You are mine, Isabella Swan. Forever

By LilyAurora


Chapter One


My lungs burned, as I dragged my tired body across the wet floor of the forest. My fingers were caked with mud, as I dug them deeper into the cold wet earth. Leaves were stuck to my body, twigs had tangled in my hair as I fought forward, trying my best to get away.

"Bella," his voice sang through the trees.

"Where are you going?" You could hear the amusement in his tone. I dare not look back, but I imagined if I did; he would be stood leaning against a tree, arms crossed against his muscular chest smirk firmly in place, as he watched my feebly attempt to escape.

Just as I gained ground a heavy weight landed on top of me causing all the air to leave my lungs with a loud "Oomph," I couldn't move. I could hardly breath. His heavy body pinned me in place.

"Please don't," I begged. "Please, just let me go."

"You cannot escape me Bella," he whispered into my ear.

I shook me head.

"You're mine Isabella. Mine," he growled.

"No! No I'm not," I argued

"Yes," he whispered, his hands running down my body until he reached my arms, pulling them above my head he held them in place, with one of his large hands. His thick thighs pushed between my legs, spreading them apart. I was stuck, trapped beneath a much stronger body with no room too escape. I tried to struggle against him, but he just pushed me into the ground harder. My face pressed further, into the wet cold mud.

"I told you not to run, didn't I?" He growled. "I warned you what would happen. I said I'd like it if you made me chase you. Is that it Bella, did you want me to like it? Is that why you ran from me, you knew I would enjoy the chase. That I would enjoy chasing you," His hot breath fanned across my skin as he spoke.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Please, just let me go," I begged.

He laughed, the sound making his chest vibrating against my back.

He shifted slightly. I could feel his lips brush against my ear as he leaned in closer.

"I warned you Bella, it's your own fault. You didn't listen. I told you this would happen, did you think I was lying? That I was trying to frighten you?" He laughed again. "I let you do what ever you wanted, since the moment I told you I wanted you. I gave you your freedom, the distance you asked for, just for you to ignore me, to treat me like shit," he growled. "But no more. I won't let you make me look like a fool any longer Isabella, you're mine and I always get what I want," he snarled.

"No, please no," I screamed struggling to free myself from under his huge frame.

His tongue, wet and warm ran a trail down the side of my face, making me struggle harder. His one hand continued to hold both of mine, as his other twisted in my hair pulling my head back towards him, exposing my neck.

"Oh God," I whimpered. "Don't do this, please."

"I gave you enough chances Bella, but you threw them all back at me, like I was dirt, as if I was nothing, like I meant nothing," he roared.

I swallowed thickly. "You're not nothing. I didn't mean it. I was scared, confused."

"And now you're not?" He snapped. "How convenient, considering the situation you currently find yourself in."

"Please," I begged my neck hurt from the tight hold he had on me. My finger nails dug into my own hand, breaking the skin underneath. My legs ached from the width he had them spread.

He sniffed me then, running his nose along my neck. "I waited you know," he whispered. "Waited for you too see me, but after weeks of nothing, my attempts to speak to you, to coax you into an innocent conversation failed. I told you the truth. I thought it would make a difference if you knew how my wolf pined for you, yearned to touch you, but it didn't. You still ignored me, treated me like shit knowing what you knew."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not, you're only sorry you're spread beneath me, weak and helpless. You look like a virgin sacrifice," he whispered into my neck.

My breath hitched.

He chuckled darkly. "Before this night is over Isabella, you will be mine."

Before I had a chance to beg, too plead for my release he forced my head back further arching my back, tilting it to the right exposing my neck further as he bit down. Hard.

The scream ripped from my throat as I tried to buck him off me, but he just pressed me against the ground harder, biting deeper, growling and jerking his head slightly in warning.

"Oh God," I whimpered, it hurt, it hurt so fucking much. The tears streamed down my face as my fingers nails dug deeper into my own skin. He ignored my tears, my cries of pain.

His deep growling continued. I could feel every single one of his teeth in-bedded in my neck. I tried not to move, to breath. He was more than capable of snapping my neck if I tried to fight him, so I stayed still and as quiet as possible. Finally, after what felt like forever he removed his teeth and licked my wound clean.

I moved slightly but the large body pressed me back against the floor. Demanding compliance.

"We're not done yet, Bella."

"Oh no, please not that. I've never, no, no you can't I'll never forgive you. I swear it, I won't please don't," I cried, screamed and begged. I didn't want to lose my virginity like this. Jesus no, not like this.

After a few moments of silence, of neither of us moving. Paul spoke.

"No," He whispered. "Not like this." He moved then, lifting his weight off me.

I could finally breath. I took in deep gasping breaths as his weight finally lifted from me completely.

