he's too fancy, well prolly go to a hotel."

"...You think Atem is coming?"

"I think so, Kaiba said "We're coming". Anyway, I'mma wait downstairs for 'em, wanna come?"

"Sure, why not."

They two of them got up and collected whatever snacks were lying around and dropped them on the kitchen counters. Joey stuck his head down the corridor on their way to the front door. "Hey guys! Yug' and I are gonna fetch 'em downstairs!"

"Okay!" came Malik's muffed response from the bedroom.

As the two of them left, Yugi idly wondered if he looked okay. He patted his hair and straightened out his normal clothing. Joey was wearing similar clothing to him and he wasn't doing a thing, so Yugi left it too; surely Atem wouldn't mind.

They took the elevator downstairs, and hovered in the foyer for five minutes. Unnecessary anticipation tickled Yugi's nerves, while Joey was as cool as a cucumber. Yugi knew he'd feel highly intimidated if he was the one waiting for Kaiba, and yet Joey was picking cheese curls and short-bread out his teeth. Perhaps the novelty had worn off… then why was Yugi still breaking a sweat for Atem?

Time rushed by before he could even wave at it and the seamen arrived. Atem was first into the building, and swept an all too happy Yugi up into his arms for a twirl and a deep hug.

"Atem!" Yugi hummed into his neck, smelling his tantalizing cologne, allowing it to cause havoc with his senses.

Atem set him down, but kept his strong arms latched onto the boy's waist. "Yugi, good to see you again." He smiled dashingly, successfully turning Yugi's legs into jelly.

Joey stepped up to Kaiba and nudged him in the arm with a smirk, ignoring the superior brow raised at him. "Are you guys so needy without sex? It hasn't even been two days."

The captain smirked, but shook his head and let out a sigh, keeping his arms folded against his chest. "Cute. But we're leaving Domino tomorrow. I pulled some strings for us to meet tonight to say goodbye."

Yugi's heart froze dropped. He stared at Kaiba, reluctant to look into Atem's eyes knowing he wouldn't see them again for who knows how long. Instantly anger built up, anger at Kaiba, for he was the captain, why couldn't he insist they stay? "You're leaving, so soon?"

"I'm afraid so." Atem murmured as he leaned into Yugi's direction of vision, and Yugi reluctantly turned back to him.

It pained Atem that they had to leave. He didn't want to leave, but they were mere pawns on a chess board, they went where they were told.

Kaiba raised a brow at Joey and turned towards the entrance where Bakura and Mariku stood talking amongst themselves. "Unless you don't want to see us?"

"'Course we do, ya big palooka, come on up." Joey rolled his eyes and mumbled something about 'drama-queen' and hooked his arm in Kaiba's and pulled him off towards the elevators.

"Hey, where the hell are we all gonna fit?" Mariku barked as they waited for the lift to arrive. "Kaiba you should go, like last time."

Knowing it would come to that, Joey waved him down, ignoring the glare he was shot "Ay, lemme get dressed properly first before ya kick us out."

"Dibs on Yugi's room." Atem called out, grinning at the snarls thrown at him.

"What? Last time you guys got the room!" Bakura cried. The doors opened and they all stepped in. Yugi looked at the floor in hopes that it wouldn't fall from their combined weight.

Joey scoffed, and again ignored the dangerous glares passed at him, probably because he had Kaiba next to him. "Oh calm down, you showgirl. We got another bed today so the other room has one too-"

"Dibs." Mariku blurted out.

If he wasn't so gruff, Bakura would have stomped his foot. "Hey! Why must I get the bloody lounge?"

"I'm sure Ry-Ry won't argue."

"Bully." Joey muttered.

"Why don't you take Ryou to a hotel?" Atem offered, glancing at Joey and Kaiba.

Bakura looked back at Atem like he was crazy. "And waste money? ...The couch will be fine."

"Cheap." Most of the males muttered, followed by laughter that made Bakura boil further.

"Shut up..."

Soon they were back in the apartment, where Malik and Ryou were waiting with smiles. Malik glomped Mariku as they entered, and hung on his broad frame with a giggle. "Mariku-ku!"

"I told you not to call me that." Mariku growled, but enclosed his arms around the petite body with silent satisfaction.

"But it's cute..." Malik pouted, and silenced any more arguments with a wet kiss.

"Ryou." Bakura greeted as he headed over to said male.

"Kura," Ryou greeted back with a blush, and accepted a warm hug.

Yugi smiled at them, then squeezed Atem's arm, gaining his attention. "Atem, maybe we should give Ryou and Bakura the bedroom."

Atem pulled a face and chuckled lightly. "Who cares what Bakura wants?"

"I care about what Ryou wants." Yugi whispered.

Recognition dawned on Atem's face, and he blushed. "Oh, sorry Yugi."

"It's okay, but if you don't want to...I-I mean sure no one will barge in on us..."

"No, no, Ryou can have it." Atem promised, and kissed Yugi's forehead as if sealing a deal. The simple action sent Yugi's body clenching and unclenching in ecstatic thrills, and he hung closer to Atem with a hum. Gosh…he did not want to let this man go…

The next few minutes past in a blur for Yugi. He watched without hearing as his friends all sorted themselves out. Joey got dressed out of his holey shirt and jeans and into cleaner clothes, and left with the captain. Malik pulled Mariku off as soon as he could, and Ryou took a few seconds to thank Yugi for the room. Said male barely took in the words passed around, his emotions and thoughts too fuzzy to comprehend.

