Donny Potter Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Hello there my friends. It's me again. I am writing this as it will be my next story after Phoenix Pride is complete. It's just a thought for now, but with the right response it will be done. As a few of you know, my favorite characters in the HP world are Luna Lovegood, and Dobby. I think it is time to reunite them. Yes, this will be a Donny and Luna pairing. That's right DONNY and LUNA. I guess you know what that means. Like I said this is just a place to start, and will be continued once Pride is complete. I hope MAX, Alan, and My little Bro don't hex my bits off. Mae, you will probably like it. Ben I hope you read this. It will start off rated T, but I may change my mind later to M. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


"You will not harm Harry Potter!" and a beam of red shot out of his hand. Lucius was sent flying backwards to land on his back. He got up, anger and rage showing on his face.

"You have not heard the last of me Potter. Dobby you will die for this. You can not turn your back on your master and live through it. Enjoy what little time you have left." and with that he took off for the main gate to leave.

Dobby turned to Harry, "Dobby is free. He is free thanks to you, Harry Potter sir. Dobby can not thank you enough. Now Dobby has to think what he will do with this new found freedom. Do you know what Dobby is to do, Harry Potter sir?"

"Dobby, you are free to do what ever you want to. Surely you can find a home with someone?"

"Dobby supposes he could work for the great Albus Dumbledore in the Hogwarts kitchen. Dobby would rather be with a family though. Does Harry Potter wish to have a house elf sir?"

"Dobby, you have seen where I live and with who? I don't think you would be welcome with the Dursleys. Even if they did, where would you sleep, what would you eat, and what will you wear? I barely get enough to eat. You would be no better off than what you just left."

"Oh no Harry Potter sir, Dobby would be much better off. He would be with the great Harry Potter. He would be cared for much better than with his old master."

"No Dobby, you would be in the same predicament. A slave to the worst muggles you ever met. I could never do that to you Dobby. You would be better off in the kitchen of Hogwarts."

"Harry Potter does not want Dobby?"

"It's not like that Dobby. First I could never own another being. Second, Why would you want to be owned now that you are free? Third, I am not the safest person to be around, as people have a tendency to get hurt. Finally, I can barely take care of myself, with out having to bother about someone else. Do you see what I mean Dobby?"

"But Dobby could help you with all that Harry Potter sir. He can cook, clean, and care for Harry Potter. Harry Potter sir, Dobby must have a family to survive. Dobby does not wish to be another house elf in the kitchen of Hogwarts. He wishes to be with someone who would care for Dobby as family. Does Harry Potter not care for Dobby?"

"Dobby you are taking this the wrong way. It's not that I don't care for you, it's because I can't care for you. For goodness sake Dobby, I am only twelve, what could I possibly do for you? Why are you so strong about me being your master. You need a family that has an adult there for you to be with."

Dobby thought about this for a second then he brightened up, "No sir Dobby does not need an adult to take care of him. Dobby is an adult, so he could take care of Harry Potter sir. He could do that if you let him sir."

"What do you mean Dobby? How could you take care of me. Besides Professor Dumbledore would never allow me to leave the muggle home. Something about blood protection wards."

"No sir there are no wards around the muggle home. If there was love in the home, then yes they would be there. But, with out love, there is no ward. The only protection you have there is a spell that hides you living there. If this were to be discovered, then you would be at the mercy of the discoverer."

"Is this true Dobby? There really is no blood ward in place? Then why does Professor Dumbledore insist that I stay there?"

"Perhaps he feels it is still in place?"

"If it is not there now, it was never there at all Dooby. I have never been shown love there for as long as I have lived there."

"Then it is time for you to leave there sir. It is not safe there for you. Harry Potter sir, could you allow Dobby access to your family vault? Perhaps he can find property that Harry Potter sir could live."

"Dobby I have been in the vault twice, and there is nothing but gold, silver and bronze in there."

