"A Breathless Holiday"

Rated K for just sweet fluff

Disclaimer: Even though Christmas is like three months away, I decided to just start on it right now.

Chapter 1: The Shock

Somehow, an ordinary day was now motioning at White Pines High School.

There were a group of jocks and bullies who are beating up on some fresh nerd meat. The rich kids were busy chatting some snobby remarks at themselves, and a group of girls who were enjoying some girl talk like always.

Among those girls where two in particular. One was so beautiful and popular because of her female supermodel-like ways, and one was a little bit of an airhead with blonde hair and a nice rack that has caught the attention of boys everywhere.

It was none other than Heather and Lindsay. They were having a peaceful conversation at the table, chowing on some smoked sausage dogs.

"Get out? How come you really like Tyler?" Heather replied as she munched on her food.

"Because he's faithful, he's snuggly, and he's really cute. I can't get enough of me and Taylor." Lindsay said, hugging herself and imagining Tyler.

"It's Tyler, Lindsay." Heather said to her being annoyed.

"Really? I never thought of that..." she responded, looking dumb as usual.

"Oh, my lord..." Heather said, holding her nose in embarassment. Meanwhile, a voice ran through the intercom.

"Everyone at White Pines, it's my concern to tell you that the White Pines' Annual Christmas Dance will be held this Friday night at the school auditorium. That is all. Enjoy your day."

Heather and Lindsay's minds just came to them.

"Hey, Heather. I was wondering...did you ask Alejandro he can take you to the dance?" Lindsay told Heather as she was drinking her cola.

"Are you kidding. Alejandro has been taking me to those things ever since we first went to this school. Don't be crazy." Heather told Lindsay about her boyfriend.

Of course, Alejandro Burromuerto was the perfect boyfriend for Heather. He'd always write her love letters, gave her the sweetest Valentine's Day presents, taking her to see the movie of her choice, and he always compliment her for Heather's pretty looks.

"Ohhhh...you two are so cute together. If you decide to get married someday, maybe I can be your maid of honor and Tyler can become his best man. We'll be like sisters! EEEEEEEE! Oh, and speaking of you and Alejandro, which of these earrings looks better on me, the red ones or the black ones? The red ones say beauty, love and bunnies and this black one says 'Yeah, I hip and I disco like a Bee Gee'. What do you think." Lindsay squealed with joy. Heather was having full confidence in herself.

"Try the black one... Right now, the next thing I feel like doing is going to Alejandro, telling him that if he would take me to the annual Christmas dance, and then with those smooth words and calm demeanor, he'll say those magic, unforgettable words:..."

At the school hallway...

"Not this time, Heather." Alejandro said as he was busy drinking his Sprite. Why on earth would he reject Heather's offer like that? They were at each other's lockers as school was over.

"Why not? We always go to these things every year!" she exclaimed. Alejandro definitely had a good reason.

"Look, Heather. I'd love to go to you, but I can't. The only reason I reject is because I have to go to Spain for the holidays. No offense. But my grandfather and my brothers want to be there. And I can't let them down, mi amor." Alejandro replied, as he was walking alongside his perfect girlfriend.

"But...it's not fair...why don't you just reschedule your trip after this dance is over and done with?" Heather responded, feeling sad.

"Because I can't. It's a family thing. You understand..."

"But...I don't understand. We are together. We go together. We're just like peanut butter and jelly." she said, trying to clear the light of this just-now situation fallen before them.

"Heather...I know you want me to be there at the dance, but...I just can't...I'm sorry. Besides, have a good time at the dance. At least you won't be alone. Just stay strong for one night. Can you stay strong for me? For us?" Alejandro said, as he held his hands on her cheek romantically.

Then again, one night without Alejandro wouldn't hurt...

"Okay...I'll try." she said, quietly.

"That's mi angel..." Alejandro spoke as he kissed her forehead and left inside his Rolls Royce. The car where he and Heather always drove to school every day and every night.

Heather silently waved bye. The goodbye was little bit painful, but Heather knew in her mind, that she would get past it somehow.

But in her heart, it was like a little piece of her spirit died inside.

He then left the school premises and went straight home.

Well, that hurt for Heather a little. Can she move on without Al? Or little do we know that a certain Hawaiian pretty boy will come into the scene and make Heather's world a little better? Find out in the next chapter!