Donny Potter Keeperoliver Chapter 14

Harry stayed in the ward to recover his strength. It would be few more days before he was to be released. He was never alone in all this time, except for the evenings when he needed to sleep. Donny, Luna, Ginny and Hermione never left his side, They would be joined by Ron, the twins and many others at different intervals. Sirius, Remus, and Tonks also visited regularly. Molly and Arthur visited twice, with molly bringing Harry a cake to share with his friends on their first visit, and a Treacle Tart just for Harry on the second visit. Harry thanked her profusely for both items.

Harry learned from Arthur that Amelia Bones had put Molly in for an Order of Merlin first class for her part in taking down Tom and his minions. Arthur also told him that Draco and Narcissa were cleared of any wrong doing and that Lucius was facing a life term in Azkaban, with out parole. Narcissa was allowed to divorce him, and take back her name of Black. Draco joined her in this as well, not wanting anything to do with the Malfoy name that was being smeared all over the tabloids.

Before he was released from his stay, Harry and Luna had a long talk. "Harry, Donny told me that you had Wormtail place the cup in the cauldron, before you had him kill himself. Why the cup, and why kill himself?"

The others sitting there heard the question, and listened to Harry as he explained his actions. "Alastor and I managed to talk briefly, before the last challenge. He told me that the cup was a two way port key, and if he somehow managed to get the cup placed in the cauldron before the spell was completed, it may take Tom out of the battle. He didn't know that it would become a part of Tom when it was placed in the mix. You see, Tom, (I don't know why I keep calling him that, as Tom ceased to exist when he died trying to kill me when I was 1.), was not human. He was for the most part a spirit with a body. He had a few functioning parts that we have, but, a heart wasn't one of them, until I had Wormtail toss in the cup. It took the hearts place. The cup[ was filled with light magic put there by Alastor. The two magics fought to control Tom's body. That was why he couldn't kill during the battle. It was brilliant magic, and a great move on Alastors part."

Luna once again asked, "OK, that explains the cup, but why have Wormtail kill himself?"

Luna could see the anger rise in Harry's face. "I could say that he deserved no less. I could say that is was revenge. But in truth, I had him do it to protect me, and to ensure he would not escape. In protecting me, I mean, I didn't want him at my back while facing Tom. Plus he had already used his Animagus form to escape justice, and I didn't want that to happen again. With him being a coward, he would have run at the first sign of defeat, or if Tom was winning, he would have been there to curse me behind my back."

"But why death, Harry? Couldn't you have put a bind on him, or petrified him or something like that, to keep him under control?"

"I couldn't take that chance Luna. If Tom was able to render me unconscious, any spell I put on Wormtail would have ended, and he would be free again. No matter what, I did not want him free. He had to pay for what he did to my mum and dad. Is that so wrong. I didn't kill him, and I did not force him to kill himself. If there were no life debt owed, He would have laughed in my face and told me to go to hell. I didn't know for a fact if there was really a life's debt."

""But because of the life debt Harry, you were his killer, as you told him to take his life."

"No, Luna. No matter what you have heard about Life debts, you cannot force a person to kill himself with it. It is just a request, that could just as easily been refused. Peter must have felt that what he did was wrong to turn his friends in in order to gain favor with Tom. There must have been some turmoil in his decision from the start. In order for my request to be granted, he must have wanted it as well, to end this misery he was feeling. Like I said, he was a weak person, but he had enough strength to do what was what he felt was right in the end."

"So you are telling me a life debt can be refused if it could harm the person involved?" Luna was looking at Ginny as she said this.

Harry saw this, "Luna, Ginny did not owe me a life debt. A life debt occurs when an act of saving a life for one you despise, is the recipient. Never would I ask for a life debt from Ginny. If any thing, a bond took place in the chamber when I saved her life. This is what I would like to believe, anyway. In any event, Ginny is free to choose her own life's path. If for any reason she chose to be with someone else, I would step aside and let her be with the one she loved."

Ginny growled at this, "Don't even go there Harry Potter. You're stuck with me through eternity. As if I would love someone else over you. You are mine, and I am yours, and that's all there is to it. End of story."

Harry smiled at his love, "I wouldn't like it any other way, Gin. I was just trying to explain to Luna the truth behind a bond, and a life debt. With me being able to accept you being with another shows that there is no bond between us, but there is true love, which could be stronger than a bond. Love is not a force, it is a feeling shared by two people. It is not magic, but it is magical. It is not a contract, but can be contractual. Love is the highest form flattery. And know this Ginevra Weasley, I intend on flattering you for the rest of your life."