"That can not be sir, the Potter family is an ancient and noble house, sir. It must have family heir looms. The Potter name has been around for centuries. Perhaps the vault you are talking about belongs to your mother?"

"No it is under the name Harry Potter. My mother was a muggle born and did not know of Gringotts prior to going to Hogwarts. If what you say is true Dobby, why haven't I been told of this?"

"Dobby does not know Harry Potter sir."

"I wonder if coming of age is the answer then? It would make a little more sense if that were the reason. Perhaps I should talk to the Headmaster about this. Come on Dobby, I think we need to get to the bottom of this."

The two headed back into the castle to talk to Professor Dumbledore. They talked about this all the way there. The more Harry thought about it, the more he felt something was being hidden from him. He was not sure he liked this.

Albus wondered what Harry was doing with the diary and what he wanted to speak to Lucius about. He knew Harry was worried about the elf, and that he would do what he could to protect him from his master. He decided he needed to go see that Harry was alright and to make sure that Lucius did him no harm.

As he left the gargoyle entry, he was surprised to see Harry and Dobby walking towards him. "Harry are you alright? Did Mr. Malfoy try to hurt you?"

"Shall we talk inside sir, where there is less chance of being overheard?"

"Of course my boy. Come let us get back to my office." As they walked back, Albus sent the figures in the portraits off for a while. He knew it was not always safe with them there. He felt that one of them was passing on information to one not in need to know.

As they entered the office, Harry noticed Fawkes was the only occupant. Even the portraits were empty. "Thank you sir for the privacy. Dobby has brought up a very interesting point, sir. He told me of the possibility of there being a Potter family vault. And yes, Malfoy did try to hurt me, but Dobby stopped him. With quite a bit of force mind you. I don't think he will be able to sit for a few days."

"Ah yes, that. Harry, you were to be told about this on your fourteenth birthday. You would at that time have access to your father's family vault, but could not remove any currency from the vault. Personal items could be taken and that would be it. Why do you wish to know about this Harry?"

"Sir, did you know that the blood wards you said were protecting me at the Dursleys does not exist?"

"Nonsense Harry, of course they exist. They will continue to exist until your seventeenth birthday, or there is no longer any love in the household."

"That's just it sir, there has never been any love in the household. Not for me there hasn't. I doubt if my aunt and uncle share any love for each other or my cousin. Is there a way for you to detect if what I say is true or not?"

Albus got up from his chair and retrieved a device that looked like a top that was suspended from the circle of gold that surrounded it. It was hung dead center of the circle. Albus waved his wand, and the device did nothing. He tried it again, and still nothing. He got back up and took another device down. This one looked like a music box, but when he opened it, a vision of #4 Privot Drive appeared. Albus touched the lid with his wand, and there formed a shadow around the house. A grey shadow that made the house appear sick. Albus dropped his wand on to his desk. He looked back up to Harry. "How can there be no love in this house? What kind of people are these that they do not even love each other? I am sorry Harry. I thought that your mother's sister would at least love you. But that does not appear to be the case."

"No sir, it is not. Like I said, it never has been. Dobby told me that the only thing protecvting me was a charm that would misdirect a persons attention away from #4. If someone really tried to find me, it would be quite easy. With that being the case sir, I will not go back to that house. I will not go where I am not wanted. Dobby has suggested that since he is an adult, he could take care of me. All we have to do is find a place to stay."

"Harry, it does not work that way. Dobby is an adult for an elf, but he would not be recognized as your guardian in the eyes of the wizarding world."

"There has to be a way sir. Is there a property in the Potter vault where we could live? Some place protected?"

"There is your parents home in Godrics Hollow? It needs to be repaired, but that should not take long to do. We could put up another Fidelious and make me the secret keeper. But that doesn't make it clear for Dobby to take up being your guardian. However, there is a way we can make it work. A very close friend of your mum and dad could take over. However you will have to be very careful who you tell. He is not well received in the ministry. His name is Remus Lupin."