"You will give yourself to me freely, Bella. That I can promise you," he ran a finger along the bite mark causing me to shiver. "Oh yeah," he cooed. "You will be mine."

He moved quickly. One moment he was pressing me to the ground the next he was gone. I scrambled to my feet, stumbling backwards trying to get as far away as possible from the figure that leaned so casually against a tree. His dark eyes tracking my every movement.

Another step, then another. I was putting more and more distance between us but my eyes never left his. Just as I was about to run he spoke.

"I'll be coming for you Bella and no one can stop me." My eyes snapped to his as he ran his finger down his own neck. "You're mine now, Isabella," he whispered. "Forever, like it should be."

A sob escaped me, as his dark eyes bore into mine, begging me to argue, to put up a fight, but I didn't. I just stumbled away putting as much distance as I possible could between us, but my eyes, my eyes never left his, just as his continued to watch me. His face placid, his body relaxed leaning against that damn tree. But his eyes, they were full of hunger, full of fire, full of dark promises. Promises, I wanted nothing to do with. But yet it still sent a shiver down my spine, the want that radiated from him. The slow smirk that appeared on his face told me he had witnessed my traitorous bodies reaction. Of course he had seen. He allowed his eyes to travel up and down my body, lingering on places no one had ever been.

I continued to retreat. I was too scared to turn my back on him, too worried of what he might do. Fuck! What was I going to do. I couldn't tell Jake. No, not this, he had warned me, told me to be careful. That he was acting weird, strange. Paying attention to me more so than usual, trying to make conversation, just trying to get my attention. The innocent touches, the way he always somehow, ended up seated next to me. I thought nothing of it, told Jake to stop overreacting. Even when Paul himself had approached me. God how naïve I had been, so sure Jake was just being jealous and Paul was just trying to use me in another attempt to rile Jake, but he wasn't. I should have listened. To both of them.

The distance between us was further now. I could just make him out in the dense woods, he was still in the same position leaning against that damn fucking tree watching me. He was always watching me.

I turned my back then. I could see my truck parked outside Jakes. I just wanted to climb inside and go home, hide in my room until all this went away. Until he left me alone.

A firm hand on my shoulder as another covered my mouth stopped me suddenly. I hadn't even heard him move. His hard body was pressed tightly against mine. I could feel every muscle, every breath he took. Fuck. I was so fucked.

"Don't forget Isabella," he whispered, the hand on my shoulder moving towards my neck, as his rough fingers brushed gently against my tender flesh. My skin tingled from his touch.

"You are mine."

Then he was gone. My knees gave out as I collapsed to the forest floor. Oh God. I was so confused. My skin still tingled from his soft touch, but my mind screamed at me that this was wrong. He was wrong, but I couldn't help but slightly agree with my bodies reaction, somewhere deep in the back of my mind I had enjoyed it. The shivers, the want I felt as soon as he touched me, was something I had never experienced before. Never. Taking in a few deep breaths, I stood on shaky legs. Slowly making my way over to my truck, I climbed inside, making my way back towards Forks. Where I would be safe, safe from him for at least tonight.

The more distance I put between La Push and myself, the clearer my head became. My body returned back to normal, the shivers and tingles passed. Was it something to do with the bite that made me react like I had? Would I always react like that, or was it just when he touched me. God I hoped it wasn't. How would I explain my reactions to anyone, if he touched me in front of people.

Unlocking my front door, I threw my keys on the side, making my way up stairs. Charlie was working late so I would have time to shower, see to the damage to my neck before he got home. Stumbling up the stairs I pulled my clothes off dumping them in my hamper before walking into the shower. Turning the water on, I began to inspect my neck. Jesus the bite mark was huge and red but it was healing, it was healing quicker than it normally would have. Maybe that was something to do with it being from a wolf. I could see every one of his teeth. I could count them if I wished. Bastard, fucking bastard. How dare he.

Climbing in the shower I scrubbed my body, begin careful of my neck. My hands hurt from where I had dug my own nails into them. Small beads of blood had dried from where I had broken the skin.

Wrapping a large towel around myself, I walked back to my bedroom. My head was a mess, what was I going to do? He had said I was his now. Was the bite his way of claiming me? A sob left my chest. I needed to speak to someone. I couldn't go to Jake, God no. He would confront him, cause more problems. I didn't want to speak to Sam either, in all honesty I was scared, would they say it was my own fault? That I had deserved it?


I would speak to Emily. Drying quickly, I threw on some pj's and rushed back downstairs to use the phone. Dialling Emily's number I waited until someone answered.

"Hello?" A deep voice answered after only a few rings.

"Hi, is Emily there please?" I spoke quietly, chewing on my bottom lip.

"Sure, who is it?"

"It's uh, Bella. Bella Swan."

