Hello peoples! This fan fiction is based off an actual event in volume 30, and no you don't have to worry because there isn't a translation out there that you just can't find, I read a summary on someone's blog. ^^ It's xkavemg..wordpress and then ".com" but I can't post it with the end part because won't let me. Hope you enjoy!

"What's his name?" Sei asked, letting Sano's baby take a hold of her finger.

"Otani," Omasa replied before Sano could because she knew what Sano liked to call their child and wasn't very fond of the nickname. Actually, she didn't like the nickname at all.

"Harada Otani…" Sei tried the name out. "I like it." She smiled.

Okita blew a bubble at the small child, playing with him.

Otani reached out to the bubble happily. Once his hands reached it, it popped immediately. Tears filled his eyes. "Mama!"

Sei gave Otani back to Omasa. "Here."

"Aww…!" Harada whined. "It was so much cuter when you and Okita had him, Kamiya-san! You two looked like a real couple."

Toudou nodded, agreeing.

Sei quickly whacked Harada on the head firmly, then Toudou.

"Come on now…" Okita said, embarrassed. "How could two men become a couple?"

"But it may turn out that Souji would make a good wife," Kondou joked.

"Sensei!" Okita said, turning to Kondou with a pitiful look on his face. "You're supposed to be on my side!"

Sei quietly slipped through the door, exiting the house. Once outside, she enjoyed the cool breeze and stars. She knew they were joking but how could she not think about it? What if she and Okita did have a child? She knew it would never happen but her thoughts continued to wander. She would name her Sakura and she would look just like Okita. But she wouldn't act a thing like him, she quickly added. She could only deal with one of them.

She felt Okita's presence next to her suddenly. "I have always wanted to be the wind," she whispered. "I wan to be the free-spirited wind without any form and fly too wherever I wish to. To be free forever…" Sei paused. "But I am the grass, swaying hopelessly and bound to the earth. The thought makes me feel so empty."

"Is that so?" Okita asked, his gaze set on the sky. "But has it ever crossed your mind that the wind has also dreamt of being the grass?"

"Huh?" Sei asked, turning to face him.

"Being able to find a firm ground and to be surrounded by flowers… Maybe the wind is feeling envious of the grass as well?" Okita turned to Sei with a smile on his face. "If ever possible, I believe the wind would like to stay with the grass."

"Okita-sensei… Are you saying…?" Sei wondered aloud, hopefully.

Okita looked at her without answering, hoping that she would understand what he meant was: 'I want to stay with you'.

Sei let herself hope for just a moment that he was saying "I want to stay with you", and then quickly brushed off the thought. She didn't want to be let down again. She smiled at him and nodded. "Maybe."

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