"Remus Lupin? That name is not familiar to me sir. Why does he have to be my guardian?"

"Harry, he was named in your parents will as to become if your parents didn't make it through the war. He was second in succession, behind Sirius Black. Sirius was the one who became the traitor to turn your parents over to He Who Must Not Be Named. Remus could not be allowed to become your guardian because of a condition that he suffers from."

"Does he still suffer from this condition?"


"Then why are you telling me that he should be my guardian, when he can't?"

"That is why the Ministry can't find out about him. Harry, Moony is a werewolf."

"Did you say Moony? I remember Moony, and Pads. They were friends of dad and mum. I had a wolf and a black dog stuffed animals that I named them after. That is about all I can remember about them. So this Remus was Moony, who was Pads?"

"That would be Sirius Black."

"But I thought you said he betrayed mum and dad?"

"He did Harry."

"No sir, not the Pads I knew, he wouldn't do that. He loved me too much. He loved mum and dad too much also. What you said can't be true."

"Harry, Sirius was made their secret keeper for their Fidelious. He is the only one who could turn over the secret to Voldemort."

"No sir, there had to be another reason for their being betrayed."

"I'm sorry Harry, but there can't be another explanation, unless he was not their secret keeper. But I was told by your father that he was to be their secret keeper."

Harry sat their with tears in his eyes. The figure of Pads playing with him when he was small. How he showed his love by becoming that big fun dog. How he fell asleep against the soft fur covering his chest.

Harry let this memory fade. He would think about it later, right now he had to think about fixing his home and getting Moony there to take care of him. "So sir, how bad is my home. What would it take to repair it?"

"Well if he went there right now, Dobby could have it fixed in no time. It would be ready for you to move in at the end of the year. I could contact Remus and see if he could move in. I was going to call him anyway. I have a job for him. So, will that work for you Harry?"

"Yes sir. I look forward to it, really. Is the floo connected to anyone?"

"Not right now, but it would not take much. We will worry about that once you have moved in. Now what say you go down to dinner and we will talk later?"

"Sir, I have one more request. Dobby wishes to be my house elf, but, I do not wish to own him. Is there another way for Dobby to live with me?"

"There is Harry, but it has never been done before."

"And what is that sir?"

"By making him a member of your family."

"Like a father? I thought that was why you are having Remus come live with me?"

"No Harry. More like your brother. Dobby you are capable of changing your appearance are you not?"

Dobby had not said a word during this whole visit, and was shocked when he was asked the question. "Yes sir Dobby can be doing this, however, once it is done, it can not be taken back. That is why it has never been done sir. It is forbidden."

"Dobby, it is forbidden by your master. You are a free elf. If you chose to change now, since you are free, it can be done."

Dobby heard this and jump-ed off his chair, and asked Harry about what he should look like.

"Dobby, if you are to be my brother, you should like me, maybe red hair instead of black. Green eyes, about my height and build. No scar. No glasses. What do you think?"

Instead of answering, Dobby thought about it, and started his change, He soon stood there in front of the other two room occupants. He was the same height and build, with green eyes and bright red hair. His hair was shoulder length, which made him sort of look like a girl. When Harry asked him about it, Dobby refused to change it. He always wanted hair, and since he was allowed to have it, he wanted a lot of it. Harry snickered at this, but didn't make any comments.

"OK Dobby, now since you have changed, then so should your name. What name do you wish to go by.?"


"Sorry, that one is taken." Harry laughed.

"Then Dobby doesn't know?"

"Well why not we call you Donny? That should be easy enough for you to remember. Now, how do we explain you to the magical world? Professor, do you have any thought on that?"

"Yes I do Harry, He was taken at birth to make sure that there would be one to go against Voldemort when the time came. He was trained to become the second savior should something happen to the chosen one."

"Ughh, I hate that name. But it does sound like something that could be believed."

"Well then Donny, welcome to the Potter family."

Donny had a smile that could light up London, it was so bright.