Once they were all gone, Atem pulled the quite teen towards a couch where they sat down together. He cupped Yugi's chin, and leaned over in hopes of breaking his stupor. "That was sweet of you, love." He said, thinking about the little white-haired male.

The proximity registered in Yugi's mind and he blinked repeatedly, and he smiled at Atem. "Thanks, but Ryou always gets the short end of the stick. I feel bad for him."

"He does have quite a sad aura."

"Ryou's had a hard time...I don't want him to have a hard time forever."

Atem had to manually keep a straight face. He felt as sorry for Ryou as he did for Yugi, but when he thought about it, he wouldn't have made the same effort for him as he did with Yugi…Yugi was special. "Well with Bakura I can't say there won't be anything hard around."

Giggles burst forth from Yugi, and he beamed in the laughter that Atem gave him in return. He lightly smacked Atem's chest, but took the time to rub his hand down the contours. "Ugh Atem! I'm so tired of hearing about penises…"

"What have you been listening to?" Atem laughed cheerfully.

"Malik and Joey," Yugi rolled his eyes.

"Haha! Well, I can imagine it's entertaining. But on the topic, if you're tired of penis stories I won't force another on you."

"Hahaha! Ah...I-it's okay, yours is special." Yugi teased, and shared a naughty smile with his seaman.

Said man chuckled, and raised a reprimanding brow. "Do you know something about it that I don't?"

Yugi faked a gasp and poked a finger in Atem's chest. "I hope not, then I'll know you've been socially neglecting it."

"Ahaha! Okay, enough penis talk."

"But what will we do then?"

"Well, we could try that fancy new thing called cuddling."

"Only if you're sure..." Cuddling sounded good, real good, how could he pass it up? If Atem would be happy with it then so would he. Unfortunately…was now the right time for it?

"Of course I am." Atem promised, and pulled Yugi sideways into his lap so the smaller male laid against his chest with his shoulder. Yugi laid in content, and placed his hand back on Atem's firm chest; he couldn't get enough physical contact.

"But...you're leaving...don't you want to do it before you go?" If Atem was leaving again, surely he'd want one last round to last him for a while. Then again, he could just get sex at the next port they stopped at...

…But Yugi didn't like that thought. At all.

"It does sound appealing..." Atem stuck his tongue between his lips and looked off into space.

"Then we shall." Yugi blurted out, and before Atem could argue he shifted around so that he was sitting on Atem's lap facing him, legs on either size of Atem's thighs. He strung his arms over his shoulders and snuggled closely, smiling the type of smile he thought was seductive.

Surprisingly, Atem resisted it as if he couldn't even see it, and humoured Yugi by holding him by the waist. "I'm going to miss you," Atem said seriously. Yugi blinked, and his face went blank. Not from anger, or disgust, but from pure innocent surprise. It still surprised him that Atem could act so legit about caring about him. Maybe he was being too hard on himself, but he couldn't help feeling Atem didn't need to be this nice to him.

He hesitated before answering softly, and honestly. "...Me too. I wish you didn't have to leave. How long will it be for? Will you even be back?"

"We will be back, but I don't know when."

"Do you have to go?"

Atem smiled, and gave the teen the comforting squeeze. "I'll try be back as soon as possible."

It was something…"So...where are you going this time?"

"I believe France, or somewhere past France, I heard Kaiba talking about it, I wasn't paying attention at the time."

"...I hear the French ladies are beautiful."

Again, Atem smiled, and he stuck his hand into pocket. "Mmh, all lands have beautiful woman, but..." he lifted his cell phone, and just as Yugi looked up at his broken sentence, he snapped the most adorable picture of Yugi. Said male blinked and glanced at the phone. Atem chuckled and saved the picture, and slipped the phone away again, "I'll be too busy staring at that to notice."

Yugi's heart swelled. He was going to have a heart-attack soon if his body didn't stop over reacting to this charming man. The air escaped his lungs, and he struggled to regain it as he subconsciously kneaded the strong shoulders he was holding. "A-Atem, you don't have to-" His argument was cut off with a kiss, a sweet kiss that didn't go further than their lips, and Yugi didn't try to change that.

Atem broke away after having his fill of Yugi's sweet lips, and admired the hazy gaze that was fixed on his face. "That way you know I am guaranteed not to forget you."

Yugi gulped down the lump in his throat, and shivered as Atem ran a hand up to his face, and began to trail it across his face. "Thank you..." he murmured weakly. He felt so inadequate, Atem was…Atem was… he was more than he deserved, but he was grateful he had him.

The room was silent as Atem happily ran his fingers over the soft cheeks and savoured the feel of his little lover. "So lovely, Yugi…"

Yugi was absolutely gorgeous, he was a sweetheart, and Atem was determined to return to him. He knew they would come back to Domino City, but he could not say when. The life of a sailor was very unpredictable; they were always on the move. But he would be back, that was a promise, his only worry was that Yugi would have a difficult time without him. It was wrong to see Yugi as helpless without him, but he could not help worry and want to be that knight in shining armour to rescue the sweet damsel… Yugi would probably smack him if he heard those thoughts.

Why did he care so much…?

Atem had a guess… and it made him want to do and say things he had never said before.


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