What's up, guys and gals? Welcome to the prequel to Negative Bullet, 0 -Negative Memory,a story that touches on Chôzens history and explains how he met most of the characters that he remembers from before his memory loss, and eventually touches onto the event that led to his memory loss...

However, to read and understand this story, you should have at least read to a certain point of I-Negative Bullet, otherwise, you may not understand what is going on, or who the character is. The point I'm speaking of, is Arc 4 Chapter 8, or if you do not count in arcs, Chapter 45: The Truth.

This story makes time-jumps, most of them do happen with every new chapter. Each chapter will tell a part of Chôzens history, and his relation to a certain person... I have been repeatedly asked for flashbacks regarding Chôzens past, but I instead decided to make it a whole book instead of simple chapters.

Keep in mind that the Chôzen of this story behaves different than the one from "I - Negative Bullet". Though he is the same person, he has a completely different kind of personality... also, this story will be mostly serious, and will not contain much humour, as it has a darker history. Will contain references nontheless.

Also, do keep in mind that the time mentioned at the beginning of a chapter (like 1500 years ago in this one) isn't ment from the real time, but from the moment of Negative Bullet (this chapter plays 1500 years before Negative Bullet, for example).

Yeah, so let's start, shall we?

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CAUTION! Do at least read Negative Bullet up to Chapter 45: The Truth to understand this chapter! CAUTION!

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Touhou, Team Shanghai Alice / ZUN does. I also do not own the song below. However, Chôzen Gekido is mine.

Opening / NB 0 Theme: "SID - Melody of the wild dance"

Chapter 1: The Indifference

About 1500 years ago, Japan, Tokio


I saw them. I saw them all. To my left and my right, everyone who saw me froze up, flinched. The mothers took their childen by the shoulders and turned their gazes away, husbands jumped in front of their wifes, policemen lifting their weapons, pointing it at me.

"...no human... no era for youkai..."

An illuminated panel to my right displayed commercials, the cars around me had stopped, yet I could hear the loud cries of cars on the streets in the surroundings. The smoke lay in the air and occasionally filled my lungs when I breathed in. The air was cold... cold like the snow around... cold like me.

"...Indifferent... I do not care..."

Suddenly, a very nervous policeman pulled the trigger of his weapon, and a single bullet flew towards me. I heard the gasps quite clear as I catched the bullet in between my left thumb and my left index finger, and squished it. "Just what the hell is he?", a policeman shouted. As I turned my unsettling green-glowing eyes at him, he froze up in fear and jolted backwards, his weapon falling to the ground.

"...life is meaningless... a heart exists to suffer..."

As I opened my hand, the bullet fell to the ground, landed softly in the snow without even making a noise. "Put your hands in behind your head!", a loud voice roared. As I leaned my head into the direction of the highest ranked officer, even he flinched. And he was a man of about 2 meters, muscles clearly visible through his lightblue uniform.

"... the word 'humanity'... is just an excuse for faults..."

"So you actually came!" The policemen yelped in fear, then all turned around and pointed their weapons at a woman in a purple dress, a pink parasol leaned onto her right shoulder, despite the lack of sun. She walked through a gap in between two police cars, her appearance beyond reproach and her steps soft and yet clearly looking just exalted.

"...boundaries... are meaningless..."

"I see you thought about my offer, my dear...", she breathed as she walked past me, a gloved finger running playfully over my chest and up to my chin, then vanished just for a second and returned to my chest.

"...pleasure... does not exist..."

"Lady, go away from him, he is too dangerous!", shouted the highest-ranked officer. The woman let her purple eyes wander to him. "Do not interfere me, human.", she whispered, then turned back to me. "Merely you being here tells me that you have decided... so you're actually joining my little world, how interesting!"

"...worlds... they are all the same..."

"Lady, I said...!" I turned my eyes once again to the officer, and this time, he froze up in what was pure fear as I opened my mouth, and let the green flame escape from it. My flame. My soul. The part that has been split from me as I chose the path of indifference... "Ignore him... Let's go... Shall we? Gensokyo is awaiting you... the highest of the highest have gathered... just to welcome you..." My eyes turned to her again.

"...highest... merely a word... there is no order in any world..."

The blonde woman moved her finger across my chest again, but then turned around and lifted her hand. Just in that second, the frightened policeman from before lifted his weapon again and shot at me. And hit me right into the forehead. But he bolted in fear as I merely turned my eyes to him, the bullet stuck in my forehead. He bolted, like they all did, as the squished bullet fell out of my forehead, leaving back neither a wound, nor an imprint.

"...death... does not exist... death and life... are merely two words for the same..."

"Puny humans...", sighed the woman, right before a gap opened in front of her. "Step in, they are awaiting you..." Without even bothering to answer, I stepped forwards, past her, into the gap. But in the last second, my mouth opened nontheless. "I do not care."

"...we do not exist. Nothing truly exists. And if it does, I do not care..."

And, what'cha thinking about this introduction to the indifferent Chôzen? I really like the thoughts that flash through Chôzens mind that are seperated from the rest... but that is only me.

Yeah, so... he sure will be an asshole in Negative Memory, at least in the chapters that he is indifferent in... there will be a bit of the path of nihilism included as well later on.

Anyways, those who truly read Negative Bullet should find a familiar sentence in this... Yes, it is the "... the word 'humanity'... is just an excuse for faults..." one... Chôzen remembered it in the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Arc, as Sakuya brought him to Voile.

So... yeah. Hope you enjoyed this introduction. There's a second chapter already uploaded, as you should've noticed. Check it out if you like.


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