Luna sat there all starry eyed at Harry's admission. She thought that Ginny had struck gold with young man sitting next to her on the bed. "That was so beautiful Harry. Donny keeps telling me things that shows he loves me, but never to the depth that you just proclaimed to Ginny." She leaned in and kissed Harry's cheek, and then stood up to go stand by Donny, while Ginny took her spot on the bed.


In the three years that followed where Harry and his friends finished at Hogwarts, except for Ginny and Luna, many things took place.

Remus had accepted the love between him and Tonks. In Harry's sixth year they married, and in Harry's seventh year Tonks had a baby boy Named Teddy James Lupin. In Harry's second year out of Hogwarts they had a girl they named Naomi Andromeda Lupin.

Sirius and Amelia didn't have anymore kids after the twins, so they enjoyed watching them grow and Susan help them with it. They never got over how accurate Luna was with her premonition. They did like how Harry and Dobby took part in their life as well. Athena and Ares never lacked for companionship or love.

Bill and Fleur Married in Ginny's sixth year and had a girl in her seventh year, named Victorie in honor of Bill's conquest of his Part Veela wife. It was a joke between him and her they never told anyone. They had another girl they named Dominique and last, a boy they named Louis.

Charlie still had not married, but was dating the secretary for the owner of the reserve.

Percy married a girl he met in the Ministry named Audrey, and they had a Girl they named Molly Louise, named after both mums.

Fred married his sweetheart Hermione, and they had a girl named Georgina Frederica. She loved to be called Gred.

George married Alicia and they had a set of twins they named Arthur Hilton, and Robert Statler. They grew up worse than Fred and George, in terms of pranking people.

Now that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Donny were done with Hogwarts, it was time to decide what they were going to do with their lives. It was on a morning of the first Hogmeade weekend for Ginny and Luna. They were sitting in the Three Broomsticks, waiting on the last two, when they heard a conversation a few tables away.

"Who do you think will buy it?"

"No one in their right mind. Place is a pig sty if you ask me. Who ever does, needs to tear it down, and build fresh."

"But it's practically a land mark. It is a Dumbledore running the place."

"That didn't help to keep out the riff raff now did it? The place stinks. It's an eye sore, and a health hazard."

"Well who ever it is that buys it has to be an improvement. Maybe it could be cleaned up and given a proper name. I mean who in their right mind would call their place the Hogshead."

Harry broke off listening and turned to his friends. "I think I know what I am going to do. I am going to talk to Aberforth and buy the Hogshead and turn it into a diner. What do you think Donny?"

"Why are you asking me for Harry? This is your dream, not mine. However, since you did, I think you should go for it. It would make a nice place for the kids on their visits to sit and eat."

"I'm asking you, because I will need a partner or two, or three or six. How about you Hermione, and Ron. Care to take a chance?"

Ron answered first, "Not me. Fred and George already asked me to join them in the WWW. Sorry mate."

Hermione thought on it a minute, "Could I use some of my own ideas when we start up Harry?"

Harry smiled, "Of course Hermione. You could also be here if a spot comes open for Fred to open up a shop out here for the WWW."

Hermione grinned at the prospect. "Alright then, I'm in, but what about Ginny and Luna?"

"Hey, with the three prettiest girls in the world working there, we should be a huge success. "

They talked for a bit more while they waited on Ginny and Luna. When they got there, they told them of their plan, and walked down to the Hogshead, and talked to Aberforth. 30 Minutes later they walked out the owners of 'The Four houses Inn.' Harry turned around and changed the sign from the Hogshead to the four emblems representing the four houses of Hogwarts.

By the time the next Hogsmeade weekend came around, Harry, Donny and Hermione had done a complete makeover, and were open for business. Hermione's idea was to have a library to use for reference for students that wanted a different atmosphere for doing their homework. Donny didn't think it would be a success but was wrong. The Inn stayed packed all the time, as even the Professors used the inn for school work. Hermione had made it so that there were four sections that each covered four courses, with the reference material available to all four subjects. Donny apologized to Hermione on so many occasions for her awesome idea, it didn't make her blush anymore. During the week, Ministry officials would floo there for lunch, to use the reference material as well.


Life for Harry and his friends could never have been better. Harry and Ginny married after she finished school, and had three children, Sirius James, Remus Albert, and Lily Luna.

Fred and Hermione had one more child, a boy they named Daniel Gene.

Ron and Lavender married and had a girl they named Rose Lynn, and a boy they named William Charles.

Luna and Donny married, and they had two children. A boy they named Andrew Ollivander, and a girl they named Selena Regina. They were both elves. Not house elves, but elves of myth and legend.

Ollivander was more than pleased to be asked to be Andrews godfather. He took his role seriously, and raised him to be the elf he was meant to be. Selena would be joining him in their training.

Their lives would be filled with wonder, and excitement, but that is a story for another time and place.


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