The other person laughed. "I know who you are Bella. It's Sam, let me just get Em for you."

I could hear him as he called for his imprint. Other voices were in the back ground, god was he there right now. I hoped not, if he was he would know I had phoned her. He would hear what we were about to discuss.

"Hey Bella, everything ok?" Emily's voice cut off my trail of thought.

"Oh, hey Emily," I had to think fast. I had to get her away to speak to her privately. "Sure sure. I um... I just wondered if you had any plans for tomorrow?"

"No why?" I could heard the confusion in her voice.

"I was just wondering, if you fancied coming with me to Port Angeles. I need to pick a few things up, I don't really want to go on my own and it's been ages since we spent any time together, but if you have plans then I understand," I rushed out all in one breath.

Emily laughed softly. "No Bella, I don't have any plans and sure I'd love to come, gives me a chance to grab some stuff as well. Hang on a sec Bella."

She was speaking to someone. "Sam, come on I'll be fine," I heard her say. "What! No, I don't need one of the pack to come with me."

Oh god. No, no. Please no. I silently begged.

"Sam no! I'll be fine. I swear too god, if you dare I'll go on strike and refuse to cook for a month," she shouted.

"Good, I'm glad you see it my way."

"Sorry about that Bella, just Sam being, well Sam," Emily laughed.

"That's fine, so can you come? Sam doesn't mind does he?"

"No, but if it was up to him I'd have an escort..." someone shouted in the background. "Sorry, we would have an escort," I could imagine her rolling her eyes at this precise moment.

I tried to laugh. I really did, but I couldn't. It was stuck, lodged in my throat threatening to turn into a scream. So I swallowed it back down. Beating it away.

"So is 11, ok for you Bella?" Emily's voice pulled me from my thoughts. "Sam said he'd drop me off at yours."

"Oh, yeah that's perfect Emily."

"Good, well I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok. Night Em."

"Night sweetie."

I hung the phone back on the base, resting my head on the wall next too it. Was it him who offered to escort us. God, what if Emily had agreed, would he have been there tomorrow, watching me, touching me. Tears welled in my eyes before falling down my cheeks. Fuck, I was such a mess. I wiped my face clean before walking to the door and locking it. I peeked through the glass scanning the front yard but couldn't see anything out of place. Ok, I needed to get a grip. I checked the time 7pm Charlie wouldn't be home until 9, so I had enough time to make dinner. Even though I wasn't hungry myself. I knew he would be.

Pulling everything out, I decided to make chilli. It was easy to make plus Charlie liked my version not too hot, nice and mild easier for his stomach to handle. I began chopping everything up when the house phone rang. Wiping my hands, I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I asked cautiously.

"Hey Bells."

"Jake," I caught the sob in my throat before it broke free.

"So, a little wolf told me you're going to Port Angeles with Emily tomorrow. Not good enough to ask am I Bells?" He teased.

"What, no of course you are Jake. It's just I haven't spent any time with Emily lately and I thought it would be nice for us to catch up," I rushed out. My fingers twisting in the cord.

A few beats of silence passed before Jake spoke. "You ok Bells?"

Please don't ask me that Jake, please. I silently begged.

"Yeah of course," I replied cheerily, well as cheery as possible for someone who wants too scream down the phone that I am far from all right. That I'm so scared. So fucking scared, of one of his pack brothers.

"You sure?" Damn it Jake, just drop it. I mentally begged of him.

"Yeah Jake, honest."

"Ok honey, you just seem a little."

"A little what?" I asked too quickly.

"Off. You seem a little off," he sighed.

"No, I'm fine, really. Just tired I guess, going to get an early night."

"Make sure you do Bells."

"I will. Promise."

"Good, oh and Bells we're having a bonfire tomorrow. Why don't you come. You have to drop Emily back so you may as well stay."

Oh fuck. "I don't know Jake. I'll see, ok."

"Come on Bellaaa," he wined. "I haven't seen you in forever."

I laughed then, "Jake! You seen me the day before yesterday."

"Yeah, like I said forever."

"You're such a dork."

He laughed. "So, I'll see you tomorrow Bells, yeah?"

"Yeah, I suppose so."

"Awesome, night Bells,"

"Night Jake."

"Night Bella," I heard someone shout in the background. I quickly hung up the phone. It was him, I'd know his voice anywhere. God, what was I going to do. I took a few calming breaths. Emily. I would speak to Emily and go from there.

Once I had calmed down I set about finishing the chilli. I covered a plate for Charlie placing it in the microwave, the rice was cooked all he had to do was warm it up if it was to cold.

Checking the door once more, I made way to bed. Checking my window was locked before closing the curtains. I climbed into bed and tried to forget what had happened earlier today, but the throbbing pain in my neck was a constant reminder. Not something I could forget so easily.