A/N Just mindless semi-fluff on the theme of 'Bites'

For Papa~

The first bite was more of a figurative one; a slap across the face with a slipper earning a bone crushing beating. Tsuna liked too think that the passion with which Hibari beat his ass into the ground wasn't as intense as the passion with which he was pursued.

He wasn't entirely wrong.

The second bites were introduced during surprise make outs; tugging on his lip, a frown across the prefect's features as he pushes away, stiffly walking across the rooftop and disappearing from sight. These bites would become more and more frequent, moving from lips to ears to neck to nipples and back again, covering Tsuna's body with proof, aching evidence that it wasn't a dream, it had just happened, he really was…

Shivering, Tsuna gazes at his body in the mirror, eyes travelling over pale skin, criss-crossed with scars and red marks, proof of ownership by a not-so-gentle man, and smiles. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth generations of bites have all come and gone, but Hibari is still his.