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A/N: This little one-shot (or should that be drabble?) got inspired from 100 Shooting Stars, which is Reku14's 100 Theme Challenge. The prompt was Gamble, and I immediately thought of Ven in Castle Oblivion. I know that Ventus is most likely inside Sora's heart, but just assume that this is his spirit (or soul) speaking.

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Warnings: Angst, and very very mild Aqua/Ven that you can only see if you squint your eyes and look at the tiny hint with a microscope.

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:Before You Know It:

"Me and Terra will be back before you know it."

I do know it. I know that it's been a long time since I've seen you; seen anyone, in fact. Don't you know just how lonely it is in here? To be here for hours; days, maybe even years, without anyone to talk to?

I don't know how long I've sat here, abandoned years ago by the very one that I thought that would never let me down. Aqua, I just have one question for you, after all of the things that have happened...


Why did you leave me here? I heard Mickey talk about me, and Master Yen Sid said something about love. What kind of love? Is it that sisterly love? Or... No, of course not. You saved that love for Terra, didn't you?

And lights. I need a light to guide me back? How? And I need Terra's light too? If he cared about me, then surely he would have been there...

He's not gone for good. I know he isn't, without a shadow of a doubt.

Mickey's a really nice person, you know? He saved me from Vanitas when he attacked me... There. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here today...

Wouldn't be here trapped in this hell. Well, I'm not being beaten up or anything like that, but... Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if being beaten up; getting smacked over and over by a whip or whatever this 'Devil' person uses, is better than not doing anything at all. Better than just... sitting here, forgotten in the lost ruins of time itself. At least if I'm being beaten up, I can still feel. Even if it is only the feeling of aching pain in my back slowly becoming numb.

But Aqua... Whereare you? I know that it's been more than 'soon' here. I may have lost my heart, and I may just be a fleeting spirit trapped inside a body that cannot move, but even I know that you've been gone for a while. A good while longer than 'soon'.

Has anything happened to you? Or even Terra? I think something must have happened; otherwise you wouldn't have taken so long...

After all, I'm just a little kid who needs to go home and be looked after, right? You would always remind me about that; it always seemed to sneak up in every conversation that we had outside of home and, truth be told; it hurt. I just wanted to be able to talk to you without worrying about the Master's thoughts.

I just wanted to be known as your friend, not as the boy who ran away from home.

What's so wrong about wanting to explore other Worlds, anyway? You two got to do it without the Master quarrelling about it, or getting worried over you guys all of the time.

You were all grown up, while I was just that little kid. Don't lie to me anymore; I know that what I'm thinking right now is the truth. No matter how much you may try to hide it from me, I know.

So, why couldn't I have done the same? I wish that... That you guys hadn't treated me like that. You didn't even let me come along with you! You could have kept an eye on me and everything!

You never once listened to my side of the story! Every time that I so much as open my mouth, you two would come out with, "No Ven. Go home."

Speaking of home, just what happened to it and the Master anyway? When you were carrying me to our home, I saw Master Keeper on the ground, abandoned. And our once beautiful home... Was destroyed. In ruins. I guess that I'm not the only thing to have been lost to time after all.

But what happened? Was it finally altered to fit the status of a true prison?

I overheard you and Terra talking about Master in the... That place. The place where everything went so badly wrong. Was he gone, like you had said? Where? Did he go someplace far away? Or did he...

No. No. He isn't... Isn't... Gone, is he? In the sense that he's... dead?

No! He can't be! He just... No! Why didn't you guys tell me? Why? Why?

It's because... It's because I'm a little kid, isn't it? You thought that I couldn't handle it...

Before, I just assumed that everything got a happy ending. There weren't any evil people, who wanted to take over the Worlds, and everyone was happy, and the prince and the princess got married and lived...

Happily ever after. It's only now, that I know just how false that 'fact' is. Life isn't happy. Things don't end well.

"Don't worry Ven. We're here, and we'll make sure that everything will be okay."

Stop making up things for me! I... If everything was okay, then I wouldn't be here! I wouldn't be trapped in this prison again!

I took a gamble in trusting you Aqua, and...

It didn't pay off.


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